Ip Man 3 Bruce Lee fight scene [EXCLUSIVE]

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No cigarettes were harmed in the making of this film.
WOAH! 1 MILLION VIEWS!! Nice job guys,let reach for 1.5 million views! ;)
Best anti-smoking ad ever
Jayjay Bernardo
He is literally beating cancer
Marko Polo
I stopped smoking because of this scene.
Marcal Bell
talk about kicking the habit
"Now pick them up"
Bruce was kicking the.... WATAAH!!
Billy Batson
Too bad they did not explore this great relationship more... They keep teasing this story line.
This would be great as an Anti-Smoking ad.
hieronymous blackmane
now that's what i call an anti-tobacco campaign
Paul Rogers
I didn't know cigarettes made such a loud noise when the hit the ground.
this was amazing the first time i watched this the guy who played bruce did a good job.
Jack GoldHang
This is actually a anti smoking commercial advertisement
Zenzi Sage
The real Bruce Lee began learning Wing Chun from Ip Man when he was 16 years old, and passed away when he was 32. Danny Chan, who plays Bruce seeking Ip to be his master in the movie, was 40 at the time of filming.
Mony Nhem
*I bet after the scene, Donnie Yen was thinking, that's a waste of cigarettes.*
Ann Heron
cigarettes don't hit back
Bryan Bueno
That's one way to... kick the habit
John The Nice Guy
"Fight scene" yeah he sure showed those cigarettes and that cup of water who's boss.
nicholas lalnunsanga
i wish the real Bruce Lee was in that movie..
Should be an anti-cigarette commercial.
Joel Rosario
If Bruce saw this, he'd turn in his grave.
Hoopy Frood92
I'm glad they're...kicking the habit.
Looks like Bruce Lee helped Ip Man... KICK his bad habits trolololol
Gouthaman.S Shanmugam
If the plan was to insult Bruce Lee... You did a good job... :-[
Yaxye Ali
it's funny cos I really need a cigarette right now and tea. to see it go to waste is really upsetting me ip man I challenge you to a fight and the other guy.
That's not Bruce! He didn't take his shirt off
Shah hery
Be like water😃
Kroposman 230
Ip Man is my new favorite troll
"Very good, i shall accept you. Now go to the shop and get me some cigs, buddy"
box of boxes
all the emotion and story telling in Ip Man One just got dragged out the window of the top floor by this scene.
its funny how they made donnie yen look old
Mitchell Hannam
The cigarette waste is real!! Ahh it hurts!
Kenny Tee
1:51 - WATAAAA!!!!!
Phức Hiệu Bích
And your first lesson... Clean up all the damn cigarettes!
Covert Bee
is wing chun good to learn?
I have to Sneeze
Cigarette fatality
Jesse Anderson
I know Karate, Kung Fu, Wushu, Tae Kwan Do, and at least a half a dozen other dangerous words. :D
Hank Prescott
He... killed the water...
John Gomes
i don't get it Bruce lee was not even born when ip man was this young
Joy Choe
This would be the perfect anti-cig ad.
Ok, Is it just me who doesn't get this, why is this title called Bruce Lee fight scene? ? Bruce was showing Yip Man his skill, timing, and speed plus his accuracy. No fight, misleading to get views!!!
Kennedy Gomes
Melhor propaganda anti -cigarro da história.
Sean Kent
Best anti-smoking ad i've ever seen! :)
Kevin Martinez
If my pack of Smokes and Bong water ever rise up and attack.. this is the man we need.
cotorro granboca
I would've said " ok I take you as my disciple, but you must first pay your entrance fee up front for another pack of cigarettes
It's not a fight scene. It's click bait
nelson manzanares
Cigarettes don't kick back.
After hes like ..."you owe me 5 dollaz for them cigs my boy" lol
Abd-al-Haq al-Haqiqi
tears in my eyes & goosbumps when he said i will be your greatest disciple
Clorox Bleach
the real bruce lee wouldn't have needed slo mo and specail effects
Rigiro Karuma
Sanji? is that you? XD jks
This could be mistaken as the greatest anti-smoking ad ever!
If Lee could do all that he wouldn't have gone to train with Ip Man in the first place.....
I'm curious. From a purely filmmaking point of view, how did they actually achieve the slow motion effect while having the actor seamlessly integrate his actions to affect the cigarettes' movements? Can someone help me with this? I'm a budding motion designer trying to figure out how they achieved this effect so I can use it for my school project
Badaboop Badabeep
There's a water station near my place called "Wattah! Station" and on it's sign is Bruce Lee holding a couple water bottles. Hilarious awesome shit.
That choreography of the cigarettes is amazing!!!!!
Raymond Mai
How to be Bruce Lee Step 1: Kick Everything Step 2: Repeat Step 1
Nick Peng
Science can stop looking. Wing Chun is the secret to not aging.
Rascal Racoon
I'm with the force, the force is with me. I'm with the force the force is with me. I'm with the force the force is with me.
sakthi ganesh
Wasted a pack of cigars! :P
Why wasn't this guy casted in the new Bruce Lee movie?
This was honestly a pretty stupid scene...
Jonathan Ramos
I see he gets a kick out of it. So this means hes kicking it old school?
Josh Tyler
"Fight scene"
The true bruce lee would beat the shit out of him in 0.1 second.
giammy 8690
this is how everyone should give up smoking :)
Tobias Eastman
how is this a fight scene
Ip Man: ...I was just trying to offer you a cigarette...
Forneverworld Official
Ip man vs goku would be epic fight
월리 cs
Bruce Lee working at stopsmoking support center.
I like that they made it obvious that it was Bruce Lee but weren't his fighting noises specifically for show?
I guess the Ip Man movies basically decided to give the middle finger to historical accuracy altogether. Bruce Lee was a teenager when he trained with Ip Man, and Ip man was really old and frail then.
be water. kick the water.
Good method to defeat your smoking habbit.
Welington Mattos
Well done! Smoking is bad to the lunges. Ip Man died due a throat cancer. Bruce Lee was the fastest man in the world.
Trino Ponce
good camera trick... too bad none of it is real...
this should be a commercial for not smoking
Jose Pina
It would have been cool If Bruce Lee was still alive and played the part himself. I'm sure he'd still be kicking ass today.
I feel like Bruce Lee kicking some cigarettes would be a better anti-smoking ad than the bullshit they have going.
Nega Goku
I learned my skills from IP man too
Cigarettes are expensive then food in England. British government will be happy to see broken ciggarettes in the parliament to make a joint .
Craig Harrison
Why is this showing a muscular, trained Bruce, making noises he said he only made up for movies and showing off martial arts skills if this is supposed to be BEFORE he started training? Bruce was a skinny 12 year old when he started training with Ip Man.
Matt Gray
I was watching this, and i knew i'v seen the actor of that guy Sui Long before but didn't recognize him, i completed the movie without realizing that was fucking Bruce Lee...
Prashant Kumar
why brushlee was making a lot of noise during kicking the sigrets
Fun overload
Lee kicked the water but his pent got wet 😂 karma 😎
In reality Bruce lee are more strong in fast than her Master Ip man.
Most people don't realize that Bruce surpassed his "teacher' by a hundred fold. Ip Man in his prime would have been turned inside out by Bruce. In truth, Ip Man was more of a mentor to Bruce Lee than a "teacher," showing him the philosphy of martial arts. But, when it came down to actually breaking bones, Bruce was almost entirely self taught, developing his own martial art style. That's not a jab at Ip Man. I'm sure he was a great martial artist, but Bruce Lee was unfathomably strong and skilled once punch a tree so hard it turned into a book and the pages were filled with screams. It'd be unreasonable to expect ANYONE to be even close to his Bruce's level.
MGTOW Black Pill Br !
Munto bom mas cigarro não revida ! só os fortes entenderam kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Y uno que tiene que andar pidiendo cigarro
Bruce lee has no mercy for cigarettes
Now I want a cig
The Yangsta
Bruce is fast as fuck, but Ip is faster
Anfernee Clarke
bro, I need that turtle neck that bruce is wearing. The man always had style.
Jamiel Pridgen
Omg!! It's true! Bruce Did cure lung cancer!!!!
How to say no to cigarette..
John Dodd
I say empty your mind
lol every single comments bellow is hilarious
talk about kicking the habit lol
ass holian
742 cigarettes disliked this video