Life as Bristol Uni Student FAQ | Accommodation, Freshers, Budgeting

In this video I discuss some FAQ relating to issues such as choosing your accommodation in Bristol, what freshers week is like, fears of homesickness and budgeting advice. Accommodation - /> Contact me: Email: [email protected] Website: />Instagram: />Twitter: /> Music by Chillhop: />Bonus Points - Pizza and Video Games />Listen on Spotify:

Megan Macgillivray
I asked to be in a self catered, single room in clifton. I was offered a catered shared room in stoke bishop which is out of my price range 😂
Sophie Leonard
What's university like for someone with autism?
Lewis T
Just got my offer lol I’m so happy
Bristol TV
Love it. We'd love to show this on Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?
Soso Mia
hi Olivia i am so happy that i found your channel because i've always research this type of degree and never found it . actually i'm from France and i've always wanted To study in England and do science but thé problem is i don't know how To do that and also how much does it cost and if they Will accept me even i'm from France. By the way i will pass my baccalauréat so the last exam of high school but i will do a year of science in France but how can i go To Bristol To do your degree to become a research in medecine? thank you
Pang Engchanil
I like you ur videos. I was a graduate student there two years ago. Woowwwwww I love watching Bristol through your clips. They give me a nostalgic feeling. Love it!
Prajit Baruah
Hi, I'll be joining Bristol Uni this fall, but I'm an international student so I haven't really seen the campus that well. Could you make a video of you just walking around the campus and the city. Thanks!
Leviosa Lily
i’m going to bristol uni next month! definitely both scared and excited
Are there international students? On average, how many are there per class? Do they fit in easily?
Footy Updates
Is politics courses good in Bristol? Great video👍
Thank you so much for this video! This was really helpful!
Thank you for making this video - very informative x
Bela Fernandez
So informative! loved your video ❤
Lily Woodland
I’ve had an offer to study History at the Uni and I’m sooo excited that I’ve stumbled upon your account!
Chandler Jeon
Going to do geography in Bristol in this September! Got into Unite House:) Hope I can see you there!
Samantha Hynes
Hi loved the video, I was wondering if you found it hard to settle in considering that Bristol isn't a campus uni, did you find it harder to make friends, find your classes and settle in compared to somewhere like Durham were the facilities aren't spread across the city?
Alice Thompson
Thank you so much for this video! Was a nice treat after a day of revision :)
Sadi K. Oagile
10:52 lol home is in another continent for me. Keep me in your prayers!
Chris Fernando
Thank you so much for doing these vlogs! I've been trying to find a Bristol Uni vlogger for such a long time! Hopefully, I will be attending Bristol this September, and I'm so excited! Just wondering, what you think of Hiatt Baker and Manor Hall because these are the halls I was thinking of applying to. Also, if you know, are you given a bus pass to get to and from the university if you live in Stoke Bishop? Thank you so much! Keep the videos coming! :D
Hi! I was wondering whether you actually use the physical textbooks that you bought at the start of the year? If not, do you think it would be better if we used an online/pdf version that could be accessed from our laptops?
Jean-Xavier Guichard
Hi Olivia ! I need to tell you that your videos are just great. Really, I'm an Erasmus Student and like watching these get me even more excited about the year I will spend there. I was not really specially aware of this "fresher" week thing (as we unfortunately do not have it here), and it might sound silly but I was wondering if this also concerns the international/erasmus students ? Thanks for your video and your time !
Xx_FaZe_Rolf_xX l
u live in oxfordshire lmao never wouldve guessed
Just got an offer from Bristol (yay!) and my biggest worry is accommodation... I've heard that a lot of people don't get their first choice and I'd LOVE to be in Clifton but I'm worried it's so oversubscribed!
Isa Bella
Is Stoke Bishop really that social? I want to apply for Wills and I'm not a big party goer :/
Nuwan Salvado
You are beautiful
The Next Chapter
Please make some more book related videos as much as I'm enjoying these videos I really miss your book tube content to
lolly young
hey i have some questions regarding the biological science degrees at bristol. what are the course hours like for sciences? what are the examination questions like (eg. essay/multiple choice/short questions)? I really enjoy learning about bio but i dont really enjoy practicals, how significant r practicals to the degree? do u have to show up to every practical? r they hard? what is the coursework like? what r the lectures like?
Matilde de Sousa Antunes
Heyy do you know anything about the Psychology there?
Atinuke Sijuwade
Is it ethnically diverse
Nicki Donat
I am going to study at bristol next year and i honestly have been shitting myself when it comes to money, do you NEED a job when you are at uni? And what was the first day like in your accommodation?
Hannah ‘
Is Bristol good for languages??
Ahmed Al Darwish
Thank you so much. I'll be an international student this coming September. I'm doing my graduate studies at the School of Education at University of Bristol. Your video is truly insightful. I hope there are international students there, too.
Hey i have an enquiry about the entry requirements medicine, it states chemistry and another science based subject could that be maths instead of biology? I know it sounds really lenient but it would be helpful for advice. By the way I just found your channel, as i am interested in University of Bristol and i instantly subscribed. Your really genuine and helpful with the content you create.
simranjeet singh
Medical Messenger
I just discovered your channel and I absolutely love it 💖. I visited Bristol Uni for a STEM taster day in early April and I fell in love with it. Would you recommend reading any scientific books to do with biochemistry/biomedicine that is a good introduction and that you could put into your personal statement? I've recently read When breath becomes air and I'm in the middle of reading The man who mistook his wife for a hat. Thank you 💖
Emily Kim
how many classes do students usually take at one time?
Explore English With Mr. Pachauri
U r v intelligent...
Zarra Aulia Natasya
hi olivia... ur video is great !!! im from indonesia, and im very interested to be international student and Britol University is one of univ im going to apply my scholarship..... to my postgraduate program, im very glad if u share more about bristol !!!! thank you for ur video its very usefullll :)