Robin of Sherwood - Robin vs. Little John

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From series 1, episode 1.

Robin Hood of Sherwood ros Clannad Little John

Aizad Izziddin
Greatjon Umber? Is that you?
donnchadh mcgrath
the first two episodes were also broadcast as a movie.
Pqiptes Dana
Ive been looking for this movie for the longest time, i haven't seen it since i was little :) Thanks for posting, im in my glory :)
Knowing Clive Mantle, now it's likely to be a "pound" symbol on his chest!
macco sneezingsparrow
"Possessed by an upside-down star scribbled on the chest? Anyway, Robin will wipe it off - - - ." I think this scene is very funny and excellent, and one of my most favourite sequences of the Robin of Sherwood series. Macco xxxxx