The True Story Behind the Movie SPLIT

The interesting, true story behind the man that inspired the movie Split.

Jennifer Soper
I work at a mental institution on a unit with DID and PTSD patients. Although this is a movie, DID is real and NOT MPD. I watch these patients struggle everyday who have been abused in cults, sex trafficking, and horrific abuse by family. I watch them try to work “together” with all parts to live a normal life. They don’t want to be this way and often times want to end there own lives, not hurt others. The brain does what it has to do to protect itself, and when ongoing unspeakable abuse and trauma is constant, it will do what it needs to protect itself and the body. Please be mindful of how you leave your responses of snarky and uneducated comments. I encourage you to educate yourself and not be afraid and show your ignorance by making fun of these patients. I pray you never go through what they have been through. I hope no human being ever does....
Raquel Torres Miramontes
I loved the movie. I thought it was genius and the actor did an amazing job playing the role.
Vixen mom
I can't wait for glass to come out
steve rangon
I believe Kevin's mother abused him as a child. He's father was killed in the train that Mr. Glass put a bomb. Also David Dunn (Bruce Willis) touched Kevin's mom at a football game and saw her abused againt Kevin.
Leo Silva
I loved them movie split especially the quote the broken are the more evolved
Carol Leonard
James McAvoy Is Brilliant!!!!! I Love Hedwig, lol
Gracy Jones
I thought the movie was brilliant. The main actor was amazing.
Telios Abraxas
The film is actually about the psychologist. She's the one who triggered Kevin to snap after being her patient for so long. She's the one who would tell him he was extraordinary and special and she also explained to him how some patients with DID will make their body's change with multiple personalities and that's what planted the seed in his head to transform, to evolve. He even tells her this when he reveals that the Beast is real to her. She pushed him to the apex of his psyche, so that he could evolve and transform. She created the Beast. The film is actually an initiation because it's for you too, to change yourself, to evolve, like the phoenix that ignites itself, only to rise from its own ashes to be reborn. This is demonstrated when the psychologist gives her talk via Skype- she is looking straight at the screen and what she says is not for those people in that conference, she's talking to the Self, to the audience. That talk is for you. It isn't enough to be broken, what matters most is what you do to put yourself together again and how you rise above your adversity.
Anthony Emrick
Kevin was troubled by the death of his Father, not his Mother. His Mother was the one who savagely abused him, thus creating the disassociation disorder.
Dana Plummer
I loved the theme of mental illness being a supernatural power not a dysfunctional set back.
Sharyn Bitzer
I have met Billy Milligan. He was in my hometown allowed out for several hours a day from the Mental health center in Athens Ohio. I worked in the diner that he came into regularly. He was quiet but nice.
Shirley pilger
I haven't seen the movie but I guarantee DID or MPD, as it was once called, is an actual mental illness. Not everything is fake just because you haven't seen it.
Brittany Ereaux
Honestly so sad 😞 I want to help people like Billy. I understand what it’s like to be abused as a child. I hurt for them.
Jake West
I read the book the minds of billy Milligan over 20 years ago...while billy is a multiple, HIS STORY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MOVIE SPLIT. As a matter of fact according to the internet they are making a movie about Billy Milligan with Leonardo DiCaprio.
Kaydee DeVance
Your information isn't correct his mother abused him and his father died in Unbreakable on the train 177.
The Sequel is on it's way A Spin off from the movie Split and Unbreakable! I can't wait ⏳
Jennifer Siddons
Sybil is a movie of multiple personalities also. It is an older movie. Sybil is based on a real person. Wondered why you didn't mention that movie.
Laura Metheny
There is the story of Sybil from long before any of this as well. That gave me nightmares as a kid.😬
A person that is possessed by demons. Demonic.
Isis Monroe
Do you guys think that split personality could be multiple demons/spirits that's taking over??? Jus asking.
Mel Mel
I used to work with clients that has complex PTSD, DID, and’s as real as the sky is blue...
Their are millions of people with multiple personalities, you yourself may have a few and not know it, only being aware of your own mind.
damien clerk
I believe it was released 2017, just for your information.
Jo Che
6:56 Kevin father died & left him alone w/his mother who abused him mentally & physically
Benjamín VarCas
Your videos are so good man, I hope this year you can have 1m
Darinka Cano
Uploaded 1 year ago and I still love coming back and watch it
It's a disorder, not a disease god dammit.
Cher M
I think the best represented his abusers.
It's very real! People's minds break because they can't handle what's happening. Multiple personalities would never happen in a society without poverty, without homelessness, without abuse, without alcohol. All of these factors break people causing unnecessary deaths, pain, and psychological disorders.
Nova Lovely
Multiple personalities are other entities taking over the body. Our vessels can host many things.
Jay Jay
Lol young Steve jobs??
Ebony Oliver
I believe multiple personality disorders are mostly due to unresolved issues, pain, etc. from childhood on. #myhumbleopinion
Adam Bettio
Isn't it Kevin crumb not window
Adrian Anderson
How many times did he say personality or personalities???😅🤣🤣
Split is in my top five but you did hit major points great review
Number 15 Lol
jason cr.
Split is a fricken masterpiece. Kinda corny, but great would the world be if the people who ran it were'nt completely disconnected from reality? You know, if they were'nt so precious to have been spared learning what being a human being is like.
JeSuS•iS•mY•SaViOuR•aNd•ThE•wAy! FearNoEvil
1 John 4:1  4 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. The beast is the evil one, the devil. Beware and be vigilant of false prophets and indoctrination with movies. This is the devil's playground.
this illness is very real. i have witnessed it with a friend of mine. they have up to 4 personalities but never remembers what they have done when switched.
Mike S. Jr
Glass gone b 🔥
Geni Medina
Don't forget #CYBIL played by Sally field
Dinah Lewis
I need to watch Glass
My Imaginary World
It's really sad that Billy Milligan hasn't became an actor. He could've got 24 oscars!
White supremacy at it's best. If this was a minority, they would've told him choose a personality cause one of you is going to jail.🤷🏾‍♂️😒
Nancy Jones
Did anyone ever see Sybil? MPD victim. Also, "The Three Faces of Eve"?
eric kinsey
Thanks 4 this video it shows the genius of shows how the borde will antagonize bruce willis character .
Elijah Thompson
your vo-cab-u-lis-tics- kills me
Florin Caloian
Lobby for demonic posesion with new corect politic name.
i love the film split. the actor is so good. and yes it looks so real.
Joel Di mara
Steve urkal from family matters suffered from did. (Did I do that?) Lol
Tasha James
I love this movie!
miracle sanford
I wish they really make a movie based on the book Billy Milligan that's my favorite book
Christine Perkins
No it's not all fiction. There have been well documented cases about these split personalities. For instance, there was the 3 Faces Of Eve and Cibyl who was not violent but had like 22 or more personalities. These are true accounts and of course they are the names of 2 movies. I suggest before watching the movie you do your research on these 2 cases. Poor Cibyl was horribly abused by her mother.
theodore somo
I learned a lot from the movie split and glass.I give credits to the director and actors who did a great job!!
Starla Ennis
I have multiple personalities
cora Rose
What if 24 souls coincided within one vessel
Watch in 1.5 speed
Pat D
I’m curious how the brain handle so many splits in personalities? Granted I realize folks with such conditions. Often aren’t trying to harm people. Rather their more likely to experience harm from others.
Dylan Davis
Glass sounds amazing I can wait to see what damage and carnage the beast could do
I have DID, you can't imagine how cool it is to talk to your other personalities. It is indeed francis. Oh sorry, my name is Patrick :D
ღ Dayriner
This remains me of Nikolas Cruz
Ebony Fair
They said Roseann from the show Roseanne has like 14 or 16 a lot I don’t really know how many but they said she does have a split personality throughout the years
mo mo
I love SPLIT...made me así more cuestiona to mi shrink
Jo Chalfant
My daughter actually has multiple personalities she's only 8 and so far we know of 4 not including herself
Riktor Belmont
I find it funny you asked if there was someone I knew, because I know him better than myself
kaykey 1
I found Casey's story really intriguing
Sun Shine
I can't wait for Glass to come out I loved both of Split and Unbreakable they were both amazing and I think that James McAvoy did an amazing job in split he's an amazing actor
I like way too many bands to fit in one username
Dennis- The strict, Germaphobeic, The perfectionist. Mrs.Patrisha- The woman. Hedwick- The 9 year old boy. Kevin- The man in witch all the personalities reside inside. The Beast- Well.. We all know what he can do.. And then the other 20 personalities...
Anthony Emrick
Actually it is an accurate depiction of an aspect of the disorder. The fact that the different personas are usually partitioned from one another. That is actually Correct. What generally occurs is when the person is young, something occurred that created so much trauma... so much stress and strain, that the Individuals mind literally fragments and begins to create partitions in order to protect the person's core emotional self from having to both remember and as such endure the continuous memories of whatever took place. One could say that it's a very complex form of psychological self defense. However, once the mind does finally begin to fracture, it doesn't take much to keep pushing it to segment even further, thus creating a new Individual persona for each new partition. That is, of course, assuming that the person in question is the Victim of some form of Ritual Satanic Abuse or perhaps the Victim of perverse and unethical psychological experiments... Not unlike the ones that were performed on an unknown number of AMERICAN CITIZENS, TOTALLY UNBEKNOWNST AND WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT - BY OUR VERY OWN CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, As formally uncovered by the Congressional intelligence oversight Committee led by then Honorable Senator Frank Church. A Congressional Committee that was held in the 1970's an uncovered an incredible and infamous list of Programs, Operations, and also gadgets and weapons developed by the CIA for use in covert assassinations, that were Absolutely Frightening, unethical, Illegal, dishonorable, dastardly and even disgraceful. And to know that what WAS uncovered about the CIA's funding and sponsorship of Mind Control programs that were all rooted in PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE in order to either mind wipe tye Victim completely and attempt to rebuild them (like a Jason Borne type), create sleeper assassins (Manchurian Candidate types), or essentially what were human slaves who had their mind's fractured and reprogrammed with Different personas in which each one was carefully programmed for a specific purpose (some being for sex slaves for diplomats and aristocrats, some being for the purposes of Intelligence Currier, some as sleeper assassins... Each being accessable through a series of code words spoken in a certain sequence). These were all abominations, and more than that... they were human beings, AMERICANS that ere horrifically tortured, many ending up in permanent vegetative states, many ending up dead as a result of the torture. And others still who went Stark raving mad, and of course those who were used as pawns by the Deep State to carry out assassinations. Take, for instance, James Earl Ray and Surhan Surhan (sp?), both of whom were implicated in famous assassinations of important people, who were perceived by certain elements to be threats to the establishment, and neither of which can remember anything about the events themself. Not what brought them there, nor the moments up to, during, and after the events. And both of them have said that they never had any obsession or even much of a thought about the men they are accused of having killed. Not to mention the fact that there are still many unanswered questions, many gaps in the official accounts still left unfilled, many strange coincidences that raise too many flags. All of which point to serious inconsistencies that lead one to believe that the real killers were never caught and that these guys are Patsy's or something much more unsettling.
Gus Bestcota
I wish I understood DID more my ex gf suffered from it and I could have helped her way more #mentalhealthawareness
ADV Squad
the narrator talks so slow
Cernunnos SKA
Interesting ! I was diagnosed with MPD 11 yrs ago , i argued that it was more of a survival gift i had but the psychiatrists did not listen.
Landon Rush
I still have to watch unbreakable tho
S Africa
Why are you speaking so slowly?
William Simpson
I like the move and I have multiple personalities
Tina Klinger
YES, DID is real. I used to work with a woman who had multiples. The multiples I've seen and heard were completely different in age. One was a little girl. We worked 3rd shift stocking shelves and one night about 2 am I heard a little girls voice. Kept checking and there was never a child around. Another time we were in the break room and she was smoking!!! I NEVER saw her smoke before. Everyone was surprised to see her smoking and was questioning her about it. She just shrugged her shoulders, but I knew what was happening because I am thoroughly fascinated by MPD.
Rachael Clarke
Trust now one even Ur self I live on codes know I can't trust my highest level or I lose everything never trust.
Carl Barber
Best movie ever, Yes DID is real.
Treea Forest Waters Woods
Almost like he is a medium and the souls of past lives take over him for his defence.
I enjoyed watching this movie. The fact that it’s a real condition makes for a cool twist and makes the movie even better because it makes you think that it could actually happen.
Carol Leonard
One Of The Best Movies I've Ever Seen!!!
Kyle Robertson
Seems more of a conspiracy theory
Edwin Griffin
Multiple personalities can explain much about many social dysfunctions. More resources should be devoted to treatments. We have to work on bettering ourselves. This is the hope of the future.
If you can did the book “The Minds Of Billy Milligan”. It’s an amazing read. Written by Daniel Keyes.
Reid Kerr
Kevin’s mom didn’t die. That was his dad. His mom was the one who abused him
I have dozens of personalities but each one I take on, I rethink over 10 time in a split second to choose the best answer and to be positive in mind and thought
Dorth Surreal
Wendell crumbs not billy for goddess sake. Leave M alone. He made wonderful trilogy, he is a genius. And it's Disassociative personality disorder. Not multiple personality disorder. Idiots.
Shona Mitchell
Em... the film is not based on this man. Just because the stories are similar... i ask you, who ACTUALLY told YOU it was based on this guy?😩
MONTY Montgomery
Ron Black
Art imitates life.
s l
Speaking of personality, the narrator is devoid of personality.
Sheena A. Living Hope
Although arguably based on the Billy Milligan case the problem with the movie Split, and other entertainment media like it ,is that it does villainize and mythicize Dissociative Identity Disorder and the perception society has of those actually living with it. For example there is no pattern ,data at all that suggests people with D.I.D. are anymore likely to be dangerous than those without that diagnosis.  And alters cannot exhibit behaviors that the human body and mind are incapable of. That is the imagination of Hollywood and therein lies the problem of separating fact from fiction when watching these films. One must educate oneself because mental illness is not pretend.
Del keller
Professor X got beaf up for this movie split.....and glass
Michele Briere
Great movie. James McAVOY needed an Oscar for it.
new news
He created these alters to hide from the abuse. He is not evil he is sick and scared. Do not judge
Sara Shields
Multiple personality is one name the others......
Lisa Fox
I own the movie and I love the movie it's just a movie people don't need to read too much into it they just need to enjoy it and if they don't like it don't watch it
moop noom
i find it odd that the personalities are often so well varied... it's never a bunch of simple, average personalities say like the folks ya work with or my family or friends. The personalities are hitting all the stereotypes on the nose. One of each character you'd find in fiction and entertainment. Obviously for the sake of a film i can understand this but also with this fella and others I've seen. Mind you, when one is in this state, why not have cool personalities that seem fantastic or above average. The human brain can hold 7 Smithsonian libraries of many life times of one person or one lifetime of many persons is that?
Kole Whatever
I am he who has no name but yet a title...444
MK ULTRA creates just such a person