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Trailer for 1981 movie Staring Timothy Hutton, Ronny Cox, George C. Scott, Tom Cruise, and Sean Penn.

Honor, Integrity, Discipline................. absolutely an AWESOME movie.
James Kelin
I go to the military academy where this was filmed at. Weird to see that the campus in the movie is still almost exactly the same today. Same goes with all the uniforms and customs and such. They just changed the name of it in the movie.
Such an underrated movie.
Trevor Khurana
For those with Military Institution training backgrounds, see this movie called "TAPS". Great direction and theme
Pink Pepper
Such an amazing movie. I love it. Its one of those rare movies that Makes you empathize and feel what they are going through. This is one of my favorite movies...
I really liked this movie, even though I was expecting that ending. A1 cast.
What do you think about Major Moreland's cause of wanting to save the school instead of having it razed for condominiums? Do you have any sympathy for the cadets and do you agree with their protest?
I just watched this yesterday(my first time too) and the ending of the movie where tom cruise 's character snapped and started shooting everyone terrified me. ;-;
They taught them something that is not taught anymore: Honor, Integrity, Discipline. And don't twist it to your liberal lying agenda!
Just Abby
It's now on Netflix!
They turned my beloved K-8 school into condos 25 years ago. It was traumatizing for me because I can never go back there to visit. It was such a beautiful school too.
Darryl's wrinkled marine shoes
As a marine. Timithy Hutton kept Hutton kept his shoes shined. As do I aside froom wearing combat boots shoes are always shined
I still remember getting up early one winter morning when I was in high school, and riding my bicycle out of town to a friend's place because his parents had this on HBO (am 52 now, LOL!)
Mercutio Escalus
This movie was wild
I noticed the sheriff stayed where he was....
Tom Cruise looks like a midget on this trailer.!
this movie was a pissa gabbage P.O.G.!
who agrees that the this movie deserves a remake?
One of the most important movies of my teenage years, particularly as an NJROTC cadet. Think for yourself. Don't let yourself get so caught up in something that you're no longer thinking rationally. I'm showing it to my own cadets tomorrow night as a movie night event; many of them have never heard of it. I can't wait for the discussion after.
great movie
Jeffrey Richardson
michael douglas scott what it is and what its not jody on the pot
Eleanor Bee
Watched this movie when it came out many years ago, just watched again today...love it.
Kelly KitKat
"Oh, the girls are going to ruin everything"... the Seminary - the last line of defense? Remember what they did to Solomon - those 700. Solomon had palaces built for his wives. .. disposability is built into the economy so that work might persist. "Can Joe come out to play?" .. "He's busy"... How many times must a man mow a lawn before it turns into a field of clovers? ... there are roads that were built by the Romans that are still usable , but back then, persons were more disposable. Able-bodied and not working? Is he acquiring followers? - was what cesar desired to know, or the rabbis? And on whose behalf made they such inquiry? Society's? ... covetousness, sex : "why does that guy get an omelette, while I have to make do with scrambled eggs?" .. love, sacrifice : "well, at least we got our health and each other, for some have to commute long distances for visitation rights to be with a loved one for a few hours.." The lusts of the flesh, consumer demand.. that is one side of the economy... the other side, the supply side, is about creating and feeding addictions, to have power over customers, especially the repeat kind. It is all, so impersonal, and cold. The new iphone is out - it's cherry red. Converse - in style. 10 cents a minute... 6 dollars an hour...
Kelly KitKat
T, or F ? : Yoko broke up the Beatles.
Bob .Grant
Great young cast headed by George C. Scott.
Richard M
Watch this every time its on.....first saw it in high school
Frederick-Nrunk Kamara
Classic movie.
Othman Elhamri
Thes movie is the best go and watchedd
Travis H
Gods name. Je suis, George
Is it any good? It looks like drama/ thriller to me.
Why are they wearing active duty rank instead of cadet rank...??
Everyone who clicks the dislike for the TAPS trailer wants to see the terrorists win.
It's not a war movie.
Lmao is that Tom Cruises only part?
The Crazy Movie Lover
best war movie ever
the main crux of the movie is a failure to listen I think if the government forces had listened in the movie the crisis could have been averted though would make the movie a little bit more interesting too.
Yes, trouble with military films is, well, making them military. The little stuff always gets missed. The military beret is almost always a disaster in movies because of time and care put in to them by real wearers. Then you have that lame salute by GC Scott in pass in revue. Should have been re-shot. Interesting footnote: army sgt with red diamond on shoulder and battalion crest on hat is exactly the division and battalion I served in from '86-'88 at Ft.Polk, LA! - 5 yrs after this movie made.
This looks more like a 2000 movie
When I was a kid the idea of taking over a school with an M60 was cool. But looking back, faggy ass Tom Cruise was not a bad ass at all.
Tom Cruise and his big ole bubble butt sashaying down the hallway...lol
Before Robert Mark Kamen wrote a screenplay of The Karate Kid and The Transporter and Taken he wrote this powerful script of Taps.
Sam R
Its on Netflix...watching now! Love George C Scott...No better person for a War movie
gonna watch this again. havent watch it in a long time. i miss the good old days with movies like this
tom cruises beret.....my lord..I wish they had shaped them better
Robbie Lee
this was a great movie underr-rated
John Emmanuel Ramos
Me too.. can't wait to finish school and start college there.
My son started Valley Forge this year and this sure is the campus....
This was filmed at Valley Forge Military Academy. I remember my sister in law telling me her friends were extras in the movie.
Elise Quackenbush
Timothy Hutton is an amazing actor, and I loved him in this!!
Tom Cruise was actually pretty convincing as a wingnut...Oh, wait.
Tom Cruise was a Fucking G in this Movie
loool WHY?
Tony McKinley
Actually it was filled at Valley Forge MILITARY Academy
2:00 Future Sopranos boss
Jonathan Lewis
I wanna watch this movie so bad
This was an awesome movie
Andrew Yablun
LOL tom cruise walkin down an aisle fourteen thousand times is pretty hilarious
mario hernandez
bin laden was the one that disliked this
Sofia CA
Good God I Love this movie
Martin Sagastegui
@Jurassic0Al ya how?! It was a great movie.
Martin Sagastegui
@Jurassic0Al ya how?! It was a great movie.
Martin Sagastegui
One of my favorite movies all the time!
Martin Sagastegui
One of my fav movies all the time!
@matthewbaniewicz- Well, at least you're not that JungleJumanji guy who made some half-assed effort at reviewing this movie. Rank aside, there's no way in hell HE could've gone to any military school anywhere...
@heyrubes007- How was it disappointing?
@matthewbaniewicz- Goofballs, huh? Man, you sure didn't make battalion commander, wherever you went.
This movie is one of the reasons I wanted to be an Actor-Lonzo Jones
The reason I got into cadets. Never tried to fight the national guard tho. :(
Good Movie !
Kevin Kilman
Great Ronny Cox performance.
Now this could use a reboot ! But its a double edged sword in todays hollywood theyl make the academy coed abd the main charector would be a girl and tom cruise charector would be a black asian tranny.
F dL
Good thing Sean Penn and Tom Cruise were able to develop their voices, because in this movie, they sound annoying. Especially Sean who sound like there's a dick in his mouth. He's hot though.