Cj So Cool - "Memories" (Official Music Video Extended Version)

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My first song with a real meaning 🔥
Get dis comment up to 20 likes if u miss blanco i was just cryingg 😢💔👊💀BUT I CAN RELATE CJ👀
ItsjustMike &Anderson
100 likes if you like the song
Golden _girls
If your reading this you are so pretty no matter what and you don’t t need anybody to tell you that your supposed to know that within your heart
CJ So COOL Friend
Pray for bloco
ky nicole
LEON A LITTLE ACTOR! look at him! omg.
Issa_ Domo
I like your song soo much😉✌
jaramiah lastname
Grandmom was sick of me her attitude was killing me. Flows. Fire flows.
Myrna Macedo
I like the Video its pretty cool
ItsjustMike &Anderson
I watch the song so much times that's how much I like it
Good kid trell .13
This song was decayed to blanco
Leon's twirl THO fireeeee
Jarell Lewis
400 like😉
The songs meaning is so relatable
Cordis Guzy
This music is fire 🔥 I love ur family
aaron flores
really great song and especially the beat good job CJ
Thatkidd. MJ_
All yo songs be lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Madjiguene Ba
Love the song it is good I like it
Lildrummerboy YT
not the first song with a real meaning all your songs have a meaning, but we all kno CJSOCOOL songs lit!
Latoya Bowman
this should be #1 on trending this is so fire
Faith Glover
Make another song
Nana Yusuf
This song is stuck in my head
Hollo_Sinister -
This is straight heat lit asfff
Sad Cat
I like the beat
1 like = 1 prayer for Blanco
Already on my playlist
mcrance 34
It has 666 views
It's Just Jay
Bianca Cox
Am I the only one having watch this
GamingwithstrawberryTY dear
300 like if u love Blanco😩😭❤️
Bernice Smith
This go hard 😎😎
Trevon Obrien
Omotayo Guthrie
I was dying when it Leon granny and he was cursing
Congratulations on 6 Million 💗
Butrus pranks
100 likes I’ll play this song on the Walmart intercom 🔥🤟🏽
Theblack samurai
My cloths was never fiting me
rom wolf
300 like if cj so cool is the best
Jamillah Ali
That’s fuego
yashwa gang
It's lit
D The crown
100. Likes if you team cj
Cj as the granny tho
Sushi Girl
Graet song cj
Enia Richardson
Half Anthony
I love the video and meaning to it❤️
Damani Jabari231
The best of New Zealand Singapore to get a chance can of New Jersey City and I
Jazz B
hi cj so cool
Hilenya Majok
0:35-0:38so 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😆😅😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rose Thomas
My little cousin loves this song so much he ignores everyone around him and every time it goes of he brings me my phone so I can start it again
When u die in Fortnite 0:02
Ra'Miah Fluker
Brooklyn and Camie
This was posted the same day I got with my boyfriend he really likes this song
Ka,veah Campbell
I like the song and it is lit
Ka,veah Campbell
This is a great song
1 like = 1 prayer for blanco 🙏🏽
Samantha Garcia
Every like is a prayer for blanco rest in peace blanco we all miss u with all of are heart we wish u was here but it is what it is love u blan🐶♥️
My clothes never fit in me granny was so sick and her attitude was killing me turn my energy to remedy this a remedies you should be sick the way I'm drinking on a Scentsy
Ka,veah Campbell
And I sing the song to
DeVanTE 165
Sheeshh Leon!!💯 (1:22)
Aliya St. Louis
Leon 1:20 😂😂😂
Olivia pierre
Cj I love all of your song and + you deserved 6MILL 😋😋😊😇
The Mock Show
300 likes if you like this song
TijanaRose Rose
My favorite song ever it goes hard 💵😮😈💥🔥🔥🔥👂
C⃠H⃠R⃠I⃠S⃠ R⃠O⃠S⃠A⃠L⃠E⃠Z⃠
Nice song👍👍... And btw since today's my birthday can someone thank me with a like and it's optional btw
lil youngboy
I saw CJ in the room when J k n turned they head
Sherri Rubin
I love the song
Mr Deadpool
Cj I wish I was in a happy family because my mom and dad are rude to me I'm planning to save money to go to my home Puerto rico o wanna run away
Kayla Steele
Leon look so cute in this
Diamond west Ramsey
1like=1prayer for blonco🕊
young savage
This fire to me you gone make it keep pushin
NBA Michael Reed
10 10 million likes if you'll love CJ so cool
Asanti Heard
I love this song
Abigail Smith
I love your video so much cj so cool
demarion dunning
i love your songs
ItsjustMike &Anderson
Cj is the YouTube that a always watch
Charlene Williams
That's not lit that's fuago
Lildrummerboy YT
good job Memories
Foreign Drake
one day collaborate with cj I live in Vegas to everyone like this so he can see this please
worldqueen3 plyamore
Granny beat my a$$
Jojo Pugh
Back in the day
Ok leon
Keke Brown
Love. Cj
Ayye Leon you got me dead at 1:20 Lmao
Rose Thomas
Gabby’s Vlog Life
Ohh I get it now Leon is the child version of cj and it’s telling his life then he grows up and still breaks rules gets in trouble then goes insane then gets where he’s at and starts remembering his life!! MAYBE idk I’m not cj lol
kashtheking 12
CJ you get let more and more everyday
Theblack samurai
The drip tho
meir spann
1000 like I will play it on the Walmart microphone to if I get 1000 like if you want me to do it 🤘💥 omg this is crazy but I am going to play it today at Walmart so get ready
Koki Ruiz
Cool song
GotTaBeDj Wingham
So cool 😎
Tiana Hewlett
Cj you know how to sing your songs is lit
othniel adouko
cj prank yore famle that lone the pc
Christian Greene
christian_greene_two I think I should get because I only have a iPad mini to watch your videos and my doesn’t have the money to buy a phone for me and I need the phone to call people like my family and I know your not reading this comment but thank you cj for inspiring me you the g.o.a.t keep posting please.🤪🔥
Enia Richardson
Brianna Wilson
This is my favorite song by him 🤑🤑🤘🏾
Theblack samurai
Angela Foxx
I love this song and I like that it is long because it gives me more time to enjoy .And 100 likes I will play this song out loud and jam to it at the park and tell people to dance.
ItsjustMike &Anderson
Nicholas Simmons
Y’all deadass like his music