The Outsiders (1983) - Trailer

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The Outsiders fanmade trailer. Enjoy! Take into account that this was made in 2008. Put on youtube in 2009. Songs used: "Mad World" by Gary Jules; "Ezee Tiger"; "I Will Remember You" by Sarah Mclachlan. "Ezee Tiger" can be found on Composer is Nathan Matthew David. ***SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read the book and would like to, I suggest you to not watch this trailer until you're finished. I made this years ago, and I didn't take that into consideration. It was actually a tribute turned into a trailer.

Brianna Narick
7th graders UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elena Garot
Are all the people reading The Outsiders middle schoolers ? Cause I'm a middle schooler and we just started reading the book 1 week ago
is anyone laughing at the song too thinking about vines
Ben Schreier
lol i read the whole booking thinking "soc" was pronounced "sock"
Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold.
Vanica Estillore
our class is currently reading this... oml i already have a crush on ponyboy and my friend has one on soda xD I wanna see this movie so bad now
merary paramo
Ponyboy is hella fine just like I thought
Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leafs a flower, But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. R.I.P Patrick.
Katherine Boatman
I'm reading the book currently, so badly want to see the movie afterwards!
m p
Read this book a year and a half ago I read it in school again about two weeks ago. You do not know how much I wanted to spoil the in for everyone. BTW movie is not as good as the book
Luis Avina
Reading this book in my class
Valeria Vera
only the cute boys are ponyboy and johnny
Catherine Smith
I'm obsessed with Dally omgg SOO hot XD
Kaitlin I.
Why does Pony sound so tough? I want him to be a kid
Gaby Torres
Ponyboy and johnny are smexy!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍😳😳😳😳 I read the book and I'm gonna finish the movie tommorow in reading class! btw 7th grader! 💁
Kalli Cox
Theresa Reid
Current 7th grader reading the book outsiders. FYI: Way better than the movie :-)
Patricia Yahye
Rip dallas and Johnny luv tha greasers always will love u Matt Dillon and who ever plays ponyboy
Devil Hunter
am I the only one who just clicked to see soda?
Kelly Davidson
I am in 8th grade and we are reading the book about it Ana then we will watch the movie
How is it staring mar Dillon? That's stupid. Ponyboy is the main character. The whole story is his essay for school. And he is shown in it more than dally. It should be staring Thomas Howell
Man, Ponyboy is so hot.
im reading tis book English class, its awsome, we will Watch the movie afterwards, im such a cheater xD
Twilight M
reading this book in school right now
Leyre Gallo
Best Book ever
Adri T.
everyone in the comments: I'm reading this book and I'm gonna see theories at school😄 me: DAMM JOHNNY DON'T YA DIE ON ME FUTURE HUSBAND
This is my most favorite movie in the whole wide world.
my class just finished reading this book and we get to watch the movie and we have a "sock hop" where we get to dress up as either a greaser or a soc
i just started grade8 and we are reading the book when we are done the book we are going to watch the movie
lynn miller
I remember seeing the movie when I was like 4, and I found the novel in my sisters old room. Amazing.
Lyniss Barnes
That was an awsome movie
Jelly Bean
Ponyboy looks like Harry styles
Jahara Payton
I'm reading this book right now in class and I can't wait till we watch the movie
Kate Swift
aaahhh the book was A-MAZ-ING!! my class and i are watching the movie next week and im so pumped! of course, all the guys are fine :P
Emily Robichaud
I'm surprised there hasn't been a remake yet I hope there is
Israh Daniel
My teacher told me we would read this book and we haven’t even started and I’m already watching the trailer 😂
I read this book, it was really sad I almost cried ;(
Steve Campo
I've been trying to find this Ezee Tiger song everywhere and nothing. Not even Shazams got it. Anyone know what this song is or where I could actually listen to it
Michaela hornby
I'm reading the book in class
Cerys Drinkwater
They showed us this in school and we all laughed at the beginning
Alondra Orduna
So I read this book with my whole class and reading teacher and it was such a good book. Can't wait to watch the movie.
Alexis Perez
I'm reading the book I just came here to see a little part of it
Gloria Joy
2k18?? I'm OBSESSED with ponyboy 😍😍😘😘😥😥
Ashley Ibarra
We're barely reading the book and were gonna watch it the movie after . The book is really good
marijuana jones
Who else wants a remake in 2018 or 2019
Hailey A
Lindsay Chasen
Me too just read the book. I loved it. Watching it at school!!
Apple Pie420
Favourite movie and book everrr. Such a classic
"I will remember you"? Really? lol
stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold
Le Muffin
The book is awesome
Is it just me or does this song have all the iconic meme music.
F dL
So almost everyone in that town is freaking good-looking. Yay for the diversity in the casting.
Serina Balderrama
my class is reading this book right now and then afterwards were going to see the movie
Erik Bedard
The movie is WAYYYY better than the book.
Nathaniel Welchert
Dem ending feels man
Catalina Ospina
I think the book is better than the movie
oh man! this movie is R rated, because of the violence, and i am reading the book right now, in grade 7, after this i AM watching the movie!! it seems to have the same parts from when it shows the kid, not spoiling his name walking with a girl, not saying her name! ooh i AM watching it, even though its R rated :3
Anyone know the soundtrack of this trailer? I am in LOVE with it.
Gary Garcia
Reading this in english, gonna watch the movie after
7th grade squad where you at
Lb Girl
What song is in the beginning?
faz vlogs
u forgot the other 3 sodapop steve and two bit
Sorry but this is no trailer first off no movie trailer spoils the main plot in the trailer itself this is fan made
Is one of the best books i have ever read
Lillian Vlogs
Ms:Robinson’s 6A 7A 8A dpa
Ohad Avni
what's the name of the song at the end?? shazam found this - zyden - contraband, and at the first time he found snow patrol. will look 4 it on itunes...
Giselle Gallegos
Stay gold outsiders stay gold I love the movie and the book like if you agree
Diego Zamora
el trailer dice toda la pelicula, yo lei el libro y dice TODO
Amazing movie, and what a cast, granted they were all young but its like hollywood A list all throughout. Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise, Rob lowe, The Karate Kid, Matt Dillon, Emilio Estevez and directed by Francis Ford Coppola.
This movie is still so punk to me. My people
Kalepi -Bleh
I want to finish reading the book so bad but... You saw this trailer and I'm only on Page 58
Oh Yeah Yeah
pi b
basic bitch
literally this is what i imagined when i read the book wtf
sky the fangirl
i can't help laughing at the song playing in the beginning cause it's a meme now but i love this movie
also "starring" tom cruise
So much young talent...and Ralph Machio.
Kali Forner
Nothing gold can stay.....I had hung on to this and a few other favorites and when I came home from the hospital they were gone. I still have the paper back. Do it for johnny!
Michael Trosak
This gives away the plot way to much, but still a great fan made trailer!
Its ya boi :D
Skylar Clarine
Anyone else watch the movie first then decide whether they want to spend the time reading the book or not? The only unfortunate thing about me deciding to read The Outsiders after watching the movie was that I had to cry twice.
Panda Kook
Can't wait until I finish reading the last 3 chapters of the book in English class so we can watch the movie
Kira Matos
That trailer literally gave away the whole movie.
Lilly Grzybowski
Shelby Hall
Johnny's death is my favorite and least favorite part of the movie and book same with Dally's death
I was reading the book and a teacher at school said it was a movie so I searched it!! I cant believe theres a movie
lol someone said I look like ponyboy heck nah 😂 the Mexican version
Gianna Velazquez
Elife Ceper
The story/ book almost was The essence of being Young in the 80' s.
You guys realize this is fanmade right? This isn't the original trailer.
just finished reading this book today.i'm going to watch this movie now : )
Kat'n' Rainbows
I'm reading this in one of my honors classes .....
Brian P
When you got movies like Tom Cruise in them, you can't lose..
Nice trailer with good music .... but... that's not the music that goes with the movie. - Fail.
Sharyn Goukd
My boyfriend and ponyboy are practically identical it's odd
Rachel Garton
Love the movie better than the book pony boy is my fav
Naila Kamana
Is there actually a real trailer of this movie?
Jordan Black
the outsiders should have been named stand by me & had the outro song . I think that fits this movie more
Hanji Zoe Ackerman
reply if u see yourself as a greaser or a soc, me i see myself as a greaser, and I wouldn't change a thing.
Grace Elaina Vickers
My childhood crush was Ralph macchio (Johnny) I cried so bad when he died!!