Kanye West - Homecoming

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Ashamed that it took me 1000x of hearing this song to realize that "wendy" is "the windy city" AKA Chicago. Real ashamed of that.
Track Running Lorrin
Facts: people have been brainwashed into hating Kanye without hearing his music
Where my 2018 listeners at
Raise your hand if Chicago is your home 🖐🏽
Meh Nah
Kanye's coming home again, and he staying this time
Christian Soto
I just realized this song is not about a girl, it’s about Chicago.
Bay is Bae
TB to when Kanye and Chris Martin were in respective primes. You don't get dope collabs like this often anymore.
DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OLD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!
Struggling Millennial
The old Kanye
Kelly Danté - Music & Visuals
Rushed straight here after I found out Kimye's new baby name, how perfect 😍
jim halpert
as if migos will ever have a song as good as this. or any other trap "artists" of 2018
Marquel Williams
Am i the Only one who gets emotional listening to his music, thinking of how great he was?
"Baby do you remember when, fireworks at Lake Michigan?" Yeah, I miss you Chitown... I followed my dreams and now I live in Europe... This track brings me back...
Good old days :(
WhereNextIzzy ?
Is that chris Martin!!? How have I missed this for all these years?
let's all welcome baby Chi to the world
paweł szczepanik
chris martin best verse,,,a great sound of keys...(good song
Lokki X
Its sad that the music from both artists changed so much - Coldplay started with electronic sound (totally different from piano and guitar sound from their first albums) and Kanye's songs still sound great but lyrically not that strong, at least in my opinion.
Damn, I miss the old Kanye...
I just feel like crying..like damn the memories & how time flies so fast~
Pudah King
If only we could trade the new kanye for this kanye 😩
Jonathan Gomez
He's back in Chicago guys 😭😭😭😭
chan john
This song will never die
Walrus Rider
chicago west coulda been named windy
Oisin McClelland
Who’s listening on 2018?
Shouldn't it be ''Kanye ft Chris Martin - Homecoming''? Why is there 0 mention of Chris in the title?
How many thousands or millions of views are from Chicago?
Luke Wyler
Took me like two years to realize that this was about Chicago and not some girl named Wendy I feel dumb :(
Mason B
When rap was good
Jasper Booysen
back when kanye made music
DasAlex 735
Who´s here after listening the new "song" ??
dimeji babalola
Who came back here after hearing Kanye named his daughter Chicago West?
Look, 02-08 rappers were the shit. From prime 50, lil Wayne, Eminem, Kanye, and more. People only talk about today and 90s, they forgot about this magical time
The Reliable Source
My favorite singer + my favorite rapper!
Danny collen
King Kanye we still here in South Africa
xVvix xnNix
10 years ago. damn. How old were you ?
he coming back to Chicago
Luka M
Anyone else here got stuck with "old Kanye songs" loop?
jedislayer 103
I thought that was coldplay
Leah Padgett-Jones
Kanye, "maybe you can start again"
February 2018 whos watching??
Amila Badass
Always going to be one of my favorite songs. Everyone's pissed at Kanye for changing and becoming an asshole, but really Kanye doesn't deal with phony people anymore. He's extremely sweet towards his family and fans. You see the Kanye that's been provoked by paparazzi. They yell messed up shit at him, but only show you Kanye getting pissed. He's not always going to stay the same "happy" person he used to be. He's human, okay, just like all of us and believe it or not but the man has feelings as well. I don't know about you, but I'm always going to support Kanye. He's happy with Kim and has a baby and honestly I'm just happy that he's happy, and I love Kim because she's making him happy. If y'all were real fans you wouldn't be trashing his wife, or talking shit about him. I get criticism for his new music or new behavior, but some of you guys overdo the criticism. Kanye is genuine and humble, and there's not enough of those people in the music industry these days. Plus, without Kanye we wouldn't have Kid Cudi.
Who’s here after their baby is gonna be named Chicago
Blake Vega
I love Chicago, and I LOVE that Kim and Kanye named their baby Chicago West!
N1n3y N1n1h
Still coming back to this for the OLD KANYE n ever since I learnt this is CHRIS MARTIN
Nour Alwani
Fleur Van Giels
The chorus singer is from Coldplay right? Chris Martin
Morgance Okumu
One of my all time favourite songs from Kanye
Chris Manning
Welcome to the world, Chi West!
Who's here because of "Chicago West" ?👼🏾♥️
Edward Brown
I love the whole ye old and new
Rome Dep
Disappointed I couldn't find lyrics in the comments so hear ya go [Intro - Kanye West] Yeah. And you say Chi city, Chi city, Chi city [Chorus - Chris Martin] I'm coming home again. Do you think about me now and then? Do you think about me now and then? Cause I'm coming home again I'm in home again. [Verse 1 - Kanye West] I met this girl when I was three years old And what I loved most she had so much soul She said, excuse me little homie, I know you don't know me- but, My name is Windy and, I like to blow trees and, From that point I never blow her off, They can come from outta town I like to show her off, They like to act tough, she like to tow em off, And make em straighten up their act, cause she know they soft And when I grew up she showed me how to go downtown And at nighttime my face lit up so astounding And I told her in my heart is where she always be She never mess with entertainers cause they always leave She said it felt like they walked and drove on me Knew I was gang affiliated got on TV and told on me I guess it's why last winter she got so cold on me She said, Ye keep making that, keep making that platinum and gold for me [Chorus - Chris Martin] Do you think about me now and then? Do you think about me now and then? Cause I'm coming home again I'm in home again Do you think about me now and then? Do you think about me now and then? Oh, now I'm coming home again Maybe we can start again [Verse 2 - Kanye West] But if you really care for her, then you would n-never hit the airport, To follow your dream, sometimes I still talk to her, but when I talk to her It always seems like she talking about me, She said you left your kids and they just like you They wanna rap and make show beats just like you, But they just not you and I just got through Talking bout what she can try to do just not new Now everybody got the game figured out all wrong I guess you never know what you got till its gone I guess this is why I'm here and I cant come back home And guess when I heard that when I was back home Every interview I'm representing you making you proud Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud Jump in the crowd, spark you lighters, wave em around, And if you don't know by now, I'm talking about Chi Town, [Chorus - Chris Martin] Do you think about me now and then? Do you think about me now and then? Cause I'm coming home again Maybe, do you remember when fireworks at lake Michigan Oh, now I'm coming home again I'm in home again Maybe, do you remember when fireworks at lake Michigan Oh, now I'm coming home again Maybe we can start again Loyee oyeee oh, loyee oyeee oh Coming home again Loyee oyeee oh, loyee oyeee oh Coming home again Maybe we can start again
Niclas Svensson
I love it
ExtraOrdinary MUSIC
And you say Chi City!!
Traesan Robinson
So wendy is a city. Welp time to re-evaluate my life real quick
איתי מזרחי
Wow big song Hey from israel
10Martin1 0Martin10
Chicago west 'Chi' pronounced 'shy' - chi city!
Dj Mason
Song so fye 🤘, Coldplay jus makes it even much better
xzavier anthony
Kanye is one of the best performers of our time simply. Looking at his works like this confirm it.
My favorite song by Kayne West.....
Preye Yinkore
I like the way Kanye West thinks...
wez HB
Homecoming, diamonds, Gone, Hey mama are a example of why i go back to kanye,
Stephanopoulos Papagianopoulos
Welcome Chicago West 🔥🔥🔥👶🏽
Kwakhanya Mrubata
this song still does the trick 100%
Cheyenne Fiene
It is sad that they didn't gave Chris any credits. This song would kinda suck without him.
David McLeod
One of kanyes only GREAT songs
Kanye + Coldplay = MASTERPIECE
Nvious Xpressions
Homecoming best track on this disc
Lashanda Owens
i wish that i could be out there with my family on both sides. love ya nice to feel ya
Bachar Sabra
Old Kanye>>>>>>>>>>Present Kanye
Derek Guffie
Under rated song.
I’m ordering from Pizza Hut
Sam Mwangi
This is the Real Kanye!
Kyle Talks Marvel
Liked coldplays Chris Martin's part
Come back classic Kanye !! Come back please! :(
Caleb Stevens
One Of Kanye’s Best 😌
Lamine Diallo
I was singing this song all day out of nowhere. I was like let me just watch the damn video 🙌🏿
Sasha Ndhlovu
Coming home again daddy❤️....
king Nice
ye Never stop making hit songs he always do watch out album coming soon👍
Average Gamer
is that coldplays Chris martin singing backing?
Young Solace
Im listening to this song for the birth of Chicago West! Welcome to the world!!!!
Thelionking 07
Come home Ye.
j borle
I am not a big fan of Kanye, but i love this song. Its the realist song he ever produced that i have heard from him. It speaks about him as an artist.
Chris Martin should feature in more songs from rap artists. Sure I love the lyrics but the chorus is what sticks with me.
el no
his recent comments made me revisit his work was a good choice
i just saw the music video and realised it was about chicago (wendy = windy city, the bean) and npt some girl he met when he was still a toddler
Klarerah Shay
This song touches my soul! ☀️📖☀️❤️
Gayvid 1997
I'm calling Pizza Butt
Cyanide For All
exuse me little homie i know you dont know me but my name is jeff
Well, the chorus and the instrumental is pretty good...
Milk Joker
2018 and it’s still bangin
sh l
Is that coldplay??
Isabel Mendoza
I've never seen him move as much
Young Krillin
One of the greatest hooks of a kanye song
The Reliable Source
Chris Martin?!
DU Recorder
August 2018
Andy Mcwed
The best song of kanye, still love from India
God's Community
Greetings! *Have a nice day.* 🗺