Loved me back to Life-Sia( DEMO )

Sia's song Loved me back to life.Demo. Also recorded by Celine Dion.

Celine = Poweful Voice Sia = Effortless Emotional Amazing Voice
Joe Henry Ryan
I love this version!!!
Rafael Henrique
I think celine's voice is pitch perfect but Sia carries a pain in her voice that makes me uncomfortably undressed of my walls
If I were her, I would make a "cover" album of all the songs she's written as an album between her main albums. She has the of rights to a lot of them, although not all since some songs are co-written/co-produced by other people but she might be able to work something out w/ the record labels.
Darien Gautier
Like Sia's version better to be honest..
Toraino Floyd
This is better than Celine Dipn version
R Mar
SIA!!!!! I think you are incredible!!! 
Another song I've loved for years that I've only just discovered was written by Sia, this woman's talent blows the mind!
Zevon Karlyall
I was walking dead Stuck inside my head I couldn't get out Turn the lights down The voices inside so loud Need a jump-start, catatonia I couldn't feel, I wish that I could disappear The voices inside so real But you stood by my side Night after night, night after night. You loved me back to life, life From the coma. The wait is over. You loved me back to life, life From the coma. We lovers again tonight. Back to life, back to life, back to life, back to life, yeah, yeah. You woke me up, one touch and I felt alive You loved me back to life, Back to life, thought I died. The voices inside so quiet. But you stood by my side Night after night, night after night. You loved me back to life, life From the coma. The wait is over. You loved me back to life, life From the coma. We lovers again tonight. Strong hand, thick skin and an open heart You saw through the pain, saw through the mask You never gave up on me, yeah Life, life From the coma. The wait is over. You loved me back to life, life From the coma. We lovers again tonight Back to life, back to life, back to life, back to life Back to life, back to life, back to life, back to life Yeah, yeah...
Celine just can't give that emotion Sia puts in the song. That's why I think Celine's version is boring.
Waqar Khan
Whether you love Celine's version or Sia's. I bet everyone would agree that both are most underrated singers of our time.
Cedrine B
Celine must have freaked out when she first heard this demo.
Icy blu
Sia all the way !! Celine is a great singer but Sia is so unique and she has that WOW factor !!
Max kill
Can't decide to listen to which one of them both are amazing
Vinicios Canto
Okay. Now I just think Celine's voice just doesn't fit more on the song. And now I can't watch her version. =( Dammmn Sia Lady.
Auby Anne Meletio
It's NOT Celine's. It's Sia's. I'm not entirely sure how Celine ended up recording it, but Sia is the credited writer.
Mayte Arroyo
Sia is very talented. As a songwriter and vocalist. amazing.
Josh Soto
This is a voice made for glory! Luv you Sia!!!
Michael Brglez
sias version is way better more warmth
Rebecca Suter
Sad to say, as I love celine, but she didnt give anything to that song. She sung it parrot fashion to sia. Took every silyble and sung it exactly the same! Sias version sounded so much more real.
Matilde Samagaio
I love Sia so much it s crazy!! She is such a genious!!!!!
james d Clarke
Sia's voice has a reality that is incomparable. Although without question Celine Dion's voice is superb, Sia has some elusive quality, an ease and power that is more attractive and accessible.
Joana Pereira
Prefer Celine Dion but I m so thankfull to Sia, she gave Celine a really really great song
Nick Cobra
Luca Johnson
I like this better than Celine's
Aly Willie
I really think we all should ask her SO MUCH to make and album of all of the songs she's ever given to other people, we make Internet explode and convince her :(
Jemma Truss
Both versions are brilliant!... I really don't think it matters who's is better... If you watch the making of Celine's version she beautifully credits SIA for it and actually speaks to her, SIA loves that she is recording it!... Everyone's a winner! :D
What an special and strong voice and a great talent. When Sia sings it seems like her voice is touching your hearth and sould. Yoy can notice when a song is written by her. Amazing artist and fantastic personality. God, I adore Sia.
Anny Huse
Sia's amazing voice! I loved this song performed by Her!!! it was leaked in 2012. but in spite of leaking Celine agreed to buy it. they are adorable friends! celine said she was Sia fan!
I absolutely adore this song when sung by Sia. Celine is an incredible artist, but she can't pull this song off with the same feeling as Sia is capable of doing. Celine sounds almost mediocre when she tries to sing this song.
Fênix - Jean Grey
Sia's amazing. Even though her vocals are not powerful as Celine's, she is AMAZING. And after all, she wrote the song. Love her!
gautier muhire
Just 1. imagine if you were the artist who received this demo. How can you make it better? Celine is a great singer but Sia emotional connection to the song makes this version more personal and naturally real. It feels like she lived what she is singing.
catherine coman
Like Sia's version better... Sia is the best... that's all
Eve Seng
wait what... She also wrote this for Celina?!
Paul G
They need to record this as a duet! Both versions are amazing!
Nelli Costa
Sia é aquela compositora q vende as músicas, mas a Gente sempre prefere na voz dela
Shay Trahan
thanks Celine has a awesome vocal range but sias vocal range is out of this world she sings like it's no problem all those high notes
Fara Hijawee
sia wish you sang every song i love <3
Weeping Willow
Sia's vibrato is sooo much better than Celine's.
Maha Yaseen
I can't decide which version I like better, Celine's or Sia's! But I can say this, This song is freakin awesome!
Y Rocha
I love Sia... So amazing and talented!!
emman quillope
I love her voice.. mix of an angelic and birds voice. Amazing. I love Celine and SIA
Sia has the best energy to her along with being blessed with such beautiful artistry and one hell of a voice. 
Impressed by her sense of Melody
Saul Martinez
I personally prefer celine's version and I will give sia credit for writing the song
Eve Seng
wait what... She also wrote this for Celina?!
"Strong hands, thick skin and a elas..." Oops, wrong song. xD
Gorgeous song through and through. Love both Sia's and Celine's version, similar vocal styling and range anyway IMO. Appreciate SIA for writing it and TBH I think she sings it incredibly well.
Jai Music
I prefer this Sia instead the one in Cheap Thrills, etc (not hating, i love her)
Lawrence Watson
I can actually hear Rihanna singing this but I 'm sooooo glad Celine got it!!!
Olivia Grace Owens
Her voice reaches inside your soul.
Jaden Parish
So powerful. Ugh I love it. 😩❤️
Joy Vilo
Con esta cancion aprendy amar de tal forma que daria la vida x mi pareja.. somos hombres nos amamos se que k stamos mal y que!!! SI EL MUNDO ESTA PEOR. TE AMO GIL.
Hijo Luna
My view is that celine's version has more clarity in terms of pronunciation, and in some parts, celine is much stronger
Nicolás Borda
Such talented woman, I love her. 
Sia Furler Admirer
I started to cry from 1:12 😢😢😢 Her voice is so soulful.
Digioia lifesLovers
You loved me back to lifeeeeeee🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶lifeeeeeee🎤🎤🎤🎤
Girl bye
How I wish she used this as her own song
So beautiful it makes my heart ache.
Natasha Lewandowski
Sia wrote this song specifically for Celine...the way she sings it here is how she wanted Celine to sing it...if y’all watched the making of this song, you’d know :)
keisha allsop
🎶😭😇😊💕👏love it!!
Dina B
an amazing song writer. just amazing
Habhar 007
strong hands ,thick skin and an open heart saw through the pain, saw through the never gave up on me......
Anthony Knight
what a great version i love her
Hinata Hyuga
Luckily we could listen to this version 😁
Chantée par Sia cette chanson atteint la perfection...
Habhar 007
sîâ sang this better than Celine Dion....
Aury Cedeno
sia is the best
Onur Kolcu
I think Celine sings this better but Sia's version isn't bad, either! Damn, this song gives me goosebumps everytime. 
Shay Trahan
do disrespect on Celine but Sia sings better
Surya Pandean
some how, i love this version more.
tammy hoppenbrouwers
Celine sings it much better. Sia is good Tho.
OMG? She made this song for The Celine Dion!?? Wonder the vocal style is familiar.. xD awesome!
Muhammad Adam
I love this version.... this song make me want to back to lofe because of your love siaa
Nasse ナッセ Sweden
2:38 so beautiful  ( ・ᴗ・ )
Cristian Alba Music
Celine's voice is a little more powerful
Watch Everything
Just love both versions to hard to chose
Habhar 007
Swiftie For life
I cry every time I hear sia's songs so amazing!!!!!!! I love you sia!!!!!!!! 💓💗💖💕❤️💛💚💙💜♥️
reallyyyyy luv sia <3 <3 <3 ...
Thais Cerqueira
Amo d+ essa música 🎶
Alondra Hm
Love U Sia !!!
Maddie's Secret Admirer
Can't stop listening
Lettycia Foster
i really like her high notes :) 
Freddie Mercury
Antonio Duckson
Her and Celine sound so much alike.
Niyoosha _7799
Why does Sia give her best songs to other singers?!:(((
Jounes Amiris canim
Tbh this is one of the most caring and polite singer on this world. She don’t uses Autotune as much as the others and can sing like this live. She great
Jounes Amiris canim
She’s genius
eveluw wuleve
Oh my god...I really don’t know which version i like better...I love Sia but I love Celine’s hard to say...both version is absolutely powerful ...i like them both💜💜💜
Iason Vais Stergiadis
The song has been written by Sia... Celine is an amazing powerful performer... but, the emotion that Sia puts is unique. Maybe her raspy- indian style of voice ,helps her about it ,and she is not afraid to go high! * something that indian style voices are afraid to... Both of versions has something unique to give!
Aurore Maton
J adoooore! Youhouuuuuuuuu! Céline nickel! 😊 et Sia pareil! fantastique! Ça donne bien aussi! super! sublime! *******************
Brandão Mateus
Sia te amo! 💞
amber chem x
this version is so much more emotional i love it
Lucent Lux
I have to say I prefet Sia's version. It's so raw but yet flawless. Amazing.
Jonas Viana
Essa música na voz da Sia é maravilhosa!
along wu
perfect combo for these two ladies