KISS " Midnight Special " [ 4/1/75 TV complete appearence ]

" DEUCE " " SHE " & " BLACK DIAMOND " - Recorded live for Burt Sugarman's "Midnight Special" television show. This appearance was one of the few promotional attempts to keep the band alive during the "Dressed To Kill" period. "She" included Ace's guitar solo. It and "Deuce" were broadcast when the show aired on July 11, 1975 (show #124). "Black Diamond," with a repeat of "Deuce," was broadcast on November 28, 1975 (show #141). "C'mon And Love Me" was never broadcast (Gooch, Suhs - KISS Alive Forever). - The video of "Black Diamond" is included in stunning color on the "Burt Sugarman's The Midnight Special Legendary Performances - 1975" DVD. On the "KISSology Vol. 1" DVD the video is in black and white, though "She" is in color.

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Young, hungry and ready to rule the world. Ace is on fire Gene is possessed, Peter's singing like a champ and Paul is as good then as he is now.
Jacob Flores
KISS was in KILL mode back then...
Ray Becker
Oh man...I remember this. I was 12 at the time. I probably negotiated the next six nights to bed early just to stay up and watch this on TV. Nobody and I mean nobody saw them coming. They just came along and destroyed everything in their path. They were HUGE right after this. If ya didn't have a Kiss shirt, or dare I say a Kiss lunch box, you were abused. This was when life was cool. I'm a lucky sob because I experienced all of this incredible music. From late 60's to late 70's will NEVER, ever be topped again. Hanging out in a friends garage with incense and blacklight posters and playing album after album. It was that good.
fste de
Ace' guitar was amazing for this period in Rock...Critics were absolutely wrong for blowing KISS off like they did! Nobody sounded like KISS at that time! Bruce Kulick earned his keep but Tommy Thayer is an actor portraying Ace Frehley...
Thank God for Youtube. Its great seeing Kiss in their prime. Ace was freakin' awesome back then.
Garry Harville
KISS was on fire. This was when they were still hungry and not long before they conquered the world. They were well on their way.
tom adkisson
I am 49 yrs old, and this was when KISS was an excellent rock band.....not the commercialized "thing" they have now become!
don barlow
One Good thing about internet. These old concerts brought back to life again!
Ray Snut
1975 was a great time to be a teenager. All those great bands. Album oriented rock (AOR) Radio. $5 for a lid of pot! Those were the days. Thanks for posting this.
Ziggy Moondust
Back WHEN KISS were real!
Tom Sitton
nothing but noise
Ace was such a fuckin' kickass guitar player!
dennis n
Aces leads and power cords were awesome. Cant imagine what they would have sounded like with a different lead guitarist. What a great era for rock & roll.
Peter Criss was a pretty good drummer back in those days. The level of cheesy gimmicks in this vid is hilarious!
Steve Steele
Listen to Ace's solo from 8:15 - 8:30. That may be the best playing I've ever heard from Ace. Not sloppy at all. Especially good for 1975 era guitar playing. Peter's singing on Black Diamond! And he's smacking the hell out of those drums. At this point it was Ace and Peter bringing the intensity musically. This is how they won the fans over in the early days who weren't sure about the makeup. Gene was visually great, but made a lot of loud mistakes! And It would be another year for Paul to become that great frontman/singer. Kiss is sorely missing this kind of passion these days.
Ace is good for real!!!
The real kiss and real kiss sound!!! What happened???
Kerry Lee
Very loud, very aggressive for the time. Awesome awesome clip. Thanks for uploading!
Mike Mathieu
Ace is two handed-tapping. It's 1975. This early line up was so fucking good I'd put them up against ANYONE. Zep, Halen, Sabbtath...They were better than those bands. Period.
pat strat
kiss kicked ass and that's all there is to it.
Ace was really rippin' it those days ... he definitely had talent ...
Alessandro Salis
the scratching voice of Peter Criss was the best.....
Gary King
The shows were always exciting. Paul was great at showmanship.
Mark Scully
kiss was one of the best hard rock bands of all time fireworks and make up aside. absolutely no stage show could compare but the music they created up to unmasked can go head to head with anything past or present.
Antonio S
Ace is awesome my 1st concert 1976 kiss and now I'm going to see Ace again in two nights in Tempe Arizona
Jack C. Lamb
Say what you want about their musicianship...this proves, in the early days anyway, that they were working hard to make it big...before the fame, fortune and fighting got the best of them (like A LOT of bands)... KISS were unique in their time...
Benjamin Ward
Looks like Kiss were the first HeadBangers.
God damn, those early years they kicked so much ass.
the first guy I ever saw tapping... ace.. ace ace..!
lady space
in case anyone's wondering why I love KISS...
Jim Lahey
ACE !!!! Not the best technically...but he is the best presence on stage ... its not Kiss without ACE. Anyway you can tell how hardworking of a band KISS was !!
David T
EDDIE, turn on your TV, i found the two hand tapping method you are looking for... your cousin....Marty...Marty Van Halen
Brian Novotny
Ace is killing it here.......
marshalls and ampegs ...kills
Tommy Graham
Always loved the way Peter belted this one out! MISSED!
Virginia Harlow
Memories are made of this....:)
This was the real kiss. Not that fake ass half a tribute band touring now.
Epic. Any person that is or wants to play in a rock and roll band should watch this repeatedly. It's a band that's hungry, loud, explosive, raw, badass, theatrical, and dangerous.  Everything a rock and roll band should be!  And they played as a UNIT too. They were a true "band" at this point!
Jeff Smith
Seriously badass for 1975...
Royce Williams
They're just absolutely on fire, probably at the peak of their career here, in my opinion. Because it was right before they really got super huge, there's a hunger and fire here that stems from their smaller club days to really impress people, where the stages got a bit bigger, but there still was an intimate almost one on one type of thing that got lost when the venues got larger. The shows were always well coordinated and orchestrated after this, but there's something about the "what if?" type drive that makes them so good at this time. Sometimes the chase is better than the catch.
Ja Mo
Completely 100% BADASS! that is all.................
Becky Mcdonald
My hubby still has his "Official Kiss Army" card from back then. lol
kevin medlock
And anybody who says KISS' music lacked and could only be appreciated live is just hatin'. Man they wrote some pretty good licks, rhythm and lead, especially back in the early years.
all 4 original members made up the sound;and look of kiss.
Jane Strange
Kerry Lee
They sound absolutely amazing. Very loud, energetic and hungry.
Hah! 40 years ago, mid-70's, there I was, a young, silly 11 year old kid staying up late at night on Fridays and Saturdays just to watch Burt Sugarman's Midnight Special with Wolfman Jack and Don Kirschner's Rock Concert just to see all of these wild, new, young rock bands tear up the airwaves back then. They inspired a young, impressionable lad like myself, as I'm sure they did to so many others. The band's posters literally carpeted every square inch of my bedroom walls. My parents thought I was crazy. I had huge dreams of growing my hair long and violating a loud, distorted, electric guitar through a set of Marshall amplifiers cranked-up to "10" hoardes of screaming, frenzied chicks tossed themselves at my feet in an act of lustful subservience. Boy, did that never come true. Hah!
Hillary's emails to Lorne
Peter always found a way to accentuate Ace's solos! the two played AMAZING together.
Mike Nemeth
The audience looks like it's doing a collective "what the hell?" Kiss was so bizarre when they leaped into the scene. Following the New York Dolls, which few ever heard of, and Alice Cooper as far as the face paint goes. But this had a Zep-style impact.
m range
That's a good raw version of Deuce. You can see the Sean Delaney choreography school in session
Scott Reed
Pete could play then. What happened?
Chris J
All four of them sound absolutely great here. Really lame crowd though. But KISS was just breaking big at this time weren't they?
Charles Hanes
where they just the baddest Fu&cking band in the land.
Vernal 69
Now THAT was the KISS I knew and loved back in the day. Even today I'd imagine the crowd would rush the stage after a performance like that. Throw in the lifters and lasers and it would be all over... Great performance.
Seriously...WOW!! That my friends is rock n roll!
sam torres
I never get tired of these old performances. They are full of showmanship. That is almost a lost art these days. 
Valter Santanna
Peter destroying his drumkit at the end of their performance was incredible to see!!
I'd want my ankles strapped well in those boots...
lightning 7474
Almost 40years ago that rocked. It still does today.
Jesus Frias
Dam ace shredding those solos wow he gets to down
D. Duna
When KISS was hotter than hell.
Maurice Labbe
Ace freely was the mayor lead guitarist how come he doesn't get much credit strange?? hmmm...
Doug Tull
Ace Frehley! Sloppy player, but better tone, grit and feel than any of the more technically-advanced shredders. Notice his tapping--1975.
In 1975 i took the Buss downtown to buy Dressed to kill. I couldn`t afford the buss home so i had to walk 8 km home...being 9 years old np. It was my 3`d LP. Piledriver-Status Que & Razamanaz-Nazareth was already in the collection. I remember me and my friends putting on "make-up" and making kewl looking guitars in cardboard/playwood and hockeysticks. We didn`t pretend to be Kiss. We were Kiss !!! Mike in Sweden
Face Man
the first time I saw Kiss, they opened for Blue Oyster Cult, I was twenty-three. I am now sixty-five and still no one rocks like Kiss in the seventies
Meshuggah Fan8675
Really incredible to watch actually-especially for tv-One of the first rock bands to feature all the band members doing their own lead vocals! And how about the elevated drum riser!!!
Meshuggah Fan8675
Hard to believe they got away w this on tv-wow-She alone-Gene's gestures etc...
Denny Smith
I wish I was in front when Peter kicked his drums off....
mark detl
What a fucking rock and roll machine they were back then before the look and stages got out of hand. The perfect combo of a great look and bare rock and roll stage.
Scott Jaffe
alright cowbell!!! (on black diamond), who's responsible for getting that up in the mix so good? Most live recordings (featuring a cowbell) definitely need more cowbell.
Francois Mayer
at 7:40, one of the heaviest stuff I ever heard. raw and pure !
Est Cruz
The evil smile on Gene's face back then faded away in later years like their intensity. Kiss rocked like no other back in the day, but like many bands who eventually go down a different road, they did too. Theirs was bigger flash pots, more lights, lifts, and sadly even disco. The rawness and intensity, not the mega lights is what defined a hard rockin KISS. Mucho respect for all their hard work and for all they contributed to Rock n Roll, but for me it is their early stuff that kicks the most ass.
Michael Hull
I was at the Sacramento concert in August 96 it was AWESOME I couldnt talk for two days due to constant screaming I looked over at my wife and kids and they were all staring with there mouthes open in wonderment seeing their normally reserve Dad/husband going crazy it was unforgettable
Bernie Skibinski
the greatest band around in the day, use to dress up like them at halloween,
stan danley
Kiss , what else can i say the band that beat the beatles and stands with the likes of sabbath and zeppelin ace's style is almost identicle to page's they could probably even pass for brothers if it weren't for their accents
Steven Spence
This is interesting...over the years you hear some folks refer to KISS as metal and perhaps there are some connection to metal at a level or two, but to me they play good ol' American straight-ahead rock and roll. Something you don't hear now hardly at all...pity...
Tat tood
Holy crap, I'm pulling out my old stuff tonight...!!!!!
Don Matejek
Even then...I remember seeing this... and the hate that Stanley had for Ace and Peter...probably cuz they were not Yiddish...even Gene gave them a pass. Stanley...get over it and move on!!!
The one and only!
damn!!! peter vox on black diamond!!! stellar
Dan Zabo
I seen Gene on the Mike Douglas show in their early days with that same get up on. There was an old lady on the show and she pointed out Genes big schnozzola out on live t.v. She said something about him being a good Jew boy from Brooklyn cause as she said his nose was the give away. Funny stuff did anyone else see that show?
kevin medlock
During the Ace solo Gene is holding back a huge, proud smile!
Revenge Of The Moon
Awesome performance, this video is a classic for sure! KISS Army veteran, baby!  I think this is the best KISS video I've ever seen. The ending is great, except for the fact that it's the ending. They were so tight at this time, all of them in their prime. Thanks. The whole Peter Chris thing is BS, that guy was obviously a big part of that band. His singing talent, performance skills, he could sing a ballad, and have the power to lead vocal on Black Diamond, plus set the beat for all of those KISS songs we all know. Ace too. I actually stopped caring after they were gone, for me, it was over.
And TV made Gene keep that stupid tongue of his in his mouth, thankfully.
This is a really hot performance of SHE. The entire band is great. Gene never performed better than he did during this period.
One Man 1970
Back when you actually had to play your instrument to be famous...#!!!
Bazooka Joe
jett peters
Rock n Roll was getting boring... Then along came KISS !!!!!!!!
Satans Fat Cat
It's impressive how Paul can dance around in those platforms
Wow. That performance showed a ton of effort. I was into the live albums as a little kid, and liked the music. I'd never seen video of them in their prime. That was a great piece of entertainment. No wonder the became the biggest band in the world.
Richard warren
I always knew they had the best guitar band and all three was a great mix, and it took all four to make this magic, not one, not two, not three.With or without the costumes they kicked ass.
quarter jukebox
No way tommy who ever and eric  are  better than this.
As much as one can appreciate Flip Wilson, RIP, this intro is just not up to par, given they were The Hottest Band In The Land!!!
God Gave Rock and Roll To You, Kiss might not have written it, but it's also their anthem theme song since despite the falling out, each member is proud of the Kiss legacy for different reasons, or shared reasons, but I feel the fans are part of that Army Family as well, to me, it's a life long appreciation
My wife was asking about "Triangle Man"
Most amazing live take ever when they were still the original old time KISS. This is the music that made KISS a legend, not the stuff later on that the 12 year old kids liked.
Bojo Mojo
pretty precise stops and starts in black diamond for a drummer Gene says cant keep time...