Falco - Vienna Calling (Falco Symphonic Download Video)

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Super! They do not anymore do music this good... MFG aus Finnland
Amarina E.
I never liked German language but Falco has made me want to learn it just to be able to sing along
Falco war wohl der Typ mit dem besten Style in den 80ern :D
On such hard times for real music, i miss you Falco!
All of these people are more genius and more talented in music than JB, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars etc. But the rest of world still loving 1D!
Clemens Lucas
Music like this we never can hear again :( Bester Österreicher der hat wenigstens das erreicht
This song makes me happy to be alive.
listening to these i'm really sad that in these days there are no more musicians like him
Ich bin 23 und finde es so schade das ich damals leider viel zu jung war um seine Musik wirklich schätzen zu können. Heute würde ich einiges geben um ihn mal auf nem Konzert zu erleben. So unendlich schade um ihn.
Dominic Hehle
Das war noch Musik! Ein must have in meinem Auto ;)
Jamie N.
RIP Falcon !! The true reincarnation of Mozart!!!!
friedrich duschl
fantastic :D VIVA AUSTRIA :D
So sad I didn't get to see him playing live.
Milan Kolarski
Much better than London calling :D
and Kanye West just keeps on breathing...
No GEMA anymore^^
Daniel Thaler
I don't know what it is exactly, but there has to be something super special, and there is, about an Austrian (Vienese yet) rock star and rock band/orchestra. First of all they wouldn't tolerate even a triangle player who didn't attend some musik conservatory. I really don't know what it is. Different from German groups or rock stars, who are great too. I think it's the influence of Vienna. Rock, pop or whatever, the classical influence just cannot be ignored.
Andreas Walliser
He was one of a few people who are live as good as studio.
the inexperienced opinion
Holy shit that was awesome
Die Rechtschreibkontrolleurin
I wouldn't have ever thought that there are so many ppl from different countries here ✌
Vladimir Holmes
Falco the best. Russia calling!
Maria Teresa Gonzales
dancing to the beat! bring back the discos in town.
R.I.P. Falco. :( R.I.P. My Youth.
ander rock
perfect sound
Надя Цветкова
so sorry he's gone
FALCO lives with his MUSIK FREVER,...
Jaskiran Gill
I am Indian Punjabi but I love all falco songs. He was such a legend.
William Holmes
I was 7 years old when I thought, who is this Amadeus singing genius..lol... Wish he was still here to tour around the world and east coast of U.S.A....Miss you falco...
Antonio Bubić
He is a legend forever :))
Vienna calling... This is another best meeting from Falco's songs and Classic music... I like it!!! R.I.P. Falco...
Gerry Dunne
Pure class
Beáta Vámos Povzs
Ich hörre jeden tag in radio. Danke Falco.
Андрей Витальевич
Rest in peace,Falco!You was good!
Gilberto Munguía
It's a shame that Falco had died only 2 months before I was born. But now, I consider he was one of the best singers I've ever heard.
Bergbau Hansi
Lief gerade am SWR3 80er-Tag.. Das erste Mal seit Ewigkeiten, dass ich Falco im Radio gehört habe ^^
Aror EclecticMusic
De Austria Mozart Strauss Schubert Mahler Falco... Vienna Calling!! Falco Love you From Venezuela!!
Adam Wedlock
That is brilliant. Any idea which year that live performance was?
Gary Smith
The date inn 98 6th Feb I'm an Aussie .I was big fan and still am -from my heart . You were 1st among equals -thank you RIP the spirit never dies..
Mario Irving
The only reason to be proud of our Austria ! He was the best and he still is !
Audrey Clince
the more i listen to this man the more i realise what a loss he is, no talent like him out there anymore, god gives genius then takes it away early as usual .....what a gift hans hozel has left us still though, thank you falco xxx
Simply Esme
This is another one that was taken all too soon from us, and such a tragic and senseless death RIP Falco, you gave us the greatest memories :(
paul arthur
God bless Falco RIP
Ryan Tam
no malaysian radio station plays falco thats sad 
Eduardo Garcia
Viva Mexico,Viva Falco....VIVA AUSTRIA...!!!!
anyone knows who was the drummer in this gig?
Che spettacolo ! Splendido !!
Zorani x
the best of austria
Emir K
Where was this concert?
Hugo Fonseca
temazo..........grande Falco.....¡¡¡¡¡
Falco rocks, gone well before his time.
christine Disciullo
Vienna is fantastic. Go to Salzburg as well. You'll love it
Das gefällt Ihm!
Oscar Rios
FALCO...por favor regresa ....tu música hace falta....punta arenas chile
I'm going to Vienna. Others have said to just make it a day trip. Not much but the Hapsburg shit to see?
Pilar Pangkasank
Mercury Passport
tanja kivimäki
love love this:) rip falco
Begoña Garcia Romo
lo mejor en su genero viva Falcooooooooooooooooo
Humble Evidence Accepter
Vienna was calling; London was calling. Ahhh... the 80's!
Gaspare Ressa
Awesome live!
M gdhse3
missing you great music!
Ed Wackrow
man crush
Vicki Reynolds
Falco , you introduced the world to the wonders of Vienna . You were the Rockidol with Flair !!!
I bought the 12" of this and it had a kind of coach tour of Vienna with Falco as the tour guide. The tour eventually stopped at a Falco concert and led into the song. It was fucking brilliant.
the King
very good song one of the best I ever heard good beat nice chorus great music
I'm having a drunken retro rampage on YouTube... awesome!
Koleszár Dániel
That girl at 1:40 oh my God!!! Sadly but manifacturing has stopped in the 80s...Oh, I am in Love...
Linus Morgenstern
R.I.P. Falco
Samuel L. Meyer
Johann (Hans) Hölzel stage name Falco, died of severe injuries received on February 6 1998, when his Mitsubishi Pajero collided with a bus on the road linking the towns of Villa Montellano and Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. It was later determined that the bus driver was speeding, for which the driver served three years in prison. At the time of Falco's death, he was planning a comeback. He was buried in the Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) in Vienna, Austria.
Nicolae ND
John F
Falco »Du kannst auf mich verzichten, nur auf Luxus nicht...«  Dürrenmatt: »Nur das Leben hat uns getrennt« ;-)
Falco Forever! Zoveel energie. Falco is en blijft voor mij echt helemaal geweldig. R.I.P. Herr Hölzel. Zoals zoveel artiesten die te vroeg sterven en daardoor onsterfelijk worden.
martin reisner
wer ist der drummer?
Victor Best
2014--The brilliant Falco ---Superb musician and singer-- RIP
Alejandro Aguirre Martín
siempre me parecerá el mejor músico europeo a pesar de que soy metalero y de europa del norte han salido muchos grandes del metal
Valerie Austin
I think Falco looks like Craig Ferguson here.
сергей молотов
It's the fuhrer!
peter jurkovic
style and class
Max Rebo
Something tells me the title was partially inspired by London Calling from the Clash
Feti Fee
absolut great
Светлана Рыбникова
Falco-das ist fantastisch!!!
reinaldo cardenas
my favorite song...........................
Jurgen Ibro
Echt Klasse Lied! Falco, eine Legende!
i don't understand a word he's saying but still i love the song !!!!
One of my favorite songs by him !!  God I miss that incredibly talented, sexy guy!!
Thank you Vevo for bringing this into my life!
that aint falco, wombo combo
James Wright
Pure intellect...great entertainment...too bad that he is no longer with us..RIP my friend.
Eduard Laser
Wie konnte er es 2008 singen wenn er 1998 gestorben ist ?
Alen A.
Leutl'n sprecht deutsch! Komm selber auch aus Wien
marvellous feeling listening to this when abroad and thinking of Austria...
das ist gut musik
Okay keine Ahnung warum ich diesen Song so liebe, aber ich höre ihn jetzt bestimmt schon zum 100sten Mal an diesem Tag.....
its me
i always understood vienna congo
Roxy 007
I think it‘s really cool because so many of the people who wrote something to this video aren‘t german or austrian and don‘t understand the whole song but still like it!!👌🏼👌🏼
Max Veilchenfan1911
Falco immer einer von uns ein Veilchen 💜⚪️💜 Wien nur du allein 🇦🇹👍🏻👍🏻‼️‼️
herbert hernandez
lo mejor que alemania aporto en los 80s