Dragon Ball Z Abridged Complete Season 2 720p

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You guys loved Season 3 so much, thought I might as well upload Season 2!!! Videos by: TeamFourStar All rights owned by: Funimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV & Akira Toriyama

Sam Moffatt
Is it just me or can anyone else listen to the dbza and just watch it in their head because youve seen it so many times?? Lol
That Boy Dan
This isn't even as long as goku and friezes full fight in the official dub...
Kristijan Zikic
You put the lime in the coconut, you drank 'em both up....my new ringtone <3
Matt Theman
“Are you that freezer guy?” “...I am lord Frieza yes” “Awesome! I’m gonna deck you in the shnozz!”
So what are you doing here ... Oh u no just...watching dbza Dbza? Dbza Disliking it? Disliking it!? a r e y o u ? No gud cause that would be bad how bad? I'd have to report you That's bad Indeed
jeff higg
I feel like I've been here before. Have I been here before?...Oh my god, I am watching this again.
Sam wood
2:40:20 Goku: I'm Goku, I'm Insane Me: *dies of Laughter*
Henry Capers
Gohan: why did you heal Krillin Dende: the better question is why did I tell him he was immortal
Vegeta: "I fell down some stairs..." This was so freaking funny.
I absolutely love how they actually answer that: " I...need an adult..." "I am an adult"
Mohammed Faizaan
Told my mom just 1 video
Isaac Denley
When vegeta threw the biscuit at guldo THE SECOND TIME
Immortal Meriax
“Obese man with a sword” I’m dead 😂😂😂😂
Cian McCabe
Nail. Naail. Naaaaaaaail!. I saw a bird. It was pretty. Kick .... ITS.... ASS!!!
I fucking knew it that scream at 1:54:17 is in almost every action film I've ever seen.
Vegeta: *im about to blow my load all over your insides* Zarbon: *what the* Vegeta:*No Homo* Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Universal Juan
I love how you can listen and catch the transition of voice acting prowess. After about 40 minutes in? Hits a whole other level and never looks back. Gotta love seeing how far Team Fourstar has come
The Knight of Awesomeness
Actually now that i think of it Krillin combo of solar flare/destructo disk is probably the best combo in dbz anyone else agree
Chris Anderson
Je Moeder
Bulma:I just want to grab him and Goku:69 Me:Dying
3:26:49 Bulma: Gohan Goku's Dead Gohan: DAMMIT!!! Bulma: Nemakians your planet blew up Nemakians: DAMMIT!!!!
Bulma is T H I C C
Ikhlaq Khan
5:50 - I can't believe that Gohan swore at his mother
frieza is 60000 radditz
Vegeta Briefs
and the brain damage and the brain damage and the brain damage and the brain damage and the brain damage...how'd I get to this video?
Andrew KVK
3.5 hours of my life.
"Makin' toast!" ..... *DING* "Butterin' toast!"
Johnny Ro'maeve
Spirit Ball: OM NOM NOM Freiza: Oh my god...
Raven the best 10
"I'm about to blow my load all over your insides, " "What the... " "No homo" 01:01:06
James White
2:50:03 foreshadowing ultra.
Coldfusionstorm Gaming
RACOOOOOMMMMM! Now look at the ground, Now Look At me Im flipping you off now back to the ground BACK to me! I swear these videos are way too good ! so fcking hillarious! XD 01:17:08
Martyn Viray
I don’t know what this Yamcha is But it sounds just like raditz
"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" "STOP IT, stop getting excited!"
Mister Wiggles
Putting adds on content that you've basically stolen is pretty scummy. You could at least put a disclaimer of your own at the start sending people to the actual creators.
Mortano smith
this is my favorite dragonball now
I just realized Krillin has big ass ears
row, row, row your boat....
Ghost NAPPA for the win!!!
How about taking the adds off here and not making money off of someone else's content?
Ace Hardware
2:11:06 God I love piccolo
IM A WOMAN! WHAT? I AM A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Atomic
Because my name is dende
Ph D
How did no one noticed when the guru made a joke about the catholic religion?
Natasha Jones
"Did you carry a baby around for 9 months, for a man who thought you had cinnabuns hidden in your shirt???"
Dragon Slayer
I've got a lovely bunch of dragon balls
Mandalore the flatulent
It's that high altitude big green kush grown in composted sensu bean infused soil. Watered with the souls of po po's victims. Itz that good shit! 😎
Templer & Inquisitor Legion of the Artyfall
6:34 "Ich bin gefüllt mit Pisswasser" XD 9:13 "Scheissens sie auf meinem Gesicht"
Some Cynical Asshole
I love this abridged series but god, the comments are just quotes and cancer.
*Damn... Bulma got BOOTY.* 😀
Readin your mind! Goku did you just read my mind? Yeah huh! But how did you-? Muffin Button. What? Huh?
this is the fucking best
Yellow rose Of Texas.
......now that I've actually taken the time to really listen to the comments I realize how almost every conversation has some sort of sexual joke.
You rude
So much content. Almost long as the Frieza battle against Goku
nick catano
Vegeta: Renegade 4 life lol
Goku Hogan 1:30:30
666 likes, Satan approves
'Tattooed Teenaged Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills' is my favorite anime
Frieza: it's just a stupid legend passed around the campfire by your filthy monkey ancestors like it was their own dung! Me: dying. You can't top comedy that good.
I've just listened to Motorhead, Ace Of Spades while watching this on mute from 38:06 and it fits quite well and its funny I suggest doing this yourself hahahahaha
The Prophets Rest
Muffin Button!
Bobobo Bobobobo
Seriously so many human looking aliens like Recoome, I can't keep up. Love the parodies btw.
Love it! I'd turn the monetisation off though, that's how they'll flag it for copyright :(
Michael Burris
I love how the entire Abridged Season 2 is as long as the Goku vs Freeza fight, and this covers the entire Namek Saga
Dimentio's Servant
2:05:23 Vegeta: shut up, I'm sleepy.
Taylor R.
“I’ll say” “ *AHHHH* “
Aaron imbragulio
the zombie angels 1017
god damm it nappe
Michael Gorilla
1:06:08 that scream had me crying in laughter 🤣🤣 the whole planet could hear it, goku could hear it, even hell heard it, and even 20 years in the future could hear it. 🤣🤣
You rude
2:13:06 *When your odd classmate holds a gun in the classroom after hearing you talk shit behind his back*
Albou1 Gaming Roblox
As soon as frieza shoots the minion as a example. A AD COMES ON
Anthony Osley
DBZ Abridged get me dead xD
Ima deck you in the snox
Gotta love the Maximum the Hormone reference for Frieza's Ringtone on the scouter, lol.
Maxalord X
Son of a... YES!😂😂😂
Mickey Rivera
I'm Goku And I'm insane From Earth He means saiyans
where is your season 3 video?
Szczęsliwe Komunikacje Lądowe
I literally just realised that guldo said ZA WARUDO at 1 20 40
Corey B
I'm insane from earth
The One
To wtf I was watching something else and it took me to this..damnit
Dylan Anderson
Love Masako X
“Non profit” Has ads Edit: I know this is from Tfs, they just copied it.
Bossbae Alleyne
And the brain damage... And the brain damage.... And the brain damage 😂😂😂😂i love that part
this is missing content, parts of episodes are gone, to let others know.
Doot doot doot doot
1:13:18 frieza be like "I regret not killing them"
Yuya Sakaki
1:38:50 Best hammer time clichè ever!
Phoenix Gaming
“God... Dammit Nappa...”
Art Sensei
Cause it's Vegeta T- *Pop*
The fake Namekians sound like Space Cataz
Lanell Townsend
I'm about to misuse my hand upside yo head
nikita dragon sin of wrath
i have a t-shirt with goku in ssj from and just saiyan on it
Matteo Turra
3:27:03 Bulma's father is Tony Stark?! , 3:27:15 The Dark Side is powerful in Chichi...
B3N Walker
3:27:02 , best fucking Marvel reference ever
LMFAO 2:37:52 , A tell yuh bout dah bway freeza deh you si mon... :) I appreciate that 4Star.
2:35:25 vegeta dabs on thots
Goku: ARE U DONE YET! Frieza: I think I peed a little.....
Visfar 101
Vegeta: Asshole and Badass. Krillin: I don't even... know... *Owned count for Krillin: 20*
No One Cares
Namekmania 2k18
You rude
2:35:37 This part is just perfect.
Retarded Danic
Anyone find it weird how frieza lost his tail and it magically came back then disappeared again?
55:17 thank me later