Ip Man 3 Movie CLIP - Smoking (2016) - Donnie Yen, Jin Zhang Movie HD

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What about the CG Bruce Lee they said that will be in the movie?
Bay Sean
wa the late young actor Bruce Lee (1940-1973) is played by Kwan Kwok Chan right? bruce lee died young at age 32 after he suffered very badly from clot in the brain..
Anton Joseph
Yes you can be my disciple. Start now. Clean up this mess.
and that's how Bruce Lee learned to be like water
Benjámin Kurilla
Best anti-smoke commercial ever.
paul tak
wtf why they go with such unimpressive speed test??? water??? cigarettes???
peter siri
Dr. Robert Elliot
It was just his way of telling him not to smoke.
Interesting how Bruce Lee grew up but Ip Chun didn't.
Chad Sun
Best anti smoking ad ever.
Vollgas H
I can so see Ip Man 4 with Bruce Lee! They've been building it up!!!
James Fuentes
cigarettes dont hit back
wyaaaahhhhaaaa Bruce Lee
The scream he makes when he kicks the water is dope af
cole lolicato
Now buy me a new pack of cigarettes
Donnie Yen is such a good husband in this movie...
It was then that Bruce Lee decided to become like water...
workwork damn
Ip Man actually dies of throughly cancer. It's good they show him as a smoker
Even during bruce's prime 68-72, he admitted himself ip man was still faster. Ip man I think was in his 70 or 80's at the time.
Akrudibum Rum
I think the actor did a great impersonation of him tbh am I the only one? Most play Bruce Lee too cocky which he wasn't it was only for show but not when it came down to the actual fighting.
Steve Rogers
Even though I haven't watched this movie, I'm guessing Bruce kicking the water wasn't the correct move. Probably should have dodged it entirely.
maycrash dub
anybody watched the video where a guy throws cigarette and bruce lee light them up with nunchaku ? maybe this is how he trained :p
Tony Cannida
Everyone please pray for those cigarettes.
a pack of cigarettes waste it. thats 15 dollars in nyc lol
The Auspicious one
Bruce Lee was a monster #isaluteyougrandmasterbrucelee
This scene is based on true historical... BULLSHIT
Now run to the store & buy me some cigarettes
Gonzalo Roth
when your spirit is calm your body it `s also calm. don t need to be afraid of anything
The best give up smoking advertisement.
Tushar Devdhare
Nice GOD OF MMA BRUCE LEE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍
Prey Rez
Damn.. He defeated so many cigarettes... I'm out
hinata chan
i like it so cool
Wobz Ynciso
Does anyone know the track or music that starts at 0:58?
vincent yap
that is my favor part in ipman3
This was cringe-inducing.
just dissapointed that you didnt see him much in the movie T_T
Sunny Lama
I love ipman...he is so awesome....chinese kungfu are the best. .
Rahiema Nasing
i love this movie!so amazing!and great film ever!Donnie Yen is a good actor ever!!!
Kshitij Maurya
What's the soundtrack?
gade ajay
talk about kicking his smoking habit lol
ملوك العالم
هل يوجد مترجم
I love the soundtrack in this scene, I just saw the movie and I loved it
Best scene of movie
Antonio Luevano
(yells) because I'm fast 😂
Sang Mai Thanh
I like a quote's IP man 3: "The world doesn't belong to the rich or even the powerful but to those of pure heart" Do you like it? ;) Let's see: http://riibit.com/5DRPT
M Vazquez
yea he's smoking! but that was young Bruce Lee showing how swift his kicks are hitting the cigarettes!!!! Awesome movie....we need a lot more of these fliks!!!
Soner Asci
Bruce Lee 😅 😂😂 huuwaaaahh 👍😀💪
ป๋า เทพ สั่งมา
Furkan Karasahin
thats bruce lee
Nar _Zan
pahoo gopun derecesine bi bax 😄😄😄😄
Super Green
Why hurt tobacco what tobacco ever done too you
Cameron Rowe
IP MAN just wanna said one thing " I'm rich!!!! "
A young Bruce Lee this movie was real good
Faiz Hakimi
give me that cigarette
I expected to see more of this guy in the movie but this was the only scene, very disappointing. :/ Apart from that it was a decent movie.
Jerald Guevarra
Mr. Miyagi is faster than them... only needs chopsticks
I really hope Mr. Yen would give up smoking, would like a great martial artist like him to stick around for a long time!
Junior Inca
I dont like mike tyson
Jose Ramirez
yea just know that he was killed by the illuminati hellywood
Meta Man
This was some corny shit. What a pathetic way to demonstrate Bruce Lee's exceptional speed. So stylistic and pretentious. Anyway I really want to watch this movie!
Furkan Bakır
Can't fuckin wait
I swear, it sounded 100x more impressive in the cinema!
Jesus christ that was some horrible CG cigs.
Juan Milano
Did bruce knew how to kick like that at that moment of his life, I thought that he learned those later.
Anthony Broussard
"Be like water my friend." Bruce Lee interview
That BL sound effect wooo wahhhh wuhhhhh whataaaaaaa wahhhh wuhhhhhhhhh wahhhhh lol
saitama and genos
Christina Christidis
I can't wait till it is on DvD
Petrusan Valentine
Stupid scene
Jeorge Cayron
yeah me too can't wait hehehe idol.
Filmed for obnoxious 3D. Should be a fun movie hopefully.
so much heart, so little brains
Richard Lucero
Bruce Lee finally
Alan Arzate
yo but the real question is who trained Ip man hollyshit that guy must have been good
not releasing in America?... FUCK!!
Jahvanl l
Bruce lee...
Bruce lee
Jv_ Jizku