Kanye West - Runaway (Full-length Film)

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In retrospect, maybe serving your bird girlfriend a turkey dinner wasn't a solid choice.
The Home Of UK Rap
We studied this in film class
Bilal Daoud
2019 anyone?
afro curly girl
This is my favorite music video to come back to. 2018?
Samer Brax
how am i just discovering this in 2019 ... wow
Rafael Santos
This really made me realise how ripped ballerinas are
New Breed
Doctor: “You have 34 minutes and 32 seconds to live.” Me:
Mr Man
gherallldo rivverieeraa
That dinner scene is pretty relevant to todays Kanye. The black community loves him whenever he fits the pro black narrative (white servants serving black guest), but will immediately discredit him as soon as he does something out of line to that, like bringing his bird gf to dinner.
Ofentse Mwase Films
This was Years ahead of its time.
Playboi ShOOta16*29
Man people are really going to regret what they said about Kanye one day
Mulumebet Yohannes
The whole film is one of the best moments of his career
The Plan was, to drink until the Pain's over. So what's worse, the Pain or the Hangover. . . . Classic Kanye
David Whitford
Got an ad for Drake: In my feelings. The difference in skill and creativity blows my mind. Kanye was and continues to be the most creative in the game. He truly is ahead of his time. In 20 years he will be remembered and praised as a prodigy.
Scott Farrell
Just imagine if everyone had Kayne's creativity. We'd be a different race
Ibsa Nura
This is America ain't shit compared to this.
Dude is a prophet. He foreshadowed how people would look at him with Kim. Damn. I just noticed that after 8 years when this dropped in 2010.
Graham Clayton
0:47 - Car is a Czech-built Tatra MTX V8i - only 5 were built in the early 1990's, and this black one was the only one imported into the United States.
Seriously tho anyone who says Kanye isn’t a genius is just ignorant. He’s always way ahead of the current time. Truly a remarkable person
Armchair Critic
Imagine a Graduation animated film 😍
Dang this made me fall back in love with the art of Kanye West
This look like something that would be made at this time not in 2010
Jared Ratliff
4:33 Kanye called out fake news 7 years before MSM. A true prophet.
Jamal Coimbra
Kanye is not a artist he is ART.
Spit Fire
Let us appreciate that they didn't censor this.
Yung Squidward
This is the most "Kanye" thing I have ever seen ever.
James Law
Don’t let this distract you from ththe fact that melon gave KIDS SEE GHOSTS a 10/10.
Scott Farrell
5:54 - 7:30 should have been on the album as an interlude to POWER
Christoph Nuzzo
Damn! He was saying don't listen to the news 8 years ago and no one was angry at him. Now it's pissing everyone off because he is a black rapper that doesn't hate Trump just because the news is telling black America to do so. I like the tribute to MJ, and damn that bird chick is hot 😎
Matthew Carrion
Do YoU KnOw ShEs A bIrD? Ya dont say
chion hughes
Russ somehow took an L
Joya Johnson
This song, this film, and this whole album really pushed the boundaries of what is "hip hop".
the college dropout
Ok who else cried because of how beautiful this is
Trey Hunter
The most creative, aesthetically pleasing videography of any musical artist ever.
King Lightning
Mbdtf is one of my favorite albums.It’s one of those albums that you don’t skip a single song.
Jack Torrance
Much better than This is America.
Maria The Ballerina
This film has so much significance and the lyrics in the music... This is his fairy tale Zip It Listen. He never stopped running for her love even after she left him that was the beauty in the relationship. He wanted no one else but her. He saw far beyond the bird, he saw what was in the bird and fell in love. That is why he says he never noticed she was a bird. He shows her his world and All of the Lights. He observes her every move and teaches her his right. She doesn't fit in his world because shes different shes a bird but he loves her that way. His only flaw is that he loves women's body to much but he doesn't love them, he just loves the sex. He just can't love anyone like her but he doesn't want to hurt her so he asks her to Runaway if she can't understand. No ballerina compares to the bird. Then he talks about their sex being so great he compares it to pornstars. They fight and blame each other. She teaches him something about his world what he does to pheonix/women he rips their wings, he plays with them, and they turn to stone, their hearts turn to stone. That is why she wants to leave/burn so she doesn't get hurt but he loves her he wants to save her for himself. He is Lost In The World without her. Shes His Everything. A love like Kim & Kanye no one understands but them. (Except maybe me Lol ! I went through every exact event so this is like my fairy tale too. I'm the bird and my Kanye was exactly the same LMAO !)
LCD drownd
You know one time I picked up this woman in a bar. We really hit it off and when I drove her home she offered for me to come in. It was an amazing night of hot love making. But it wasn't until the next day I realized that she was a bird.
Nick Richardson
I wish i was this talented. It really makes me wonder what im going to do with my life..
Adrian Rogers
Damn never knew kanye was always concious. He drops gems in his music that are messages to the people to come together and wake up out of this fake ass reality.
I was Blind but now I see .. STAY STRONG MR .WEST
K Adrienne
Kanye may never top this....
Pablo Garcia
I discovered this video this year and I'm glad that I did
Ronald Borrell
Kanye said that people say that he hasn’t dropped an album as dark fantasy and that he’s gonna prove them wrong with YANDHI.😶😶😶
jose Tavares
"The first rule in this life baby,don't believe ANYTHING you see in the news" #FACTS and still relevant today!! He a g.o.a.t
Careem Smith
When Nicki used to do that awful British accent.
Mr. Cleveland
HOLD ON!!! at 7:17 you’ll see a kid in all red with smoke! In the song Sicko Mode you’ll see Drake dressed in all red with the same red smoke!! Coincidence? I think not!
hiram monga
The actual message of this song was deeper... in short “he rescued the devil”
Tim Kruse
Runaway>This Is America
Nutella Noella
the lost in the world part is so beautiful
Cherish G
I love the bit where power is playing
This is probably the only music video I'll show my grandkids 50 years down the road.
popcorn pop
the story of corruption of innocence.. his muse that fell from the sky learning about humanity... the true other that doesn't know our culture who is then seen as a weird oddity.. who tries to assimilate..kanye realizes he is part of that group.. humans who seem to scofff at this oddity..and thus gives her the option that she is too good for this group and him.. 'a toast''. comforting his muse letting her know she isn't the problem but 'we' are. when dinner arrives and they are serving 'her kind' she loses her mind... as she realizes what her relationship to kanye 'man' is.. on the food chain.. where she was the muse.. she realizes on earth.. she is prey for the predator that is man. kanye wants her to stay while she wants to 'burn'.. man is selfish and she makes the decisions she wants to live and the world doesn't treat her kind right.. as kanye runs to her? or is he running away from the fire (what man fears most). leaving earth she is purified
Pete Sakez
Here after the “ye” album.
Joshua Hilton
Thought I hated Kanye till I seen this video
"Do you know she's a bird" "No I never noticed that" Lol fantastic
Ollie TG
everyone rise for the national anthem
Daniii Dee
His relationship with amber rose, how social media tried to ruin him, society, the government it’s crazy! I love Kanye!!!
It is 2019, this is the single greatest visual piece ever to be created in music. This was nearly a decade ahead of its time, Kanye is THE trailblazer for creativity and expressionism in modern music. A True Masterpiece.
Teddy Knapp
This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever watched
Lauren K3LISsa
Modern Masterpiece. I dare say kanye eclipses all other rappers. Award of excellence.
Don't pay attention to anything you see in the news.
James Willis
i honestly do not think any artist will reach a creative peak like kanye did with this album and video, truly ahead of his time, a genius
This album was a masterpiece.
Harris Meyers
Ye lowkey kinda fast
Smoosh Trill
Before the fame they say when Kanye stepped in the room you could tell he was destined for greatness
Steve Similien
5:56 is the best part of the video. I need this version of the song
Marco Yanez
8 years ago today this Masterpiece (MBDTF) was released, Thanks Kanye 🙌 Happy Thanksgiving for everyone 🦃
That turkey, reverse slavery, the hypocrisy of humanity. The human condition. "leave the monkey at the zoo" Are we such apostles of mercy? Why would a visitor from outer space want to stay here?
29:56 Ye is faster than 6ix9ine!
james Wynter
Reality is fake dreams are for real
kayla funderburk
All yall mf's late watching this
Nick Farinas
People say Travis is the new Kanye? Ain’t Travis got nothing on this guy and this was years ago!!
western province of california
Ok, I know next to nothing about rap or hip hop, and I'm listening this video because I heard his a legit artist and not just a douche. Is this right? Btw, never imagined to find Mozart's Requiem Lacrimosa and violin arrangements there. I don't know if I like it, but it was unexpected
Darrly Simon
I will always respect KAYNE creativity, TEAM KAYNE
Before Lemonade there was this. Oh, and in case y'all didn't know, the idea to drop an album without any promo was originally KANYE'S. #yourFavelovestoSTEAL.
7:12 oh look it's lil drake practicing for sicko mode
So Kanye didn't know he had a bird for a wife...lol this video goes deep
The patterns on the floor at 28:47 has a resemblance to Kanye's hairstyle at the 2009 mtv awards(where the taylor swift incident happened and where he walked around with a bottle of Hennessey). Lost in the world plays over this scene showing that at that time with the passing of his mother and everything going on around him, he was truly lost in the world of fame.
Hayden Fisher
I really like the alternate versions of Dark Fantasy tracks that are in this film :)
Snack Singh
2018, Ye dropped the album ‘Ye’ and it’s he’s still LIT !!
sphiwe malunga
If they never called you crazy, you ain't genius!!
Here 6 years later, still one of the GOAT albums of our rap generation..
Cc T
First rule in this world babe, don't pay attention to anything you see in the news. 4:33
YoloMolo polo
Why have I never seen this before!?
Andy Arkell
The outro is purest most beautiful art. I connect.
Creasy Creasy
This is the reason why Kanye West is much better than Jay Z
No rapper is on Kanye's level. He surpassed Eminem, Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie, all of them. His artistry is unparalleled.
Popi Armenta
the intro was Mozart- Requiem your welcome
Snowflake Pillow
I love the part where the video hasn't stopped playing yet. If Hollywood was about money and not keeping people in line with what the Democratic party demands at the time, Kanye would have directed multiple films by now. This is the best short film of the millenium. I watched Purple Rain for the first time last night and despite all the hype for it... IT IS UNDERRATED. How do we get a SERIES of Kanye films??? If he didn't actually direct, who did? I know Kanye is creative enough. GIVE HIM FILMS SO HE CAN GIVE US FILMS. YE is only his EIGHTH NUMBER ONE ALBUM! What more do you need!!! He could make something to go alongside Purple Rain. I know he can. LET KANYE BE KANYE SO HE CAN UPLIFT THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET.
Chase The Gooner
The bird girl is Kim. The Bird meal is her porn video.
Ryan Bamford
Don't tell me the weeknd didn't copy the start of this for his mania video, if you don't know go and watch it
ꜱᴛᴇᴀᴍɪɴ' ʜᴏᴛ ɢᴀʀʙᴀɢᴇ
Man, I love when Kanye smiles.
stefano bernardo
The fact that I wasn't bumping this when Ye released it shows I'm not ahead of my time.
Varun Kaviraj
2018 june?????
steve campbell
This is like Pink Floyd's The Wall of hip hop.
Matija Kovačević
I fantasized about this back in Chicago...
Oscar Echavarria
Kanye"s ballerinas did the mannequin challenge before it was cool
themba hlophe
Talking about perfection 🇿🇦2018
lI Unknown Il
I didn't know that was Nicki in the beginning 😂😂😂