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Tom and Jerry - Santa's Little Helpers Full Episodes in English. Tom and Jerry Cartoon Full Movie in English. In this Tom & Jerry appisode, your child will interact with their favorite cat and mouse duo and help them ring in a wild wintertime celebration! Jerry is living the good life in Santa's workshop -- until the day Tom is rescued by the Claus family! With Tom in the house, there's nothing but merry mayhem at the North Pole. But when the dust settles, can the comically destructive duo work together to save Christmas and learn the true meaning of friendship? Using tap, tilt, swipe, shake and pinch functionality, kids will participate in the story through dozens of interactive moments like: guiding Tom to the North Pole, fixing toys in Santa’s workshop, and delivering Jingles the puppy to his new family! Full-length appisode based on the holiday Tom & Jerry episode: “Tom & Jerry: Santa’s Little Helpers” Varied activities throughout the appisode make each session a new experience You can track your child’s progress and success in each activity FOR MORE: /> /> MORE VIDEOS: /> SUBSCRIBE: /> #tomandjerry #tomjerry #tomandjerrycartoon #cartoonforchildren #cartoongame #cartoonforkids #tom #jerry

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Me: Hey Nibbles, you’re lookin’ sooo hungry. Nibbles: Yes! I wanna ate all those cookies myself! Jerry: No Nibbles, don’t do that! Tom: Huh! Lucky next time! Jerry: Got it! Tom: Argh! Nibbles: Gotcha! Mmm! Yummy! Jerry: C’mon! Mrs. Santa Claus: Hey! You can have that cookies! Feel free to do it! Here Jerry, I give you this cookie! Nibbles: Mmm! Sooo yummy! Jerry: Not again!
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Full gameplay of Tom and Jerry Santa,s little helpers
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