Drawing on the Surface Pro 3 using Sketchbook Pro

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We draw on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 using both Fresh Paint and Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro. The Surface Pro 3 has a different stylus technology to its predecessor with less levels of sensitivity - but does it still work as a digital canvas for sketches, be they quick OneNote jobs or lengthier, layered masterpieces? We think so - watch our time lapse illustration video to find out why

when you're good at drawing eyes and nothing else.
You prefer sketchbook ....... ...... Because it's free.
Immortal Aria
I can't help notice you never touch your palm. How is the palm rejection on the Surface?
Alondra Paco
I just got the Microsoft Surface 3, and installed Sketchbook Pro, but my UI doesn't look like yours. I'm missing the bottom left circular menu, and the top menu bar. Also how'd you get your bottom tack bar to stay locked? Also my pen clicks don't do anything? sorry to be a newb, but I'm just trying to understand this tablet
December Darnell
Can you rest your Palm whilst drawing?
Dameion Chambers
That's some mad skill basil good stuff
kevin miller
I just purchased a surface pro 3 and found this video. great little video but it is misleading in the fact that the MS pen does not perform pressure sensitive functions in SKP 7. I have tried loading current Wintab drivers for the pen, tried adjusting all types of setting and it is a no go. I can get it in Corel Painter and photoshop but not SKP. Also, the pressure sensitivity is light years behind other technology. I have a 3 year old Samsung Note 10.1 sitting beside my surface pro and the stylus on that rns circles around the Surface. I really, really want to like the Surface because I can install software and not just apps but it really feels clunky in performance compared to my 3 year old Note. If I could have the pressure sensitivity and the pen would not get quirky on detail work, I would love this platform.
Julian S
I purchased a surface pro 3 today, and i have sketchbook pro 7 and my sensitivity doesn't seem to be working. Was there something you did to enable it? I can't seem to find it in the options.
I'm thinking whether to get a pro 3 or pro 4. I like how cheap the 3 has gotten compared to the 4 and wanted to get it because of that. if I were to pick the 3, what disadvantages would I have compared to the 4?
C.s E.
Dude you should claim to be awesome artists I can't even draw stickman :O
Pen Cil
Have you ever noticed that with Sketchbook pro, the screen senses your knuckle as the pen and you end up accidentally drawing lines?
Guilherme Oliveira
MAn, firstly, thanks for the video! Very useful and nice! :D I'm trying to use sketch book pro 2015 but it does not have pinch zoom neither the hand recognition. The app version of this (express) works perfectly! What is the version that you are using and how do you do to "activate" the pinch & zoom and hand recognition? Thanks in advance! :D
Awkn Star
There are N-trig pens that have over 4000 levels of pressure sensitivity that's of course 100% compatible to Microsoft Surface 3 and 4 (Pro models as well).
kevin miller
On my last post, I want to be clear that my comment is within the context of using my tablets fro digital sketching and painting. I could care less about other functions like gaming, watching movies, etc. I also have an Ipad and all three of these do the normal functions of a tablet well. I am really only interested in a mobile platform for digital sketching and painting and so far, the old Note is very, very hard to beat outside of my Cintiq (which is not mobile of course) A better investment that I should have pulled the trigger on a year or so ago was the Samsung Slate 7. That thing was the ultimate system for mobile design. It used wacom technology and ran just like a computer. I am a little shocked that the surface pro has gone through 3 iterations and it is only this far into the game. I head surface pro 4 will be 1024 levels of sensitivity but Samsung and my note had that 3 years ago. for 1300 dollars, I am just a little disappointed in Microsoft.
if only sp3 is cheaper... TT-TT
olek olecki
Can you put a hand on your tablet while you draw? Thanks.
Nikolay Nikolov
Hi, nice video! I have just this question, how did u manage to use multitouch gestures to zoom in and out?
Are you gonna draw on the new surface pro? They say that the pen is really good
Eugenio Folatre
Work with the Wacom Stylus feel? How is the palm rejection? 
is no pen pressure sensitive with my surface pro 3 in windows 10 when work with Sketchbook Pro 7.0.0, why? the pen work great with other app.
El Jay
Do you know if Sketchbook Pro 7 fixed the bug with Windows 10 yet. When I upgraded my Surface Pro 3 to Windows 10 Sketchbook Pro 7 wasn't working properly anymore. All people had the same problem. Do you know if they fixed the bug yet. I downgraded my Surface Pro 3 to Windows 8 and would like to upgrade soon.
karen Edwards
Hi, I have been out of the graphics game since 2003. After 12 years out, I recently was given an opportunity to illustrate a childrens book. I have been given a Surface Pro 2 and was wondering if I should do the illustrations in sketchbook or illustrator? A friend and I are Co illustrating. He has done the pencil drawings and I am going to scan them in to finish them dihiyally. I've done a few minimal things in photoshop since 03 but that's about it so any advice is helpful....
Is the lag of the strokes and pushing the buttons (there are visible pauses between pushing the buttons and them appearing pushed in the software and the strokes are always lagging behind the pencil) a software issue or is the hardware still too restricted for having a virtually latency free drawing experience on the surface pro3?
Aniruddho Sanyal
Loved that video. Can you do a step by step tutorial with SketchBook Pro?
Jim Tabasz
thanks for the brilliant eyes! I am a mac user, creating training materials in a variety of video and animation programs like screen flow, Captivate, photoshop, etc. My question goes to the SP3 ability to handle large graphic and video files with speed. Of course we use add'l monitors to create more real estate, but the portability of the SP3 looks very inviting. With considering to leave the IOS ecosystem?
Sere Orelly
Can someone answer my question, can you use a stylus on the surface ? Or just the pen
Daniel Siu
you didnt really take about the feel on the tablet, is the drawing surface very slippery? Also, is the 264 pressure sensitivity really enough, because this would be my first drawing tablet...(i was planing to get a wacom but then.....i might as well ramp it up to a surface so i could use it as a pc) 
Tracks Darren
Have you tried drawing slowly on it? Like pretty or average slow? If so does it being wavy lines?
Thalia Cast
I have a question. I can't seem to be able to download sketchbook pro onto my surface pro 3.. is there a specific way I have to do it? Thank you in advanced😏
Raeesah Elahi
do you have to download sketchbook pro?
Hiyururi -chan
so if i want to buy this,which app have palm rejection? does this device have palm rejection?
Tyra Myra
Just got a surface pro. How do you set up the pens sensitivity so you don't make marks with your  hand and have to press down the pencil?
Sword of damocles
What version is this? Ci5 or Ci7?
Mike D.
Just a question I can't seem to find elsewhere . If I wanted to take Surface Pro and use it as a traditional Cintiq (hook it up to a more powerful PC and then use the Surface for only drawing) would that be possible ?
Arjuna 1
what about the nibs`? Are they new to buy like the ones of my wacom?
King RoB ThE GreaT
do you need to be good a drawing on paper in order to to draw on surface pro?
Can the surface pro 3 corei3 ver. Be able to use photoshop with ease?
Petros Molyviatis
how is it compared to the cintiq companion 2 as an all around laptop?
do you do surface pro drawing tutorials and dont lie to yourself your a great artist. cool vid
can you use autodesk invented on this??
Desmond Lim
Did you have any matte screen protector on? Does the pen works perfectly?
Jeffrey van Zeijst
great tool for a artist! much nicer than a cintiq
If you put the drawing part at high speed I can't see the pen quality which is why I ended up watching this video.
Damn the guys actually a pretty good artist
Wait..... 3 Mobile still exists?
Sean Wolf
Can you buy sketch book pro on here?
Angela Resendez
Can you rest your hand down as you sketch? or will it also paint the area where your hand touches?
lautaro ronda
Make a video using illustrator please!!!
i get it--basil exposition!
Lillie Barwick
Naked girl
I got my Surface, and it's great. Sketchbook Pro isn't amazing though. The big issue being that it's not really well designed for touch screens. You can zoom just fine, though having rotation on made my pen lag. There's also no easy way to pan with the zoom staying at 100. Plus there's no easy onscreen buttons for resetting the zoom and rotation, meaning you pretty much NEED to have some way to use keyboard shortcuts to have a decent time. I found Manga Studio 5 (aka Clip Studio Paint) is great with the surface. It seems ade specifically with touch screens in mind.
Hello, sorry the language, the pen of microsoft have 2 buttons, What is the funtion of this 2 buttons?
Has anyone ever had a compatibility problem? I'm using Sketchbook Pro 7 with my Surface Pro 3 and for 6 months it's been working fine. Recently I have a problem that the screen fades to gray after a while. I don't think it has anything to do with Sketchbook Pro but I thought I'd ask.
Very interested to know what spec Surface Pro 3 you are using? i5/i7 4gb/8gb ram?
Joe Sonseed
I just got the SP3 and got Sketchbook Pro. The stylus is super sensitive when I draw with the pen and I don't know how to change that.
okay so my surface keeps having issues, serious issues, with this app, what is the process to download it/set it up, because obviously I'm doing something wrong
Rohit Venkatesh
does this app is there in ios devices??
I'd love something like this. I was considering getting it, but I have one major issue.. I tend to rest my hand on the paper as I draw. Meaning I'd be constantly touching the screen with the side of my hand as I'm trying to draw something, which seems like it would mess things up. Is there any way around that?
What about manga studio or Photoshop? does it work smoothly. I want one as a Cintique replacement
fuzzy face
Stupid question but.. does the pen come in contact with the screen when you draw? or do you have to hold a button?
Nicolaas Burgers
Hi - I've always wondered this about tablets and drawing: will it let you rest your hand on the screen while you draw using the stylus?  If not, wouldn't it get tiring holding your hand up in the air as you draw?
Bro .. Show me how to trace an image in sketchbook or any other app.....
Can you just deactivate touch altogether and have it only recognize your pen? That would be nice.
Mike D.
Just a question I can't seem to find elsewhere . If I wanted to take Surface Pro and use it as a traditional Cintiq (hook it up to a more powerful PC and then use the Surface for only drawing) would that be possible ?
Emmanuel Ochenjele
Is it pressure sensitive?
can you rest your hand on the book wile drawing like you can with wacom?
Juan Hernandez
my question is (and its a silly question): Lets say you are drawing and obviously you want your pen to be the one giving feedback... if you rest your hand on the screen, will it interfere with you drawing or anything else?
Later Boi
how does it feel?
Thanks for the Review 👍
Za Cobura
I have a Surface 2 is there a way to make sketchbook run on that? I've tried to install it but it says my device doesn't meet the requirements. I've looked all over online for help but can't get any answers. Is the Surface 2 just outdated for the app? Or do I have to mess around with the device a little bit to make it do what I want? It would be a big help if someone could give me a straight forward answer.
Kevin Harte
Can I hook up an intuos to this?
Polagit Chaicampa
Can Surface Pro 2 Or 1 Do like this?.
Hannah Chang
when drawing, can you lean your hand on the screen without it affecting your artwork?
Focused Racoon
is surface pro 4 better?
what kind of batteries does it need? that could be annoying
John Matthias
No trouble with sensitivity in Sketchbook Pro on the SP3?  Photoshop works fine for me, as do some other apps - hit and miss, but my former favourite won't do sensitivity.  I am using Windows 10, which might be part of the problem (I don't think so), so I tried compatibility modes for Windows 8 and 7.  No joy.  Surface Hub made no difference.
I notice you didn't rest your hand while drawing, is this because the SP3 has bad palm rejection? 
If you choose a different stylus, could you regain those extra levels of pressure sensitivity of the Wacom tablets? 
Creepypasta fanatic
I use sketchbook on my phone. It kinda sucks.. But I have gotten used to its limits
Jerrod Hall
if you are used to wacom tablets i wouldn't suggest getting any surface pro as a replacement.  I bought a surface pro 2 but you have to constantly calibrate it at every angle you sit and the low pressure level isn't no where near comparable to a 2048 pressure level.  Not even close!  Maybe if you are a doodler but if you are a concept artist/ digital painter this will not make you happy :).  Great vid though sir 
Kevin Somarriba
Do you need to download a Wacom driver to support the pressure sensitivity? 
Craig Bohn
Right from the start there is a problem, because my pen doesn't open OneNote by clicking the end.  Too bad this tutorial doesn't explain why a click or double-click does what the tutor thinks it does.