Bonnie (OC) - Drawing on MS Paint [SPEEDPAINT]

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Finished drawing: /> My tablet: Bamboo wacom model mte-450 Programs: Microsoft Paint and camtasia studio 8 for recording. Music: Almost a year ago - John Deley and the 41 Players // Honky Tonkin - Doug Maxwell If you like my works you can support me on my patreo: />Merchandise of my art on my Redbubble account: />My Tumblr : My facebook: />My instagram: My deviantart:

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Lilac Lamb
living proof you don't need an expensive program to make good art
WOW You can do masterpieces even in the worst drawing program <3
MS Paint isn't a bad program if you know how to use it. Here's an example of what you can do with it.
Everyone,May you PLEASE chill? It doesn't matter if you use paint,PTS,Photoshop,Firealpaca, Or any other program to draw. If you have skills,and you're just not starting out,you can draw in any program, On anything,WITH anything,and anywhere. So I'm begging you just stop going like 'OmFG IT'S sO BEAuTIFUL HOW?!11!/ MSPAINT IS sO BaD!!11!!2' Just,come on,chill! The drawing is good but I mean come on,Why do you have to be so weird about it?
Wait- why are people saying MS Paint is a bad art program again?
Connor Murphy
that one moment when an artist can make even an *ms paint* drawing look good
PEOPLE! MS Paint is not a bad program, why is everyone saying it is? I get that there are some drawings that don't look the best that used MS Paint but that doesn't mean it's a bad program. You just need to know how to use it properly.
ƑƖσωєя σf Ɩιfє
Esto nos demuestra que no se necesita una muy buena app de dibujo para hacer un muy buen trabajo
Virginia :D :P (xD)
last time i was this early i was born XDD btw... ms paint is a cool program, you just have to know how to use it :)
Yo intento hacer eso y me sale unos dibujos peores que los de Dalas 😱😱😱
Making a good drawing isn't always about the expensive tools you use - Its about the time, skill, and effort.
Woooo!!Beautiful °O° And + the colors are Magicals!Luv u Paula!
Fluffy Birb
Obi Wan Kenobi
RIP MS Paint
Cici Berrie
Wow! :O A esto señores se le llama talento 7u7 Me encanta!! Si que eres pro >:D
nobody NEEDS a expensive drawing program :/ i mean, look at how amazing this is!
when they say MS Paint is a bad art program
Clarinha Castro
Temos que aproveitar ao máximo o paint, pois a Microsoft anunciou que daqui 32 anos, vai lança uma novo atualização ( windows 10) e não vai ter mais o paint.Muito triste!!! :'v
i hate it when people make such a bg deal about mc paint. It’s just like any other program. The only reason bad art comes from it is people who are just starting out see that there’s an art program on their computer
I like FireAlpaca and MS Paint because they're easier to use than Paint Tool SAI ( also both of them a free lol )
MS paint isn't really the "worst" art program, and if used properly, can be used to make masterpieces. Loved how you proved this fellow artist :) Earned a lovely subscriber.
sick ghøst
y pensar que yo solo puedo dibujar hombres palito en paint :( igual te salio hermoso, tienes mucho talento ♡
XxKikito AnimationsxX
*OKAY, I NEED TO MAKE THIS CLEAR TO PEOPLE. Ms paint is not bad or horrible. It's actually a very useful program, and it works extremely well for those who can't actually buy a program to use instead. (And im one of those people.) But yes, it may take a long time for some people to get adjusted to.*
Miss Melo
Esto es arte *con el dibujo del speedpaint en mi mano* Aprecienlo!! >:v
Buzz The Forgotten.
**Wishing I had an artstyle like this**
Did you use a drawing tablet?
ガブリエラGaby R
0-0 cute!
Neyda Soto
What the hell!? Paint sucks!! Its a really bad program but you make such good drawings in it!
Murassaki Takahashi
La mejor manera de despedirse del programa que marco nuestras infancias, muy hermoso, paint debe estar orgulloso de que gente tan talentosa se haga uso de el. :') The best way to say goodbye the program is that the frame of our childhood, very beautiful, the painting should be proud that such talented people will make use of it.
Arthur Kirkland
I really like this drawing and it was really nice to see how you used ms paint I guess I will try that too (in my art style of course) and I also liked the music you used it gave it a nice atmosphere good job ^^
Mezu Kouhai
This is legit the first MSPaint video I've watched where someone actually uses the anti-aliased brushes
Indo Flamingo
I was watching and suddenly it reminded me of Bonnie from VD with her long hair, then I remembered that VD ended and then I cried for 40000 years Good art btw I love it so much. Earned u a sub and a like
awkward pug
Watching these really inspire me, considering paint is the program I can afford right now. Amazing work and keep it up!~
Gensi Sunny
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍eres la mejor paula
Starbyt the Doodler
everyones so magically impressed when people draw in paint lol;; ive been drswing in paint my whole life so people are like "wow u do so good in a crappy program" when my arts really just ehh. this turned out super duper beautiful though, and i really like it.
I love ms paint ive used the program all my life
Da_Cupcake101 VA
This is so good! It just shows what you can do with such a limited art program
Silky :3
One more thing why neytrix can make better then this he drawings is not like this humaids he drawing soo beautiful then this one?
:O This is so awesome! How long did it take to do the whole piece?
Sofia Ketting
MS paint = The best
How do you smudge I ned to know xD
ღE c h o sღ
Tus dibujos siempre son hermosos, hasta con el paint el cual es un programa que no te da muchas herramientas. Muy precioso me encantó!!!!!
good art on paint congrats :)
Mable Gleeful
I can't even draw in Ms paint but I draw a lot there
dead meme
Now my children.. Look closely to the brush that was used.. Or else you are f***ed. .:EDIT:. Not really.
golden flowers
amaranjha fallorina
Your art style is so amazing
Tobi Vero
Esto me dejo sorprendida esta hermoso!
Cherry Cola
drãgön mïtsůkø
Ok soy la unica que habla español :v (bonito dibujo toma mi like*le lanza un like*)
J Moe
Oh man holly shit, estoy es tan hermoso, se ve de lejos que tienes talento, es más, derramas talento hasta de los poros. ¿Como es que alguien puede hacer semejante obra de arte? <3
Jeisly Vargas Ascencio
Ayyy dibujas mui bien con MS paint tengo a prender aser eso!! Translate (just wanted to say somethin in spanish lol): you draw sooo good with MS paint i need to learn how to do that!!
Dante Aguirre
te llevo siguiendo de hace años y honestamente ver tu arte progresar de esta forma me hace increíblemente feliz - muchas veces los artistas que uno seguía en el pasado dejan de verse tan bien cuando se vuelve a ver su página unos años después, si eso tiene sentido, pero tú llevas progresando sin pausa en todo este tiempo y honestamente me parece hermoso uhhhhhhhhhhh siento que este comentario tiene menos sentido de lo que esperaba, el punto es que amo tu arte y ver cómo te vuelves cada vez mejor es una muy linda experiencia
Luna- chan
Wow yo quiero dibujar así mi canal es pura basura pero esto este canal es increíble 😄😄😄😊😊😊👍👍👍👏👏👏👏
Me encantó, esto demuestra que el resultado del dibujo no es influido por la calidad del programa. Te quedó bellisimo <3
Red Coyote
You speak spanish? I saw in your screen "Tamaño" "Color" "seleccionar" and other words (-3 •
Abyomirron min
Esto es sorprendente, yo solo se hacer apenas un hombre palo en paint xD. Eres asombrosa, tienes mucho talento y potencial. Muy bello dibujo! <2+1
Jade Tornado
i'm holding back tears.. this video is so powerful
Pixel Alicorn
"You can't draw on MS Paint and expect it to look professional." - This video says otherwise ;) -
-i'm super jealous- eeh! This is amazing! This is proof you can make a great masterpiece using ms paint. Well done! You did a great job! *subscribes* ❤
Bolita kawaii
eres latino americana o española? ( por cierto te amo y amo como dibujas :'v) ( notice me senpai :'v)
linnushidraucus nyo
Esto esta bueno como para tirar la tableta(???) Buen trabajo ! Se ve hermoso ♡
I cant even draw stickman's head -_-
Marta_Irene 11
No se porque, te he imaginado volviendote medio loca por no poder difuminar xD Por cierto me encanta como dibujas, sigue asi!
salty table
Everybody’s like: OMG this is ms paintttt?!! It’s so good!! I’m over here like: Her oc is really pretty
its me! Mari-Chan :D
o por dios!! adoro este dibujo! yo también se dibujar y ojala un día llegue a dibujar como tu!! te admiro mucho y me encantan todos tus dibujos sigue así!!! <3
la wea shippeadora cosmica x3
lo hicicstes con tablet??? :000
Sarahi Soto
Que inspiración me da este video ❤ nueva suscriptora 👐
this is so aesthetically pleasing even the music hngg
this fking proofs you don't paint tool sai, firealpaca, photoshop cs6, blah blah blahhhh to make art.
The tools don’t make the artist.
Really loved this!
xX K A Y L E E Xx
wow i really like your drawing style! its so unique and beautiful!
Fea Li
It's not the cleanest picture in the world, but it CERTAINLY surpasses my standards for ms paint! I am literally speechless
Si que sabes usar muy bien el Paint!!! Yo solo puedo hacer cosas deformes xd amo tus dibujos ^w^
Fried Rice
Amazing! But I'll stick to fire alpaca or pen and paper since I suck at hand and eye coordination with my tablet T^T
•Dead Kyūketsuki•
То чувство когда один русский.-.
Scarly MSP x
MS Paint isnt a bad thing to use if you know what your doing- if you can use it and make good art you really have talent.
this is so cool omg
Wow, this is the first video i watched of yours and I love it! I have a high suspicion that you like splatoon >.> -i dont know its just a hunch-
Cici Berrie
Wow! :O A esto señores se le llama talento 7u7 Me encanta!! Si que eres pro >:D
Makhirot Baltere Ragzsaft
Una maravilla de talento.
Kaitlin Read
Wow! Your character really stands out from all of the other art videos I have seen. I hope to see more of these masterpieces. X
Adrikiller 59
I love your art!!! You are amazing! The speedpaint is so cool ! 😍😍😍
Mable Gleeful
You draw a majestic masterpiece in ms paint not that worst program
Zanny Unoriginal
Lovely pallet mixing, I wish I could use colors that way. Beautiful piece.
Aaaaa es el dibujo de paint mas hermoso que he vistoooo
Daniux Pastelillos
Paint vuelve a casa :'v
Nameless Hoe
Wow you're very talented. Now when someone gonna say to me "paint is shity program" I gonna send this video :3
Doing this with no layers BOI WTF
Suzuya Dika
Mixens XD
How much for the art cost? JK! REALLY GREAT ARTWORK GIRL!
PopsicleRo Popcorn
que bonito dibujo que digo bonito hermoso O v O
Cayetana Gamer
Nunca he visto a una persona que tenga este talento en ms paint!!! Es hermoso!!!
Artyz Deer
So cool! I can do that to since I'm good on paper! *Tries* Well, okay then...I guess Ima stick with paper...
Amy sempai
soy yo o se parce a Natsuki sel :O? ademas dibujar en paint es dificilisimooooo ;v te admiro
Lilary *
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