Top 10 Best Builds for Diablo 3 2.6.4 Season 16 (All Classes, Tier List)

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These are the best builds for Diablo 3 patch 2.6.4 season 16 for solo GR pushing. Necromancer builds, Monk builds, barbarian builds, crusader builds, witch doctor builds, demon hunter builds, wizard builds... Everything currently end-game viable, ranked in order of power. Gameplay shown in video. Tier list image: /> Season 15 tier list: /> Tal Rasha Star Pact: />Condemn: />Firebird Star Pact Wave of Force: />Firebird Star Pact Meteor: />Pestilence: />HOTA Raekor: />DMO Frozen Orb: />Sunwuko Wave of Light: />Trag'Oul: />Charge Barb: />UE Multishot: />Vyr Frozen Orb: />Arachyr firebats: />Firebird channel: />Rathma: />N6M4: />Vyr Lightning: />Whirlwind: />Leapquake: />Marauder: />Jade Doc: />Uliana: />HOTA IK: />Sunwuko LTK: />Tal Rasha Channel: />Helltooth Firebats: />Natalya's: />Cpt. America: />Roland Sweep: />Shadow Impale: />Inarius: />UE Grenades: />Helltooth Garg: />Hammerdin: />Tal Vyr Archon: />Vyr Archon: />Firebird Archon: />LoN Spirit Barrage: />Heaven's Fury: />Invoker: />Zunimassa: />Raiment Generator: />Tal Frozen Orb: />Inna Uliana: />Inna Generator: />Inna WoL: /> More Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls guides, builds for all classes - Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Crusader, Barbarian, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard: /> ▬ Subscribe for more videos ► /> ▬ Follow me on Twitch to join me when I play: ► /> ▬ Patreon rewards: /> ▬ Follow me on Twitter for updates: ► /> Executive producers: Kiskaloo, MohEternal Special thanks: Brandon Gilbert, matthew Feiteira, russiandood, maianashira, Marvin Atkins, Brian Grygla, recramorcen, Remiehneppo, Edwin Zhu, Neme5i5, TepidTurtle, TheFuuZ, Lamer of Sweden, SmokinWookie, Telionis, MONGAS INC., Terry Lee, Joel Williams, Zeldraga, Valentine Judnich, Tony Duran

Hey Rhykker, this is folks
Billy Allen
I'm going full phone build this season
Christian Johansson
I have never been so confused of what im gonna play this season!
Hey Rhykker... didn't expect you'd release ur tier list so early, but i prefer ur old presentation format where you go thru the builds tier by tier. This is just all over the place, as i need to focus both on what you're saying and locating the build in ur list. Also, the gameplay footage doesn't help. Hope you can consider my suggest. Thanks and merry xmas :)
Revealing the whole tier list at the beginning.... WHERE'S THE FOREPLAY!? TEASE ME
xXxDeath Knight
Rhykker just wanted to say happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you.
Nerulon Skyven
I switched to PoE but I'm still gonna watch your videos :D
Mack Lee
Hey Barbs, this is Raekorrr
I keep hearing "Hey Folks this is Rhykker" everytime Riker comes tru intervention portal and tries to kill me.
Alex Opilo
@Rhykker all links are broken
Jordan Crosby
All your d3planner links are broken
Seeing Jade Doc warms my heart. Favorite set out of all the sets in D3.
Triều Dương
Hey Rhykker pls make a full N6M4 build guide. Best build for ss16 and the most interesting in the game
Motley Flux
I am not going to ask how, but you must invest some good amount of time to come up with these tiers. I have seen them before and took some advice from them but I never actually gave it any deeper thought. Till tonight. I am thinking WTF how does this guy do this? Thinking just a bit deeper, thinking about how much time you invest in this game, it completely explains the look on your face and the first video post Immortal announcement. I hope to see you one day reveling in a real Diablo expansion, (I will refrain from using the "P" word) with new content to get your blood flowing as it once did. Cheers and thanks for the content. BTW whatever happened to your lore videos. Did it stop at part 9? I enjoyed those.
You forgot to place the druid builds on the list!
Wait I've taken a wrong turn somewhere. This isn't PoE
Can i play this on my Phone?
Why did they have to nerf Innas so hard after PTR? I mean I get that it was too strong on PTR, but I feel like they nerfed it way too hard. Monk doesn't even make it into S-Tier (or top 10) at all anymore... And then you have Wizard which is in the top 3 builds every season, now having the top two builds even after post PTR "nerf"... Thats just stupid.
The Nebinator
Wish I had time to play a bunch of classes to experiment. Man it's awesome to be jazzed about all the stuff headed our way.
wow was looking forward to this!
This season for me isn't even going to be pushing Grfits, it's literally going to be me coming up with fun builds that can clear T13 with these new buffs. I'm actually excited for once for Diablo 3 again, now if only they'd have skill points to increase spell damage lol. Thanks for the video Rhykker, I'm hoping my theory on the reverse Vyr's twister build works :D
got back to Diablo in season 15 trying to get the Rathma set and Pestilence set builds mainly doing solo GR. Having a blast. Might try the demon hunter in season 16 for the multishot build.
Oh Rhykker we can only admire your aligence to this dead game keep it up
Season when? Pog
Temaru Phan
I knew cpt. America was F tier D: but seeing it is heart breaking feels bad man
Jarhd ratk
there are people still playing diablo? i thought people play PoE now.
Thanks for the tier list as always Rhykker! Just can't help but laugh that they try to balance around Condemn Sader and Lancer Necro, then turn around at the last minute and buff Legacy of Nightmares significantly (buffing both of those builds with LoN). Time to move the chains I guess! ... as an aside, I think Tal FO is a tad stronger than made out to be on the list, maybe High C tier, rather than D tier.
Aaron B
Might want to consider switching platforms from Patreon to something else. Lots of shady shit going on with them randomly banning anyone they don't like.
i'm happy demon hunter is looking good this time around. it's my favorite class.
Mathias Hauvgaard
I don’t get the tal star packt build how does it get the 6 piece bonus with 5 pieces and no special power
Twister wizards will rain supreme on console for ever apparently thanks to these DMO buffs..
Brandon S
Can we do a tier list of phones on the market?
Stomping Peak
Helltooth and jade doctor will be dominant so I'm happy 😍
Alexander Lejeune
I really feel that impale will beat out multi shot overall in pushing
Decypher C
Everyone is sleeping on LON Necro lol
Rhyyker do you think dagger of darts wd can this season finally shine again ? It was most fun for me
Is Diablo 3 still a thing? 🤔
Newton Cazzaro
You guys don't have phones?
jeFF Fury
Inna wasn't way out of balance, it was just couple of tiers ahead of the rest of the bunch and nothing wrong with that, I was really anticipating S16 exactly for Inna's build, but now they've ruined it!
What about LON blessed shield?
Marvin Caragan
Thank you so much Rhykker.
Ozone Τεντζερης
What about LoN meteor shower wizzard?
which build will be fastest for torment 13 clear speed (bounties and regular rifts)?
KDreezy Gaming
First, if you don't count like 13 comments.
#BlizCrapSux #MeTooBlizzard
I got interested in Inna WOL monk. Could you make a video on this build? Not quite sure why you put Rabid Strike as a weapon there. Also, thanks for great content and have a very merry Christmas!
Wayne Drew
I miss the Auction House
Ghoulish Gamer
I don't know about innarius being D tier. My shit isn't optimised at all and i pretty easily clear gr 70 at around 500 paragon. Only a couple of my pieces are ancient, and 50 is my highest gem rank.
Tattle-Tale Strangler
Jade Doc on Rank 3? More like Jade Pog also Merry Christmas Rhykker <3
I'm pretty sure Rhykker has completely forgotten about the Tal Rasha Explosive Blast wizard. With almost 3 times as much damage this build will be one-shotting everything at Torment 13 difficulty and will probably be one of the top 5 T13 speed clear builds for keystone and DB farming
MainMan Magellan
its funny every season a different build is buffed or nerfed. I remember a year or two ago Firebats was #1. and i played UE back then. But now UE has been buffed lol. Same with UE grenades was like top one season. I got a full ancient UE set. Maybe i should hop back on the game.
John Black
Rhykker says in the video condemn can’t get any stronger Why ? Why did they reduce the buff to inna’s ? Why was the nerf to demon hunter in the past necessary? Can someone please answer my questions, I just want to understand
Jonas Wallström
Some key notes, captain america build may return, but the LoN version, has a lot more damage and is fairly easy to gear for. Hammerdin may be in S tier, it has recieved massive damage, and due to the change to the rune, it would have made for a strong build in 2.6.1, if not for condemn had been there. Overall, hammerdin probably had one of the highest damage potential of the buffed builds for crusader, it's a little bit squishy though.
Piotr Śmiłek
Necro LoN Lancer?
Temaru Phan
:OOO I was so hyped for this video
John Wicks
WW barb as i been warrior main during wow for so long. Glory days of wotlk when you bladestorm !
Hey this, is folks Rhykker.
Tooooooooooooooooooo many builds which makes the game complicated. Only need 2 or 3 per class.
jeremi Pelletier-Lussier
You are underrated man , every words you are using have a meaning and every of them are actually right. Necromancer , was one of the most jailbreak class from a while and didn't needed any buff. Can't wait to test jade witchdoctor lol
What the hell is Rhykker talking about. Innas, Tals got massive nerfs. This video is misinformation!
Investigative Moth
have you taken into account the free Ring of Royal Grandeur that comes with the season theme? does that change any of the builds? thank you
hey folks, is this rhykker?
Alex c
Swtiched to alienation...kinda ready for a new amped for MK11 preordering premium ohhh yeah
mobitab 17
Diablo in 2018 LuL
Thanks for keeping the game alive mate. Appreciate it. Jokes, playing Path of Exile now.
Choy TV
Can I get a few Christmas likes?
Highway Hobo
Winter orb elementalist and tectonic slam Jugg not on the list. Oh, you were seriously talking about D3? lol
did he say anything about the set jade of witch doctor?
Kristian Severens
Monk has been buffed so much. As a main monk player I could not be happier :P
Sean Daly
I have no idea what you said in any of this video. Noob question how do you even get to this point any of these builds?
Hey P.S. your WOL Inna Build Link is Empty.
Charles Immordino
LINK TO Arachyr firebats is bad..Blank planner
Sean Brandt
Links, no worky. =S
Terry D
Why is the multishot build using cindercoat? Which skill is using fire? It doesn't seem to be multishot, after i did some testing.
Couch Guy Yn
I don't quite understand why HT beats out zuni. Is it a survivability issue? Because Zuni should be able to put out a lot more damage than HT when it comes to pet builds.
Hanyue Li
What is the point of S rank? Like Japanese, always S above A? We all know A is the best already, why not just everyone move down one rank and eliminate S rank?
Hi Rhykker, sorry but I don't get it with your list, comparing helltooth Garg with Zunimassa Garg. Despite not being sure if Helltooth really does more damage (as far as I know Zuni is equal or even slightly better but more difficult), you ranked Helltooth in Season 15 +1 Tier (so 3 G Rifts) than Zunimassa. --> But from season 15 to season 16 Helltooth damage has been doubled, but Zunimassa damage has been tripled. And now they are still 3 G rifts away from each other ? This can't be, if your season 15 numbers are correct, at least now they should be even. Or if I am wrong, please tell my false thought...
Can Merdan Yorgun
yo is it just me? i cant play seasons on ps4 anymore?!?! it just says season 15 ended. but why do u guys play season 16 and i cant?!?!?
Thank you very much for this video. This helps me a lot and I really appreciate it.
Ryan Miller
Always great analysis
Cal Wykes
What about DMO Twister? That was fairly strong last season.
Zab Tak
This "tier list" is trash...
i've not touched D3 for a couple of seasons with the builds being so low in the tier but this season i can't wait! here i come Uliana and Leapquake too xD
Daniel Hutchison
10 bucks says this ends up being nowhere close to accurate
Pete W
Why classify Star Pact when I heard that it's only good if using "macros" or why no real gameplay footage demonstrated? Just curious.
@RHyker is the new LON build good for crusader becuase of the new buf to the set the LON crusder could be really op or not
How about Trag'oul blood mages? Might not dish out as much damage as Rat Singularity, but not caring about cdr feels so much better.
Dave Prince
Love your vids Rhyker! Great tier release and great videos all around. <3 you
Papa Bair
Rhykker, your link to the Tier 15 list is a list for the Tier 14. Just FYI.
yshouldi foogle
Is this a phone game I can’t find it on the App Store
Hey, I'm an airline pilot. Do you think you could help me with my PA voice?
Kevin Hong
*Provides a full list of builds and tiers, AND a link to every build that HE made* We need more of this in the world
La Maze
what are the arrows and stars mean
Good to see Uliana moving up. One of my all time favorite builds.
Wish they would nerf Condemn, Corpse Lance, SIngularity Mages and buff the sets to make more builds possible. All those sets are only top tier because of that one skill.
James D
Lon necro...? Lon condemn?
Mauricio Montenegro
Dude! You should totally do this a podcast...
Hidde Vanzalm
This is just solo, I want to start with a party, pushing for groups. Does the meta remain the same with royal grandeur buff? I planned on playing Monk/Wizard with my girlfriend, but that might have changed die to royal grandeur and buffs/nerfs.