King John vs Robin of Sherwood

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One of my favourite scenes from the series Robin of Sherwood, (3rd season, episode 'The Betrayal')

That looked fun to film :-D
As you may not recall, she didn't really, so it didn't need to make sense to anyone besides a selfcelebrating king John, obviously convinced of his own cleverness. What may have been a little confusing is that the audience isn't sure if she knows about king johns plot at the time of this scene. As it turns out, she's only there to get the troops out on a wild goosechase while 'his men' load the taxes and disappear into the night. So indeed "she should (have) be(en) hanged at once"! ;)
LoL Shades of "Can no one rid me of this turbulent priest!" I liked the scenes with King John, he could be thoroughly evil, & the comedy here wasn't too out of place. In Series 3 the gags were coming thick & fast. It became a little farcical at times with cackling henchman,bungling soldiers & camp sheriff's. Not out of place in "Maid Marian and her Merry Men." The lookalike merry men in this episode wasn't original and I can't see Marion ever turning them in like she did. It didn't make sense.