Robin Of Sherwood - Strange Land (Extended Version)

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My first new RoS video for 2years!How time flies! This time set to the haunting Clannad track, Strange Land from the Legend album. It's taken a while to get back into video editing and go through all the footage of the Michael Praed episodes (sometimes frame by frame !). Strange Land is another atmospheric track, with ominous drum beats (like a heartbeat), followed by the dramatic and sudden introduction - usually punctuating a dramatic scene or change of scene. It was a great marriage of music and images that made RoS have such a mystical atmosphere. I wanted Strange Land to show that Robin lived in strange times. There wasn't just the Sheriff & Gisburne to contend with, but also a host of other "strange" characters. Such as Templar knights, the Hounds of Lucifer (led by Morgwyn of Ravenscar), Baron De Belleme, King's - Richard and John to mention and showcase a few. A battle of good against eveil or "light & darkness" I hope this extended version of Strange Land is in keeping with the feel of the show and RoS fans enjoy it. Other videos are to follow. Thanks for all the comments and messages left about my other videos. I really appreciate people commenting and subscribing. Thank You. Remember...Nothings Forgotten...Nothings Ever forgotten.

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Angrboda Fenrizia
The Best version of "Robin Hood"ever
It's been 30 years since I watched it on a Saturday tea time as a kid, and now having discovered them again I now spend my tea times the last month watching them all again!
Stuart Thorne
the best robin hood ever made, it was so realistic with how people actually looked at the time, hair and clothes filthy, and the buildings..not like the american Hollywood shit...absolutely fantastic
carlos Sixto
The best Robin Hood version ever performed. So epic, so elegant, so authentic, so wonderful... what a great job made Nicolas Grace as the Sheriff, and Robert Addie as Gisbourne... they were my favorite characters, and R. Winstone as Scarlett... The most sweet and beautiful Lady Marian with Judy trot... And the music... so mithic... so fantastic... Thank you Clannad, Thank you Carpenter, Thank you actors, and thank you all who made this series posible, because you all gave me really precious moments when i was a teenager. It is a treasure which i'll keep forever with me.
Noonoo Baggins
You have done a great job here, the images so fondly remembered. Thanks for sharing it with us and Herne protect you ;)
Margaret Thompson
Wonderful Version of Robin Hood, and great inspiring music.
Nothing IS forgotten.... this was one of my childhood favourites.
Tomcio Paluch
Feel this! Amazing music
Michael Praed forever!
best robin hood adaptation of them all. The hollywood one's are crap
Mark Ingle
Excellent video. That was a fantastic series. Got them all on DVD and just started watching it all again. Very appropriate with this magical autumn light everywhere now.
Danny C Illumini
So much love this music. Far out.
Tomcio Paluch
Clannad is.... incredible!
Robin of Sherwood is unique. No other TV show have so many wonderful "bad guys". Gisborne, De Reinault, De Reinalts brother and the greatest hero of all time: Simon De Belleme. To bad that Michel left the show to flop on Dynasty.
Poland about 1988, PRL great childhoot, winter, 1 meter snow, you can imagine? no you can't, and this video in public tv on about 16.00, fucking magic
Nothing is forgotten!
Possibly one of the best shows the American public missed out on. 
Kalpa Ranatunga
Real music...
Klint Reeves
best tv show about Robin Hood.nothing has come close to this.
masterpiece from nothingsforgottent, THANK U VERY always give me an energy for next days while watching it and other your vids .
This dreamlike, atmospheric version of Robin Hood is my favorite by far.
Iridia Furnival
Dulan Samarappuli
Best ever made
Blessed be!
The Dolmen
Stuart Kerrigan
Can't wait for Knights of the Apocolypse, the return of Robin of Sherwood!
Tomcio Paluch
Hail to Clannad! They make this atmosphere
Legende! Best Robin Hood Serie of all Times! Musik Actors Music! Great Video!
@NOTHINGSFORGOTTEN: what a fantastic piece of art, congratulations! it's a wonderful work done to one of the best pieces from the sublime Clannad soundtrack. I wonder how you got that extended instrumental section - probably from the series episodes themselves, right? anyway, thank you for such a professional and beautiful work.
Dale Mcilwain
Almost 30 years, this song still haunts me like the first time I've heard it.
Andrus Kolon
Aneta Sumara
Baz theblue
That fella who played Gimli was a perfect Lionheart,played him as he probably really was,a manipulating politician/warlord not interested in the people only his own glory.
Darkness won.  I'm sorry.  Its the world we live in.  For now.But that's ok.  Nothing is forgotten.  Keep your pocket of goodness clean.  And whole.May it keep you safe.  There will come a day of days.  And those are the days worth living and fighting for.May God bless you all.
Maciej lukas
Rose Of Cimmaron
Love this video ...thank you
dan shanahan
Strange land is a brilliant tune.suits this show so much
The best TV series EVER. Game of Thrones sucks
Paszko Rymbaba
Still kicks ass!!!
hathor isis
love this video great edit like all your videos they are actually well put together very professional great quality would look good as a special feature in a robin of sherwood dvd or as an extra on a clannad album good work glad the video is back
Gam A
Robin of sherwood now playing on ITV ENCORE Season 1
Britain is a strange land indeed right now. It needs another "Hooded Man" Dont ever forget,  Never Forget, And dont run in the wrong direction.   .Naseer is an Arab! Take it on board,  all of it! OK its a tv show, but it says something about humanity. 
Allen Morrison
I grew up on this here in the U.S. Loved this show!
Udana Ariyaratne
Watched it early 90s for the first time. Still can remember how much I was excited and tempted. We were waiting counting the days to the next episode as it was shown once per week in every sunday 3.00pm in one hour children’s program called "සිප්යුරු රසාර" sipyuru rasara broadcasted on SriLankan national television.. Still have nice memory with the background music and all characters
Ok then I never saw that "movie". But I still say that ROS was a really awesome show.
Trü deau
Robin Hood will always be the best version, ever. But BBC was his closest.
Heinrich Gänseklein
This video touches my soul. I´ll never forget this awesome series. Thank you so much for sharing.
Jacek Szewczyk
Fenomenalny serial wspaniały klimat cudowna muzyka genialna gra aktorów nic dodać nic ująć.Majstersztyk😊.Pozdrowienia dla Wszystkich fanów serialu
Daniel Puki
moje dziecinstwo :D
for myst
Paszko Rymbaba
Najlepszy serial mojego dzieciństwa. Najlepsza wg mnie płyta Clannad. Ciarki przechodzą, gdy się tego słucha
Arthur Phillips
it's time we stopped running and did a crappy spot on emmerdale farm!
Marcey Christiansen
I watched this series on PBS ....a long time ago... I recorded it on VHS tape.... Long Gone... Thanks for bringing it back!!!
Masterpiece. I can’t describe how emotional this is for me. My childhood when I was 11 years old boy living in Poland. I had a privilege to meet Ray Winstone during filning Sweeney in my workplace. We met in the lift I looked at him . He said “All right mate”. I couldn’t say a word . Something admiration can be just a silence. Few days later I asked him to sign for me 3 DVD’s ;Scum, Love honour and Obey, Sexy Beast. Certainly the best interpretation of Robin Hood. Mysterious,magical, unforgettable. Nothing can be forgotten
G Evo
this music was scarry when i was 10 in the 80s
The best Robin Hood series ever made, it's repeated now and again on ITV3 or ITV4 and I love it. Take your modern remakes and shove them up your ass cause you aint ever beating this series lol. A perfect combination of actors, writers and musicians at the right time, in the right place. it can never be bettered or even equaled.
Yeah, actually no one took on role and perception of Normans in Anglo-Saxon society and the times of takeover. I wonder why English still don't analyze this fascinating phenomena. One can still see Swedish/Norwish influence in genetics on English streets as well as saxon/celtic types. This is a key point to understand UK!
RoS was THE definitive Robin depiction! Shame the Goldcrest film co went bust - that's why the last episode doesn't look like a "finished" ending. The writer and surviving cast are unlikely to revive the programme, either.
Hooray for a new video, and an awesome one at that...really wonderful editing job. so great to watch.
Great movie. And great job of yours.
Robin of Sherwood, is indeed the best version of the hooded man legend, ever made! It got a soul, a flow, wonderful scenery, music, and great actors. Masterpiece! -Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten.
I agree. They dont make tv programmes like this any more. There's something special about this one. ROS got its own Soul.
True! Today, sharing all these memories from from the series makes one feel really great :) I watched this when I was a kid, and then it was buried somewhere in my subconscious, for a long long time. 20 years later, when I rediscovered it, all the memories just overwhelmed. Nothing is forgotten!
Belida Uckun
Wonderful wonderful music! Just now getting into the show here in the states via you tube and loving every minute of it!
hathor isis
this video vanishes a lot glad its back again its one of my favourite ronin of sherwood videos on you tube nicely put together
RoS was from ITV in point of fact; but I garee, I love RoS, yet still enjoy the new BBC series, but RoS is majestic, nothing will ever top it.
NOTHINGSFORGOTTEN- THANK YOU!!!!(U have not idea how big plesure you give me;)))
@Juha71 Jason Connery's character was Robert of Huntingdon. (as well as Robin Hood before some smart arse says it).
@Beaveratu Do you mean the ones with the helmets or the ones with the skeleton masks? The first are the Knights Templar and the second are the Hounds of Lucifer.
I stand corrected! :)
I beg to differ. It wasn't "one of the best Robin Hood interpretations". It was THE best!!!
Robert Addie, not Mark. You're thinking of Mark Ryan, who played Nasir, and as far as I know is still alive and well.
@TheNeopagan Too true!!
Lajko 666
I watched this series when I was young. It was dark an it had some pretty good ideas. I remember the scene with 4 apocalypse horsemen till now. Recently my friend downloaded it, but I finished with 5-th episode. Wish I was fourteen again...
Kevin Callaghan
magic music by Clannad&show classic show great actors scripts.producers.directors. everything. best show on robin hood onley one in my eyes.
Amazing song, Clannad made a wonderful job and the director of this video was able to capture the essence of the mysticism portrayed in this amazing series. everytime i listen to it i fall in a deep state in which i feel i can remember these ages, where maybe i lived in past days
search for a "youtube to mp3 converter" in google, i cant paste the link here cuz it is not allowed, but google what i just told you and enjoy :)
Absolutely brilliant! Takes me right back to when I was 7 and couldn't wait for saturday afternoons and this show (and lovely michael) to come on. The music and clips fit perfectly!
-"GISBORNE! WHERE ARE YOUR MEN?!!!" -"But my lord, they are dead."
Very well done. *sigh* that were the times...
Thanks! Though I meant where the song itself came from (DVD audio?), since the soundtrack version is a few minutes shorter.
Great video... I was wondering where the extended version of this song can be found?
Pēteris Klamāns
great job dude . many thx to you (y)
Where did you get the extended version of the music track from?
Rhonda S
One Word - Excellent:)
Tomcio Paluch
PURE, fantastic Clannad
Picked up the complete series on DVD in Virgin Megastore in New York a few years ago for $10. Couldn't believe my luck. Guess they didn't know what it was. Don't know what they've missed
Picked up the complete series on DVD in Virgin Megastore in New York a few years ago for $10. Couldn't believe my luck. Guess they didn't know what it was.
Luk Sky
Greatest movie, not american shit
Breathtaking!! I had thought no one would remember this series...I so loved it when it first Aired. Your attention to detail & timing are wonderful!! Clannad is such a wonderful group!! Yet, I haven't heard of any new albums in a long time!! I played this particular album like crazy. Together We,Marian,Scarlet Inside...they all were stirring tunes & I often found myself contemplating what it must have felt like to have lived in that Simple, Magickal & Dangerous Place in History. Well Met!
NFG-That really is a superb piece of work on your behalf! Brilliant selection of clips, beautifully edited-absolutely fantastic. Many thanks for your efforts! RoS set a Gold Standard that remains unsurpassed. Frankly, it makes that BBC nonsense look like a bad pantomime! :)
@2manynegativewaves That evidently means 4/5th of land is NOT owned by people of Norman decent. Your point is irrelevant anyway, over the last nigh on 1000 years, the gene pool has been well & truly diluted. So what if some land is still owned by such people? I don't see many of them on horse back giving the 'surfs' a hard time of it. You might as well argue that most of us have a relative guilty of rape, afterall, many of us are related to Vikings!
@2manynegativewaves What a load of tripe........
Wspaniała muzyka! "Matika" Pospieszalskiego, parę motywów z "Janosika" , Lorenca i Korzyńskiego. I ścieżka z robina a ten kawałek szczególnie. Najbardziej klimatyczna muza!
Adam Welton
Go to King's Clipstone in the ancient County of Nottinghamshire and stand upon the little hill by the ruin, and know the two thousand year history through all your senses. Look for Jodi Govan, my kinswoman, and ask her the way to the past.
I wonder if the real Robin Hood from the 12th century could have ever dreamed his legendary status would still be alive and well in the 21st century? Amazing feat.