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The Winner by Bobby Bare 1976 Songwriter: SHEL SILVERSTEIN For More About Bobby Bare /> /> Bobby Bare – The Winner Lyrics The hulk of a man with a beer in his hand he looked like a drunk old fool And I knew if I hit him right why I could knock him off of that stool But everybody they said watch out hey that's the Tiger Man McCool He's had the whole lotta fights and he's always come out winner yeah he's a winner But I had myself about five too many and I walked up tall and proud I faced his back and I faced the fact that he had never stooped or bowed I said Tiger Man you're a pussycat and a hush fell on the crowd I said let's you and me go outside and see who's the winner Well he gripped the bar with one big hairy hand then he braced against the wall He slowly looked up from his beer my God that man was tall He said boy I see you're a scrapper so just before you fall I'm gonna tell you just a little bout what it means to be a winner He said now you see these bright white smilin' teeth you know they ain't my own Mine rolled away like Chicklets down the street in San Antone But I left that person cursin' nursin' seven broken bones And he only broke ah three of mine that makes me the winner He said now behind this grin I got a steel pin that holds my jaw in place A trophy of my most successful motorcycle race And each morning when I wake and touch this scar across my face It reminds me of all I got by bein' a winner Now this broken back was the dyin' act of a handsome Harry Clay That sticky Cincinnati night I stole his wife away But that woman she gets uglier and she gets meaner every day But I got her boy that's what makes me a winner He said you gotta speak loud when you challenge me son cause it's hard for me to hear With this twisted neck and these migraine pains and this big ole cauliflower ear And if it wadn't for this glass eye of mine why I'd shed a happy tear To think of all that you gonna get by bein' a winner I got arthritic elbows boy I got dislocated knees From pickin' fights with thunderstorms and chargin' into trees And my nose been broke so often I might lose if I sneeze And son you say you still wanna be a winner Now you remind me a lotta my younger days with your knuckles a clenchin' white But boy I'm gonna sit right here and sip this beer all night And if there's somethin' that you gotta gain to prove by winnin' some silly fight Well okay I quit I lose you're the winner So I stumbled from that barroom not so tall and not so proud And behind me I still hear the hoots of laughter of the crowd But my eyes still see and my nose still works and my teeth're still in my mouth And you know I guess that makes me the winner Songwriters: SHEL SILVERSTEIN The Winner lyrics © T.R.O. INC. For Lyrics />. thanks for watching .

Ronald Burgess
A woman cleaned me out and drove me crazy. She's dead. I ain't. That makes me the winner!
Ed Spencer
Who the hell are the 499 thumbs down?? Wait,... they're not winners!!
ethan romero
Who doesn't like Bobby bare!!! Get outta here with your thumbs down.
Robert Holmes
I think every young man should listen to this song.. there's only two things worth fighting for, your family and your country! nothing else matters!!!
polly cannon
was my husbands favorite song and when he would come home form having his kidney dialysis,he would say, "well another one done so that makes me a winner!!!"
"That woman gets uglier and she get meaner every day" very funny.
A real man only fights when it's worth it.
John Ramirez
You Know it is true, especially if you are either the scrapper or the old fighter! My last one was close to this song.... a younger more "fit" youngster came in the bar & I guess just looking for me. So when he came up to me and said, "I heard you're the badass in this bar". I actually picked up my beer, drank a chug and told him, " you know kid, I'm fat, old, and crippled, but I think I've got one more left in me". To this day the regulars at that bar tease me about that, "but I got him boy, so that makes me the winner"?!
dixie cat
i spent a month in that bar one nite
William Tweedie
im so happy we can enjoy these great artists on you tube and with such quality sound.
Loan Wolf
this song is so full of the truth its not even funny lol i love it
Thomas Pedersen
I love songs that are lessons. That Shel Silverstein was something
pure genius ! but I got her boy ! she gets meaner and uglier every day . and that makes me a winner . HA HA !
Zareon X
"like chickletts down a street in San Anton..."   LOL
Roger Regor
Hot dingy dang! Great old c/w song! There were several like this in the mid 70s before the wussy heifer boys took over with the ball-less Vegas style songs.
Brett McCool
Tiger Man McCOOL, sounds like someone I know, I'm a WINNER
The Spectre
A great song! With age comes a degree of wisdom, and foolishness goes out of the window. I guess that makes me the winner!
Larry Frasure
Bobby and others are missed real C and W singer miss his music.
Alex Gil
Brings back so many memories. At this point, it's great to be an old man. The part that I feel is the most powerful, is when I walked away that very last time and the gentleman said, "Carolina, you're a bitch. It hit me hard and everyone had heard. Father time has no favorites.
Derrick Adams
Thank you for such a great upload. I love referencing this song...mostly to myself. Reminds me to take care of the old body and check my ego when pride starts whispering in my ear to do dumb things.
Bubba Usry
Written by Shel Silverstein
Ben Covington
Back when country music was written for adults and not 14 year olds.
Dennis Baker
This is one of my favourite songs....I think Bobby Bare is fabulous
I believe Shel Silversteen wrote this..
Rob Larson
Love the Shel Silverstein songs!
Jack Law
WOWSER! Outstanding! The city-fied cuntry singers today don't have any songs like this.
One of Bobby's best.
Cherylgirl Bergbauer
Love me some Bobby Bear ♥
virgendeguadalupe virgen
a drunks song.
Jon Cole
200 people are not winners!
Joe Jr west ham United
thanks so much for this video is would never of heard it 👍👍
Sometimes we live through life's lessons and sometimes we don't. It's a "snappy tune" whether we learn by the mistakes of others or have to learn by our own. Bobby Bare - a very talented man indeed. Thank you Mr. Bare.
Shel Silverstein wrote this and made it magic.
Jackie Richardson
Sure glad to see this song here, been wanting to have my grandkids and greatgrandkids  hear this . Words are so perfect.  Hey Randy Burgess you out there.
I've always enjoyed this. Thanks so much for posting!
Always takes me back to a bar in Lompoc California in 1980, great song.
Jim Weekley
That woman gets uglier and she gets meaner boy? But I got her boy.... perfect.
Shiann Collins
I'm 13 and I love older country than the ones they play now my top five country singers :1 .Bobby bare 2.dolly patron 3 . Johnny cash 4. Ray Charles 5.Marty Robbins
jo luttringer
This song -by Bobby Bare- is always welcome . Thanks for upload. From France : Jo Luttringer.
Bill Widner
Good story song.
mary w
Still love this song.
Special Skills
i actually know someone with a glass eye. looks real as hell. blue!
roger woody
I am 70 years old and I still remember my last fight. I was in the Jack Daniels bar in Lincoln Park Michigan. He came at me with a broken beer bottle, screaming and swinging. When they pulled me off he had a broken jaw, a broken nose,,missing four teeth and four broken ribs not to to forget the broken shoulder. My hand would not open and I could barely seen. I had just one cut across my belly just above my belt, about eight inches long and just bleeding slightly. I was one of the six bounders that summer night in 1984, he was the winner. I STILL HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT THAT FIGHT , THIRTY THREE YEARS LATER.
one of my faves
Tracy Humes
Tim Weiss
Now that I'm 56 I realize I'm Tigerman. All beat to hell,,
Bill Widner
Your the Winner!
Quay Smith
i walk up so bad dudes to one fide said it this way
Keith Kimmey Sr
richard carpenter
I must be a champion lol
Mike Hanner
Poetry with a great message.
martha guthrie
Great song and singer!!
Paul Brown
great song.
Mario Garcia
after the war, I went through a rough phase. thank goodness I quit the hard stuff.
gotta play this for my grandson who likes to fight
Robert PINO
r u really
That's a fun song  ;D
Samandrosa jones
Love that song !!!
Carolyn Spencer
This song is for guys & dolls!! Lucky for me I confort people on foot, right now on ice, so I usually fall down on my butt before they become THE WINNER!!
A good one.
antonio pastore
Gigante tra i grandi !! Stupenda ballata, tra le sue più belle assieme a Tequila ! Che peccato che l'Italia, non la prendono in considerazione !! Dobiamo morire con Pupo,Jovannotti e compagni? che tristezza !!!     Antonio Cesare Pastore
blazing Juggalette
I might lose if I sneeze haha
Susan Colson Morson
Thomas Pedersen
I have always loved the lead guitar. I was introduce to this artist back in 1980 by some sick Navy second class signalman who used to hock his wrist watch for six bucks so that we could go to the base "package store" and buy a fifth of bourbon, a fifth of vodka and a couple of packs of Winston's and Camel Filters each. (Because I eighteen and he was twenty six and knew what bourbon was) We would drive out to a place called Deep Creek. It was the closest open country we could get to, for escape from the depressing gray drudgery of the naval shipyard. He taught me to drink bourbon when that's all he'd buy. And that's when he played Down and Dirty by Bobby Bare. I'd love to see how he's doing, I sure hope that old dog is still alive but I doubt it.
Timothy Cochrane
I loved this song in I think it was '79 or 80 always chased it on AM radio.
how many time have you drank to much and had to be carried home and poured into bed, but you woke up in the morning, so I guess that you were a winner.
Great song. Amazing song writer!
Herman Rosielle
this is one of Silverstein s best but is it 1976 ?? thought earlier 
Louise Mayo
good song
Byron Schwartz
I'll always love this song. man.
martha guthrie
Great song and singer!!
Chantell Denham
So true about so many of us
Henry Whitchurch
Among the very best favorites of mine.
Rick Smith
Okay..................... you win.
Thomas Pedersen
Best guitar player ever!
barry shelton
luv Bobby!
Marlin Bontrager
Great bar song!
Darlynne Smith
one great music
Yeah a bar in Lompoc California in 1978,,,that is what this song brings back to me!! Thank you Bobby Bare!!
Perry Lee
Back when music was good
Sandra Graziani
Wow!!!!! So Cool
What a great song!!! So damn true!!!
Adrienne Davenport
I want to sing this in a karaoke bar. My wife is working and has no idea I am on here.
Jim Vandyke
one great song
Thx you Rory Miller for making me discover this song (from Facing Violence)
Harv Smith
Dam good country song right there i don't care who u are !!!!!! Some people need to learn in life n good boot in ass will get the point across !!!!!
Mark Sherrard
All of these snowflakes on here condemning fighting. Lol
Connie Charley
Still one of the best of Bobby bare songs.  Shel was quite the writer!
The first time I READ this was in Playboy magazine, believe it or not. Probably reached a lot of young fellas who needed its perspective.
Jim Vandyke
great music and a great singer
Carl O
This is how I live my life. I only fight to protect the helpless. Some young fit kid wants to challenge me, I just look at him and say, "No thanks. You win." One told me once, "What are you, a man or a mouse?" I said "Squeak. You ain't abusing a woman so I see no need to fight. You win."
Russell Littler
Shel Silverstein was a lyrical genious.
One of my best weapons, during my training in the martial arts, was the sign that said "EXIT"! Once I'm out the door, my next 'weapon' is to holler, "TAXI!" Once I've arrived at parts well known, then I'm "THE WINNER!"
Rebecca LaBuda
Omg I can't stop listening
rosemary dua
Frank Provo
I am a winner