Need for Speed Payback Official Gameplay Trailer

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Как попасть за руль автомобиля, который перевозят по пустыне? Смотрите наш трейлер игрвого процесса на EA Play и узнайте, как работает команда из нашей игры. Узнать больше: /> Наша команда (Тайлер, Джесс и Мак) узнала, что Дом перевозит машину с особой технологией, которая спосбона положить конец господству картеля. Вариант только один: угнать авто, добыть технологию и нарушить планы врагов. «Ограбление на шоссе» - один из самых зрелищных эпизодов одиночной кампании Need for Speed Payback, которая рассказывает историю главных героев, борющихся с картелем Дом. Подпишитесь, чтобы увидеть игровой процесс Need for Speed Payback: /> Need for Speed™ Payback будет доступна на Xbox One, PlayStation 4 и ПК через Origin. Дата выхода: 10. ноября 2017 г. Доступ к пробной версии EA Access «Играйте в числе первых»: 2 ноября 2017 г.

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slow-motion on every car crash? I hope there is a option that you can turn that off,because it sometimes gets annoying.
Cyanosis Misos
Need for Greed: Paycheck
Boom Bang
We need NFS Carbon 2 and Underground 3
Need for Speed underground 2 is still the best one
Hank Anderson
No wonder why it's called NFS Payback, the game is so bad that EA should pay us back.
John Doe
Everyone is wondering how people are upset. People are upset because when we play a need for speed game, we want it to feel like a need for speed game. I'm talking about games like NFS: hot pursuit 2, NFS: Most Wanted 2006, NFS: Underground and Underground 2, i'd even consider NFS: Carbon to being on this list. People want the physics that those games had. You know, where when you were faced with a turn, you had to actually slow down and take an apex. People don't want burnout physics in their need for speed games. And i'm not bashing on burnout, burnout is great, I just wish need for speed and burnout were separated. I don't know, maybe i'm part of the old breed, which is a laughable thing to call myself because i'm 20, barely an adult, may as well still be a kid. But i'm clearly not alone when I think this. Even if EA just re-released the games I listed above, like not even remastered them, just threw them up on Origin and went "Go nuts I guess" I feel like it would be better than these games with burnout physics. Anyways, the game isn't out yet so maybe everything I said has no base, but by the looks of the trailer and gameplay, it looks like we'll have another Burnout game re-branded as a Need For Speed game.
0:22 mustang sound ohhh
Trevor Philips
I was thinkin uf EA should make a New NFS called NFS MOST WANTED :RAZOR REVENGE. That would be so sick
You go through ramming all those BMWs and your Mustang is still in mint condition?
Jax C
Can you people just appreciate a game that has a lot of potential, instead of throwing a tantrum about how you want carbon or most wanted 2?
Fastest truck ive ever seen in my life
Medal Mold
The mustang made of the same medal as wolverine ?
Gaming Rex
the gameplay is almost like nfs hot pursuit 2010 just there r some more features added n storyline is different
Dark Danny
Ankush koundal
Fast and Furious: The Game
Instead of another open world game, I would like to see a more modern track racer by NFS with the same format as Pro Street, starting from the very bottom and building your way up. Some might say that Shift did exactly this but, the issue with shift is that it failed to capture the grind that Pro Street had. PS made every race and race day feel important to the progression of the game, whereas shift basically threw cash at you, making any future car purchase feel worthless and empty, like you did nothing to deserve the car/upgrade. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with these open world heist/pursuit games, they just aren't my cup of tea.
Why isnt this game in Steam?
davy mugs
Need to bring back split screen off line for when you have friends over...
there is none like nfsmw and nfs hot pursuit.amazing soundtrack
Victor Coman
Early gameplay reveals should be for: -giving some ideas and looks of how the game they are going to play is going to be -hearing suggestions/dislikes/likes. Some things that I don't like: -Turns -The UI -The NOS Making turns should be smoother. It seems a bit too sharp to me and I don't really like it that much. I don't expect much from the UI for now, since the game is still WIP, but it still looks a bit empty and boring. How about a darker texture for the speedometer, just like in NFS Rivals? If the environment is going to be sunny and hot most of the time, then I think this would fit just right. And no, I didn't forget about the night time. The numbers and symbols on the speedometer should be flashy, just to make it look fancy lol. I would also like the speedometer to actually have a shape of a real one, more like the one in NFS 2015/2016. The NOS in here looks like it is from a crappy mobile racing game. The flames should be shorter. The field of view while using NOS is a bit too big. At least make the cars go farther from the screen, and make it feel smooth. Some suggestions: -in the future settings, give the players an option to toggle through car crashing camera, some might want it, some might not -make some, not all, civic cars spawn looking dusty, I think it would be awesome as it would bring more realism to us, imo -bring back canyon duels from NFS Carbon, but this time, as there is a real fight going between the group of Tyler, Jess and Mac and The House, canyon duels should be about trowing eachother off a cliff. The participants from The House should be important/high ranked people, one being it's boss, I don't really know of others. Or, how about something better, bring back most of the things that we loved throughout the whole NFS franchise, one of them mentioned above. Anyway, the game looks great, or just the desert environment for now, it really gives me a feeling of heat, that brightness and all. Love you NFS! Keep up the good work, give it your best at making this game!
David Herrera
nfs gets worse every year, now we have a diamond car with 10000 kg of weight that can destroy other vehicles with only touch them
Huma Khan
Make a clean version with no bad words or any other inprooate stuff (sorry my spelling is bad)
Ankit Gupta
NFS also need to add other country also,like china India Russia etc etc...Make game more interesting.race with different rules and regulations of different countries.also include old car of other countries..Etc etc....Plus with nice soundtrack and affordable game play(mean run in any computer,minimum requirements should be least) atleast next time game should run on my office pc or home pc.children can play this game in his DAD pc or laptop. Like they do with phone. They play pubg in their father phone
Osama Saifi
شكرا على استعمال اللغة العربية :)
Wow I expected Vin Diesel saying something about family in the end
Nobody has still mentioned that you might be able to switch characters, like in GTAV.
Damber Thapa
This game is for android or pc
This should be fun
satyabrata barman
Graphics and stories goona be awesome but taking down of villans cars looks so easy
Alan Loewen
I wouldn't be surprised if the cars turned into a transformer on the next trailer...
Keane O’Brien
Can we all just take a moment to realise how lightly he hit that car at 0:40 and the fact it still went flying 🤔
Looks Great! I Don't Play NFS Games That Much... I Only Have Most Wanted.. Is There Like A Freeplay Mode Where You Do Anything You Want Like In Most Wanted? Ik I'm Stupid.
Gamer Wess Mk3c
vFreZzY -
This Game is insaaaaane!
lil pepwe
you takedown a car, long slow motion, back to your car, you crashed.
Bike Life
Most wanted 2005 reamacke #English
learn share
Only on A.Games
2:35 Do you notice the Mustang's stripes?
Fifa Beazt
Need for Speed Underground Remake
cyberpunk 2099
Everyone complaining about fast and furious influences should note that need for speed had fast and furious vibes from underground in 2003.....
good game your channel is best
Amazing game man!
dean mashowa
that mustang made of vibranium
Zem Rok
was ein scheiß...nur oberflächiger müll. Die Crash Highlights zerstören den Spielfluss soll ich mir darauf ein runterholen wenn ich in Zeitlupe sehe wie ein BMW mit 80 mph(128kmh) gegen einem Holzmast fährt und nur die Motorhaube hochspringt? Zumal die Fahrzeuge alle leer sind? Dafür 60€? lächerlich. Für den stand der Technik und was möglich ist hätte ich mehr erwartet
Garon Moore
Need For Speed: Battlefield The voice acting made me gag.
ToyerToys Review
its nice game
exciting song /اغاني حماسية
Its So So COOL The best NFS Version
Aidan Brewer
‘Tis is cool😎😎😎
all in one
this game cannot beAt the blurr effect of need for speed mw 2005 still the best game in nfs series best game in the whole childhood
All we had to do, was follow the damn TRUCK, CJ!
Master Penguin
This game had serious potential, what the hell happened? Oh yeah, EA! That's what happened!
Pause at 1:02. WHERE THE REGERA GO
2018/2019, let me play it on nintendo switch, please......🙏🙏🙏
shujan nath
nice game
Ninjatrosity TV
This is slowly turning into fast and furious
The Vanguard
Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 is still the best NFS game.
Balwinder Kumar
Game konsi aa
nasir walker
I love this
Stamatis Stabos
hey electronic arts we need next generation road rash stop making need for speed noob!
Excuse me but you got some video in your explosion.
Vladut Codreanu
Commando Master
Mustang GT is not faster than a semi-truck!
Gaming Manushya
Czarek Kubuj
Need for Furious Theft Auto 9 : The Crew - this is how should be this video called
BM Marcelo
What does The Highway Heist look like in the final version?
emanuele de pasquale
Molto bello delle ilvideo delle ilgioco
Blue Shadow
OMG Graphics😐😶😶😶
remember the old days playing Need for Speed
• Banana •
I’ve played it, and somehow a stock cop car ALWAYS catches up to me EVEN IF i have one of the fastest cars in the game
Arop Biong
who ever was playing is cool
sushil mahapatra
Also subscribe to Pankisson 4 she also makes videos like this and she is pretty and 9 years old so please hurry up
Santo Joystick!
Downgrade for Speed
where's my dra gone
Fast And Furious 9 official trailer
Møhim Førever
Nice graphics
Online freeroam?
Rck skull
Burnout takedown?
Bishnupriya Pattnaik
need for speed 2003: So you want to be a street racer, huh? need for speed 2017: GUNSHOTS SCREAMS EXPLOSIONS need for speed 2020: ENEMY TACTICAL NUKE INBOUND
Sea Music
Good ....
Haziq Azlin
No online multiplayer??!! you're digging your own grave EA and Ghost...
Billy Chrisnada
Just remake NFSU and MW with frostbite Engine Ea
test1234 test1234
I'm the only one who like the game? :v
jak zminienic kategorie auta w tej grze w sesie np. z driftu na drag
Game is trash can you Payback our freaking money what a scam I bought this game thinking I can play online like every other need for speed but no went to game stop can't even get my refund back 😐
артем петров
такие гонки уже надо на телефоны выпускать
Bring back the classic NFS.. High Stakes 2 would be real interesting I think.
Berkant Ari
The reason I don't like the new NFS games is drift physics. Come on.... What is that? We want old car physics which you can't drift that much.
Худшая часть NFS
Num3 S3cr3t
This game is awesome i played it.
Santos Ventura
Do I need internet to play this game? I only want offline mode like the old need for speed games
free fire gaming master.
I need more parts for cars, it's too much for ask? Please take a look to Underground 2, BOTH ARE YOUR GAMES EA AND YOU CAN'T INTRODUCE MORE PARTS FOR CARS THAN IN 2004? REALLY?
Grim Mauzer
от трейлера аж мурашки по коже
Marios Rousogenis
love you need for speed
Mehmetsalih Tanşu
Sen çok güzelsin ama benim ekran kartım gta vice city kaldırıyor
M1 suell
Novo escrito
Pe Ha
So, you're driving a tuned Mustang GT with nitro and you can hardly catch a long and heavy loaded truck. Nice one.