CAD-1 Presents - Basic Roadway Design in Civil 3D

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| The majority of civil engineering projects have some sort of roadway design involved with the project. From access roads, to residential streets in a subdivision, to new highway construction, the dynamic tools in AutoCAD Civil 3D, can help you design them faster, with less chance of errors. Join Brian Hailey, PE, as he reveals the capabilities of Civil 3D when designing roadways.

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Toyota Camry
Brian, can you please load the .dwg files and xrefs so we can practice as we learn...would be VERY HELPFUL. Thank you!
detective conan
can you give me that file sir so that i can practice?
santosh loka
up to Alignment is fine ..without survey points how to create profile? i didn't understand what is there in reference 10 can u please mail me regarding this issue [email protected]
Geateh Gmail
Hi, i have a problem how to make the ending of street. I would like to make death end street with gutters and curb at the end, because the runofwater is coming down the street.
Khalil Ur Rehman
Great info.Thanks
How about Dynamic Medians? Like how to make the LaneAOR to cross the CL of the alignment for a left turn pocket?
Dylan Schultz
your mistakes actually help people out as they see what not to do sometimes, not a bad watch, just chill and learn.
Manny Silva
Is there a way to import all those styles you have, all my c3d has is standard
kartik suresh
can I get the files for practice?
David Maleka
It's awesome
Oladeji Victor
please how can I download this video
Venkatraman Marathi
hi.... can anyone tell, if I need to build a road to a hill which is 150m high, what should be the curves with slope or grade I need to start?
anshul patel
too good
David Webb
good webinar, but the fact it doesn't offset the correct 'sidewalk' width when it hits a feature automatically is ridiculous. This would cause a problem numerous times on every job