Split 2016 - "Kevin Wendell Crumb" Scene HD

Split 2016 "Kevin Wendell Crumb" Scene 1080p HD Enjoy!

Marcelo Zanetti
If you want to watch a certain movie scene, just let me know, I'll try upload it ;)
Genie Hossain
“EVERYBODY just TAKE a MINUTE! oooooh baby guuuuurl” Barry was my favorite
Shades of Midnight
James deserves an award for his acting in this scene, definitely Oscar worthy!
God, could you imagine knowing you have a mental illness and one moment you fall asleep on a bus, the next, it's years later and you've killed multiple people, like nothing in-between that, you just mentally walk back into that. That immediate realization that Kevin had, when he already knew that he was dangerous and told her to get the shotgun. Damn good script writing, and very chilling.
Laura's Annoyed
I love Kevin's voice in contrast to the other's it's so... soothing and surprisingly calm?
David Jimenez
When he says "kill me" I felt so bad for him.
(3:37): I really like Barry. He was the nicest of them all.
Gabriella Shay
just give the guy a goddamn oscar.
N-word Jim
I actually cried here. I felt so bad for Kevin and all the other good personalities.
Wyatt Host of Sonic Alert
It's so fucking heartbreaking. He hasn't been himself for 3 years
William Darkhölme
I blame his mother, she is the reason why he has 24 personalities. A person responsible for Dissociative identity disorder. She is to blame.
Salman Memehood
then you realize his breathe smells like he ate your friends guts
2:47 The fact that he says "Kill me" twice, first with that hesitant inflection, almost making it sound like a question to her, then the second time with complete resolve, having come to terms with it. It's just incredible acting.
Kenny Moguel
That’s what David Dunn saw in Unbreakable...Kevin under the bed and his mom attacking him, or some type of other incident. When David was in the stadium and he bumped shoulders with a woman and she was holding her son’a arm very aggressively, go back and look at it, very very very very well done.
Seve Hynes30
So his split personality is so strong that when he changes his brain actually believes in the other personality so much that he can actually change his biological capabilities is that what's going on
it's remarkable how just one short scene of few seconds with the mother can explain all his personalities and Kevin's need for them: you have the personality obsessed with cleanliness so as not to make a mess, you have the personality he made to have a mother figure and also the personality he made in order to have something resembling a normal childhood
I feel so much sympathy for Kevin. He's just a very sick individual who, unfortunately, needs to be put down. It will make his fight with David Dunn an emotional one. Can't wait!
This scene always makes me cry. It's so damn sad.
Man, just give an Oscar to all of them---Best Actor, Best Actress/Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Original Score
Comixs Fan
When he says "Kill Me" I broke down... such a heartbreaking scene...
Kevin's mom is scarier than the Beast.
Bofa Deeznutz
"Its still September 18th 2014 right?" And his sad, horror filled realisation that it isn't was one of the best cinematic moments of the past ten years. To make such a hateable destructive collection of characters suddenly someone you immediately pity was incredible to watch.
Joe Leon
Poor Kevin he’s saddened but not shocked by his other identities actions and perfectly ready to give his life to stop it... until the others get in his way 😢
Alex Marshall
I've never seen the movie (but always wanted to!) but this scene is so cool, how he keeps switching personalities like they are all fighting to be in the spotlight. It's crazy to think people actually have this disorder and sometimes will even get lost.. like how in this scene Kevin asked if it was still September 2014, showing how the other personalities quickly take over and can take over for years. Also I felt so bad when he asked her to kill him because he just doesn't want to be the passenger in his own head
That scene made me feel so sorry for him. He is just lost and broken, the music was just awesome.
Penny for my thot
Patricia deserves oscar for best supporting actress
Poor Kevin
Spicy Noodles
James deserves 24 Oscar awards
IamPandora Bitches
Poor Kevin. Poor Casey. Poor everybody. This movie is depression on steroids and anxiety on crack. You can't win.
Jason Yuen
if you thought this scene was emotional, you should watch these 2 in Glass. brilliant acting and chemistry.
I'm kinda stuck on how it's his full name that brings the main personality back out, and the memory of his mom being angry. like, we've all been there. that's how you know they're really pissed off at you: when they use your middle name. it makes perfect sense, and it's really messed up when you think about it.
Stephen Leslie France
I thought I was strange for crying at this scene - glad to see others felt the same way. Mental illness is tragic. This is so well written, acted, and that music... Also, Kevin's tone of voice is surprisingly pleasant - as if he's made instant peace with what he feels is inevitable
Ethém Shallabdullem
It's so disturbing how the personalities sorta want to protect Kevin, they don't see him just as a body to use, but as a hurt child that is not safe in the world. But they don't realize that he doesn't get to live a life while they are "protecting" him.
his acting is top notch here. Oscars dont deserve james mcavoy he has transcended the very skill!
Calvin Coates
I hope that David can find a way to restore Kevin to the spotlight for good, but I feel so bad that Kevin may never be in charge anymore and the Horde along with the Beast will 'kill' him in a sense
Scott's Shots
I get it he's made a lot of stinkers, but Shyamalan is a seriously talented director. If he applies himself and there isn't any executive meddling...he can turn out something really beautiful. I swear there's a spiritual quality to his works.
Rangers First
This was master class acting james Really sold it here , in this scene you were not introduced to a new identity but you say just how dangerous of a situation she wa in. I know I know eating person should be enough But being an outright beast wasn't terrifying being man who allows the beast to breathe is more frightening
Nico Reveco
McAvoy doesn't deserve an oscar, the oscars deserves McAvoy
Héctor J. Ávila Hernández
I say again... the background music its Just like Silent Hill bravo!
Linda Zizan
this is the most sad scene when he said this is 2014.. see.. how long the others took his place tho.. 😭😭😭😭😭
The Horde
I know a lot of you guys love this movie for the plot, and so do I, but one thing that never ceases to entertain me is watching The Beast's physical capabilities. It'll be one of the main reasons I watch Glass.
Jacob Sherman
I can really understand why Kevin is what he is. He uses these personalities to escape his pain from his abusive mother. But now the Horde has taken over him. But he puts the blame on himself for killing those innocent people. Kevin deserved better.
Justin C
This film is incredible. On par with Silence of the Lambs. So poignant, and so many layers. As an origin story not many things can touch this. Kevin and Casey are tragic characters, and have a lot in common. She’ll definitely be an integral part in bringing down the beast, and one of the few who understand just how damaged Kevin is.
The Dupl-C
It is so sad scene 1:30
massive ria
uhm ik this is a sad scene but i found him really hot at 3:37 is that weird??? lmao
The Beast
One of the most compelling villains ever
This scene is spectacular. The way McAvoy switches characters so well. I especially liked the switch from Hedwig to Patricia. Its so subtle but you can immediately tell its Patricia just by a slight head tilt and adjustment of the towel. A cult classic for sure.
Derek Hamburg
that was a crazy scene
Nate nelson
Kainoa Fonseca
Wow the soundtrack is amazing!
The Horde:Dennis,Patricia,Hedwig
Sir .Driken
2014 holy shit thats how long hes been asleep
x Do Re Mi x
I ship him and her, in glass she was there for him so much.
This scene is amazing. It shows how Kevin has zero control over his life at this point and that he is just as innocent as the girls in all of this. He seems like such a nice guy. What has happened and what is happening to him is awful and this scene showcases that. All of the awards to James McAvoy for his acting in this movie.
Collin After Hours
one of the best films of 2017
also Barry is a favorite just 'honey? My name is barry,,,'
Love this music, too.
George Dawson
Was anyone else more scared/unsettled by the abusive mom scene than any other scene in the movie?
Dennis Reynolds
Too bad this is the last great film Shyamalan will EVER make. Glass was pure trite.
The way his voice changes mid-word between Orwell and Barry gives me the chills.
You have to feel really sorry for him at this point. You realise he never intended to do any of this cause Kevin was never truly there
Rylie Valliquette
R.I.P Kevin and the horde
I really like the music here. It shows that Kevin it also a victim.
3:12. I don't know why but for some odd reason I always picture Michael Fassbender saying these lines.
David gregson
This is my favorite scene, he is such a great actor, you really have to watch when he changes into barry, look at his eyes, facial expressions, he does an amazing job & makes you feel his characters pain/emotions etc
mcH town
This acting is astonishing!!
Im excited for glass! The horde vs David dunn
Andrea Rosales
This scene is everything
August Magee
"It's nice in the light."
Exist Outside The Box
This film was so brilliant
So he created his personalities as a coping mechanism to avoid the horrors of his childhood, now four of those personalities have caused the original to do something even more horrifying. What the heck do you do then, just give up? Will Kevin ever come back?
Michael Brown
I hope David Dunn gets rid of the Horde and puts Kevin and if not at least put Barry back in charge instead of just killing James Mcavoy (I don't know what to call him maybe ill call him split lol) ;(
Kevin Wemble Crump
The score is incredible
Megan Hiddlestoner
The way he said "Oh baby Girl*😈😩
Mark G
This is a very haunting scene just imagine you are on a bus and the next moment your there in a house with some random girl and your doctor is dead. Best scene in the movie James deserved an award beyond an Oscar for this movie.
Ava Lin
Its really heart breaking when Kevin tells her to kill him and the other personalties beg her not to because they dont want to die
krissy connors
I want a movie about Kevin when he was just a little boy and how the others became a part of him
Bekzod Abdusalomov
I've bet Kevin got brainwashed not only his mother but Elijah Price/Mr. Glass as well.
Paul Bean
Greatest actor of all time. Simply breathtaking
The music gives me chills!!!!
Molasor Rosalom
This scene is so chilling, then sad, then back to being chilling again.
Code Name
Only M. Night could conceive of a superhero movie series, begin it without telling anyone with scenes in place for the upcoming film, wait a decade and release the sequel without telling anyone and make everyone desperate for the next movie they didn’t know they had to see a year before it comes out. Kind is suspense.
Elise Culpepper
And the best ensemble cast goes to JAMES MCAVOY!
Nathaniel Gatewood
such a good scene
batface 101
it still blows my mind we only heard a few lines from the real Barry
Shmee Productions
This is the saddest scene for me in the entire movie
Lea Daniel
Kevin and Barry are beautiful souls ♥️😢 that acting though 😲👏
I hope we see more of Kevin in Glass, and not just the other zany personalities
Oh baby gurl❤💔😭
Terry Gibbs
McAvoy was brilliant
James McAvoy is a phenomenal actor
Sewer Man
My favorite movie of all time.
Dan Reyes
No ones allowed to make fun of me anymore!
I cried when Barry got control for those few seconds, dude just wants everyone to be happy and at peace
I wish I knew that background music
Mister Smiley
I wish we got to see Barry a little bit longer but the little snippet was nice regardless.
Tiểu Phụng Lê
And 2019 "Do you like Kevin now" Best couple 😢 😢😢
Johnny Wilkins
Granny: Kevin wendell crumb you made a mess come out here!