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Check out Wix to build your new website! /> Glass is out this week! And since Split is the reason that Glass was greenlit, here we are. Most people enjoyed Split, some had some issues that I'm going to try to address. M. Night Shyamalan can be hit or miss, so let's see where this one falls. Here's everything right with Split! Split Brain Clip: /> Support me through PATREON if you'd like: /> CinemaWins Socials: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: /> Check out my other videos: EGA A Quiet Place: />EGA Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi: />EGA Ant-Man & The Wasp: />EGA LOTR 3: Return of The King P1: />EGA LOTR 2: Two Towers P1 : />EGA LOTR 1: Fellowship of the Ring P1: />EGA Infinity War (Part 1): />EGA Infinity War (Part 2): />EGA Deadpool 2: />EGA After Earth: /> Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright #Split #EverythingGreatAbout #Glass

Sincerely Defiant
The fact that McAvoy did not even get an acting nomination during award season is blasphemous
That Guy
It’s funny how you and sins sound totally opposite just in tone. While sins sounds sarcastic and judge mental you sound sincere and polite
I really appreciate how you looked at the themes of this one, explaining why certain aspects are harmful but also has some positive aspects to how they were handled. It's a far more delicate and respectful reading of the film than most might give, although I really understood both sides and I have my own issues with it. So yeah, you're still the best.
Tajs Jespersen
Thank you, Cinemawins, for trying to explain, that filmmaking is freaking hard. Even people who have made films for decades. I'd say all good films are their own miracles, because rarely do you have hundreds and hundreds of people working together on one product. One endgame. I just hope that more and more people will realise how much work and how many people are needed to all do their best to create a good film. Sometimes it doesn't work, but man we should celebrate when it does <3
WeNeedLives Productions
James McAvoy’s acting deserves a million wins. Dude gave it his all and really killed the role
Blade 1228
Samuel L Jackson mentioned that M Night told him that Unbreakable was supposed to be the 1st part of a trilogy BEFORE they started shooting it.
13:53 I've dealt with it, and I had the same reaction. I cried in the movie theatre. But yeah, I kind of cried because it was a wierd bitter moment with some sweetness sprinkled on top. I don't know what it was, maybe the music was building up to it and I felt it more when he said "you are different" or "you are not like the others" and immediately panned to her scars. My wife was stroking my arms (which is where i had scars). Idk..... it all just crescendos into that moment and it makes you feel special and a little empowered for having gone through things and come out a better person. Thank you for not speaking the ones of us that have gone through self-harm, you have no idea how much I appreciate that.
Zacharie Wilson
I work as a lighting technician in Toronto, and I got to work a few days on set of IT: Chapter II. I'm legally not allowed to say anything about anything... But I will say that MacAvoy seemed to be totally killing it. On top of being a nice dude who let me walk through the door first because I was carrying something.
The scene where Casey's scars are shown (from someone who has to stare at their own self harm scars daily) had a couple things happening for me A.) Pride that self harm and abuse were portrayed very accurately, as someone who has self harmed and continues to deal with it I wear heavy jackets that would be hard to accidentally reveal something like how Casey wore many shirts to hide her own B.) The part where "The Beast" was talking about how the abused are pure cause they know true pain was tacky but also made it seem like they wanted to appeal to this kind of audience C.) I tensed up cause it was out of the blue for me as someone who deals with self harm seeing somebody else's scars triggered both a sense of empathy and a need to help and had me subconsciously feeling my own wrists and upper arms to feel my own scars, something that some people who deal with this kind of thing do cause it reminds them of the pain they inflicted on themselves Over all the scene was fantastic and we'll shot, the struggle of self harm and sexual abuse was portrayed very well to a point where id almost say someone on the staff knew what was happening or at least did their research If you'd like to ask questions message me on Instagram @metalconcertphotos I always enjoy answering questions and helping people understand better what it's like
Mango Turtlenova
Is James McAvoy always a win yet? If not, here's where it starts I think
Roger Dräyer
About that part where you talked about all the people working on Shyamalan films, I‘ve got to say something (or quote it, I guess): “The movie making process from start to finish is so chaotic that it’s a miracle that any movies are any good” -NandovMovies
Douglas Brown
@CinemaWins I just wanted to say thank you. Most of my friends and peers seem to delight in picking movies apart and taking the joy of the story out by nitpicking details and minor plot things or this or that or the other. I was always one who went first and foremost to just enjoy the movie, but no one ever wants to talk about what was good or great, just the problems. Thank you for reminding me that its okay to just enjoy movies and that ripping them to pieces isn't the only way people can watch movies. (I actually ended up minoring in Film Studies so I appreciated the "in the weeds" part greatly).
Alex Jackson
I like how you elaborate on the mental illness aspects of the story, because I think public opinion missed the point. The common comments were criticising the movie depicting mental illness as both dangerous and violent. But I felt they missed the point that while mental illness can be confusing and unpredictable, it also enhances survival when others would simply fail. The Beast protects Crumb from the shotgun wounds. Casey's withdrawn personality and self-harm would be consequences of the depression she lives with as a result of her abuse. But those traits are what keep her calm and collected and looking for solutions, while the other girls panic. It's also the same reason that the beast lets her go after seeing her scars. Her illness saved her. I do want to respond to your comment about "The broken are the more evolved". This is actually biologically true. Stressing a system forces it to adapt and super-compensate. It's how muscles get bigger, nervous systems get stronger, lungs increase in air capacity and how bones strengthen in fighters, etc. It works similarly with psychological stress too. Casey - while unfortunately burdened by incomprehensible suffering of her childhood - was the strongest of the girls, and by far the most capable. She was... the most evolved. Extra win: I read a comment from a woman who immediately identified that Casey was abused when she said 'pee on yourself'. The woman herself was exposed to the same sort of child sexual abuse and she learned that's how to make it stop. The moment she saw Casey immediately suggest it, she knew Casey experienced the same thing. Props to Shyamalan for that! (personally, I thought she had picked up on Dennis' meticulous cleaning of the car dashboard, so pee would immediately disgust him).
Viktor Lima
Woah, Casey and KC, never realised that
That K-POP scared the crap out of me lmao
I see your Princess Bride mention, and I DEMAND YOU WIN THE PRINCESS BRIDE!
"Or did I just get involved in a land war in Asia?" I think you're fine just as long as you don't go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.
Ok, so, admittedly, I've been deadset against watching "Split" because of how it looked like it was "demonizing" DID, but I might check it out after watching this review. I really appreciate how carefully you've handled things, looking to get insight from someone who actually has DID, and how thoughtfully you approached the themes of this film.
Reece B
That Wix ad Segway was a bit of a reach but I loved it 😂
James McAvoy deserved an Oscar nomination for best actor for this brilliant performance. He was snubbed I'm telling you.
Hayden Casdorph
This was hands down one of your best conclusions and overall one of your best EGA. It's been amazing watching your channel grow and your style develop. Keep up the amazing work.
Robin Lucien
The fact that the beast sides with the broken made me so happy in a bittersweet way. Usually the 'bad guys' prey on the weak, and the fact that he says we are 'more evolved' (no matter how petty or stupid it may sound to you) made me feel appreciated.
Okay, this is what I needed in life. After watching all or most of your videos which made go and rewatch a few films I have to say, Split is an all time favourite, something akin to Inception. So I was genuinely happy to see you did a EGA
Kinda of a missing opportunity that you didn't split this video.
alex botz
Please do everything great about Treasure Planet
please do everything great about Bohemian Rhapsody when you got the chance,.I can Imagine that it is Hrd to win a movie that is based on real events, but there is so much good in that movie that can't be unlooked. And I know that a lot of the events in the movie didn't happen lake that in the real life. So I hope that you'll make that video, The movie made more than $700,000,000, so People will watch that video.
17:18 - 19:02 Best bit about the video itself. It holds true for a lot of films that have a ton of talented cast and crew behind it, yet, for some reason or another, just doesn't work out the way one intends. Anything can happen.
usually if i stop a youtube video within the first minute it's to watch another youtube video, but if i do that with cinemawins it's so i can go watch the movie haha
Stories by Brittney
The reason I LOVE Wins is because you get a real critique/ film breakdown of the movie along with the comedy. This was great man.
Hi! Can you please at some point do a video on The Prestige (2006)? It is a really deep, complex, and fascinating movie that in my opinion is Christopher Nolan’s best!
When some people hear Hedwig they think of Harry Potter. Thanks to my sister I think of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
Will you do Unbreakable and Glass
That smooth transition to the sponsor
Flex Tape can fix the cracks
I thought I was the only one who always cried during 14:01
I had a class in abnormal psych where a woman who was ritualistically abused for 16+ years had at least 300 personalities. Our teacher talked to her JUST LIKE the therapist did in this film, responding to each person like their own entity, being respectful, and always asking if the host would talk to her too. That’s what I loved most about this, that and when Hedwig made us forget James MoFoing McAvoy was a killer! 😱
Edoardo Prevelato
Everything great about CinemaWins?
Donald Welcker
2nd Posting in hopes you'll see and read it! I really hope you read this; because Lee due to a motorcycle accident then later a car accident where I rolled my truck and it was burnt to absolute cinders! The first accident I broke both of my femurs and my right knee; the second my tibia and fibula were snapped in half. As I am sure you can imagine this has left me with a lot of metal in my legs though what you can't imagine is the incredible amount of initial pain I felt or the insane amount of chronic pain I feel on a daily basis! Now the reason I hope you read this is because I want you to know that you and your videos make me happy, they bring a surreal amount of joy to my life with your videos! I cannot begin to thank you for improving my quality of life and don't think for one second that, that is not what you are doing! You make my life better and more enjoyable! Thank you, thank you a thousand times over then thank you again!
Sabrina Duckett
Oh, CinemaWins, there was SO MUCH MORE wrong with The Last Airbender than the cinematography...
Gregg H
That Wix segue was absolute genius. Win+9000
As a counselor this movie had me so intrigued the whole time and this cinemawins video was so deep and full of truths....and I love how he puts in the piece about movies portraying mental illness as evil was not ok
Firmicute s
well yeah.. you cant beat trauma. you can just learn to live with it. or as hoeg once wrote: the pain doesn't get lesser with time, you just get better at meeting it
Anaisa Simpson
In one of Casey’s flashbacks her uncle says “let’s pretend to be animals again”, and that pulled so much of the movie together for me. I think one of the themes of this movie is an almost Jeckel and Hyde idea. In X-Men First Class Xavier (James Mclvoy! Nice) says something to the effect of the story of Jeckel and Hyde not really being about the fight between good and evil within a person, but the struggle between man and his deeper animalistic nature. Something like that. This story is about abuse victims feeling like the are surrounded by animals. By predators, as sex offenders are often called. The uncle was a predator to Casey, Kevin’s mother was predator to him, and in a way Dr. Fletcher was a predator to Kevin as well. As you said, she may have been more invested in Kevin for her research than as a person. Maybe Kevin’s personality’s decided that there were only two options: be the predator or be the prey, and they were not going to be prey any longer. Eat or be eaten. Kill or be killed. That’s the law if the animal kingdom. Only those who have been faced with that reality are worthy of the Beast sparing them. That’s just my little theory though, and certainly not exhaustive of all the thematic elements of this movie.
Melzy Rawr
As someone with DID I can confirm the way it is portrayed is fairly accurate. But I agree being shown as the bad guy in most movies does get tiring.
Apple Pye
McAvoy deserved some kind of award nod for his role in this movie. I do not like horror/suspense movies all that much but this one was great. I plan on buying the trilogy when they are released in a box set. As an abuse survivor, I see no issues with the use of it in this movie. It was handled well. I look forward to Glass.
The moment he broke the bars. Remarkable and creepy.
DoctorChipotle 47
24 minutes for the split episode hmmmm🤔
6:10 now that's a jumpscare
the way you articulate your wisdom is so satisfying :D thank you for yet another great video!
That “weeds” segment changed my whole perspective on film. Well done my friend. Also, that Wix ad segue was so obvious and and unabashed that I accidentally loved it 😂
Minute Rice
Spoilers for Glass in 3 2 1 Finally confirming that Casey put her uncle in jail for what he did is one of the most satisfying moments of Glass for me.
I enjoyed Split but Glass....Glass was a masterpiece. McAvoy surpassed him self in Glass. I didnt think that was possible.
Game fanatic 9997
altinkaya arda
I would like to see you try finding wins in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lighthning Thief.
Hedwig gets a win for having Kanye West albums
werealldead_ _
I love this compared to cinemasins
Tyler C
Congrats on 1 million. Now on to 10 !! But seriously, I love the videos and please don't ever stop ever
Lady Scarlett
This is probably one of my favorite movies that i'll only be able to watch once or twice. it really speaks to me, as a writer, but it repulses me, as a human being. i feel too much compassion for Kevin, with all the things he's done, i still just want to wrap him in a fluffy blanket and hold him close. i appreciate that this is a superhero/villain movie but i feel that its taking liberties with mental illness. Casey probably suffers from anxiety and depression, shes not anti social because shes an introvert, shes anti social due to her anxiety of someone getting to close and finding out about her abuse. most of her cuts looks self inflicted though there are a couple of cigarette burns, so... anyway, im not a psychologist. im just an empathetic person who feels too much and has been through shit
Why is Hollywood the thing we go to for realistic representation? Maybe this is a problem with our entire society as a whole, thinking what you see in a movie is 100% accurate. This is clearly a fictional depiction of a real mental illness with realistic touches. It shouldn't be the movie's fault for people not understanding that. That could also be just MY interpretation, and even in that case, a movie shouldn't be blamed for people making different interpretations on it, and applying those interpretations to the real world. Hopefully with "Glass" people will understand this isn't trying to be a 100% accurate depiction of DID, they are literally being called superheroes and supervillains. It truly is sad that people are this impressionable when it comes to Hollywood. Enjoy a movie for the story it is telling, or even for just the visuals, and stop trying to apply it to the real world. Even the "based on true stories" movies are rarely, if at all 100% accurate. You have to take everything you see with a lot of grains of salt. If something does happen to be true or accurate, then congrats, but don't assume the entire movie is as truthful or accurate. I doubt this comment will change many people's way of watching movies and it definitely won't change an entire society, but that is my view on the matter.
Garry Moloney
Have you ever considered doing everything great about the story of infamous
Ms Freakshow
Every time I see one of cinemasins' videos and then one of yours' I think that the balance of the universe has been restored again
Nick Mattio
That M. Night King of Prussia Mall Glamour Shot is scarier than The Beast lol
Titanfall343212 Bt7274
Like if he should do everything great about venom
Tyson Manning
Yo what about everything great about cinema sins
Jake Shevitz
"You might be pregnant now."
C Mowbray
Congratulations on 1 mill dude!
I can't wait for your video on Glass! So many people disliked this movie for no good reason...
Brock Olsen
I hope you do a everything great about Gremlins! That’s a classic!
Raiff Bauer
Hey dude. You should do a video on "A Knights Tale"
A. S. Ranu
I found myself split on something. I absolutely love your content, but can not truly accept you as the genius of analysis you are without an analysis of Treasure Planet. Please rectify this before I lose my mind.
Alaska Marleau
please do Fight Club please do Scream <3
Great video as usual, congratulations on a million
Apoa's Demon
Please please PLEASE make an EGA How To Train Your Dragon 2!
Durham 2
Have you seen the movie searching
MrRed ‘93
Everything great about: Incredibles 2
Hi im Bob
Everything great about Unbreakable?
Alfonso Decafe
That was such a smooth transition to the sponsor, I loved it!!! Great video once again.
syko banana
Thankyou for your research into DID for this video and as always, your positive reviews. Love your work!
Kareem Harper
So glad you covered this before Glass. BRAVO! As always, 100% accurate.
Taylor Cheek
If anyone's interested in learning about dissociative identity disorder from those who have it, I recommend the channels Multiplicity and Me, DissociaDid, and the Entropy System.
Ryan Gg
Can you please do Steve Jobs
Noah Kowalchuk
Do mission impossible 6 next
M Meiresonne
Would you be willing to do how to train your dragons 2? I really would love to here you opinions on one of my favorite movies
Ryan Burnett
Frisk The killer
Everything great about the covenant please Edit: the 2006 one please
yuan mccallum
Everything great about cinemasins
Everything great about ocean's 11 or oceans 13 or even oceans 12 everything great about the express the Ernie Davis story
*_I split this comment in half_*
Noa Zitu
Everything great about split? Flexibility 😏
Jennifer Hamlett
Please do The Fault in Our Stars!!!! Great Video, keep up the good work!
DISCLAIMER: As stated in the video, there are issues brought on by some of the more "comic" nature/twists of the portrayal. As someone with DID, issues and fantasy elements aside, this is still by far, the best, and most accurate portrayal of DID on film. I've made a point to have my family, and girlfriend watch this, and sit with them, anecdoting, and explaining as it continues, and it's made, speaking more correctly, our lives, and interacting with our loved ones much more cathartic, understanding, and healthy.
Hans Zimmer composed for the Dark Knight not James Newton Howard, but other than that, great review!
No Love
Thank you for making me appreciate Split even more. And as an abuse survivor, thank you again.
The fact you played inFamous made me more happy than seeing a CinemaWins upload
Schiggy X
Everything wrong with Starship Troopers Please
Ukee Washington is the greatest human being every birthed.
Alyssa Machajewski
Please, please, please, can you do King Arthur: Legend of the Sword?
Horrible Man
I was especially excited to see this one. Great job like always!
That Guy In Green
Man, you are the embodiment of putting into words what I cannot, but want to
aris ellis
The only thing I dont like about this movie, writing wise, is the representation of DID being dangerous, since it gets a really bad rep and most of the time isnt this extreme, but that being said, they handled the whole alters things and the alters themselves wonderfully and very realistic!