Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown-The Blues Ain't Nothing (1972)

1. Sad Sad Hour 3:51 2. You Got Money 5:46 3. My Time Is Expensive 4:31 4. Slow Down 4:55 5. Taking My Chance 6:18 6. Just Got Lucky 3:53 7. Deep Deep Water 10:07 8. Goin' To Chicago 4:17 9. Dirty Work At Crossroads 4:47 10. Here I Am 3:25 11. New Okie Dokie Stomp 2:37 12. Piney Brown Blues 5:04 13. Hot Club Drive 7:13 14. The People 4:38

guess I'm probably the only Chinese fan in here
Jeffrey Moore
Totally Amazed. This is some of the best classic Blues! Thanks so much for posting this! Authentic.
good stuff...i definitely have to pick this up somewhere or another.
Marc Isaac
I got to know Gate on a personal level he played at at a club next door to my salon at least once a month .....he always knew that when I walked in to the club I was going to ask him to play ...Sometimes I Slip...........he always played it for me....thx Gate
Mogwai Combo
The great okie dokie Blues legend Gate Mouth Brown GMB
Dennis Willmott
The MASTER of phrasing!
Thomas Boss
Das ist mal was...Super
Pedro Damian Machuca
increible, es un idolo para mi ...
Nebojsa Savic
thank u 4 sharin all this
Ivo Fikar
Thx guy... I love it... :)
François Sky
C4RL0S P4R0D1 bs as
un bluesero de la pm
Pia Salvato
RIP my Blues Brother Clarence
What an LP!
Derek M. Theriault
jan athmer
This style of playing influenced JJ Cale.
kukuh djatmiko
Regina Pereira
Bernie Dollery
Great Suff. However the album could not have been released in 1972 as some of the tracks were recorded in 1973...
Salvaje XY
Segundo dime los títulos de dos o tres novelas que hayas leído y te parezcan geniales
David Austin
Rock on
Christian Heymann
They jazz´n the blues & got a baby named rock & ROLL ; ON
Gabe Harper
MJR Lormans
Easy listening blues 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸