Tutorial - Drawing in MS Paint with a Mouse [MS Paint]

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Made in Microsoft Paint [07--08-15] Mouse For more tutorials by me, click here! />Twitter! /> Hello! Here's a tutorial on how to draw with a mouse in MS Paint. :D Hopefully it'll be more easily accessible to people who want to pick up digital drawing, but don't have fancy drawing programs or graphics tablets. Ooh, also, just wanna super-thank two users who've left awesome comments on my channel which spurred the creation of this video. I've had this tutorial planned out for half a month, but not enough motivation to actually make it. xD So thanks to Neta and Katherine! Seriously, I really appreciate. :D

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TrueFandom Trash
how I make amazing MS paint art: Step 1: Become Andrew Hussie Step 2: realize I can't Step 3: Make memes instead
Wow, thank you, everyone, for the amazing welcome-backs and continued support! I super duper appreciate you all, and wouldn't be doing any of this without you. :D :D And to the spirit of my other mouse tutorial... Holy dang! 520+ views within the first day of posting! Thanks so much to those of you who have watched and/or recently subscribed, and to those who have stuck with me throughout my artistic droughts! xD Seriously, you're all awesome. :)
Biggest Weeaboo
Apparently I haven't explored MS Paint enough to find the curve tool ;-;
Wouldn't it have been a little easier erasing the sketch by using the colour replacement function? As in, your first colour is the colour of the sketch, your second colour is the colour you want it replaced with, which in this case, is white. Then you just go over it with the eraser using the right mouse-button. Other than that, really nice tutorial! Great job!
Its 8 Times Easier to use the free program paint.net ^^
Btw, you can hold shift when using circle tool to make a perfect circle.
Megann Maniacal
Omg that's amazing your so skilled with ms paint
I remember when I first started drawing on the computer. It was with MS Paint, and I would always use bases and references. All of my stuff looked so awkward. Where we you when I needed you the most?! xD Just kidding. I should really start playing on MS Paint more. I've seen a lot of people make amazing things with it. I could probably do some really cool looking landscapes if I was patient enough. If I learned how I could make backgrounds for video games, since I'd like to get into making short 8-bit games. c:
Thunder Draws
this looks painful
Big Tea
"Drawing in MS Paint with a mouse" oh boy.... man I watched your Sai drawing process videos like over a year or two ago and I've recently tried to get back into art so here I am back at the roots haha. This MS Paint stuff is insane man I'll stick to Sai and Photoshop xD
Neta Arbel
OMG! I just realised that you actually mentioned me in the discription of the video! This is so moving!!! You are too cute :) (actually I totally forgot that I asked you for thia video) THANK YOU! :D
will sellers
Good teacher for this old man. Trying to get the most out of mspaint. It should be fun once I learn, Thanks, Will Sellers
Welcomee backk
Shellz - art
Budgies! So great to see a new video :D Welcome back buddy!
Girish Manjunath
Hey, Budgie, mate! Long time no see! :D
Sakura Hamazuki
*sobbing* thank u so much for this
wow thanks
Guys btw if u want to take the outlines faster then make color 1 the color u want to erase and make 2 white then right click the mouse while using the eraser and it will all go away
papi babidi
Can you make tutorial about anime heads angles?
n o v y
Thank you very much for making this video. It really helped! :D you did a very nice job explaining. I think i've got the hang of this now!! Hah!!
This is awesome haha. You should upload more often I love your videos!
Gerry Gonzaga
nice job i wish you could upload more of this ? great job man !!!now im going to use my ms paint
Hein C
I thought you were long gone. Thank you for coming back :D
Neta Arbel
Holy Hell he is alive! :D I haven't even watched your new video yet, just commented here :D
Man I cant believe I started watching your videos 2 years and a half ago! Cant wait for future videos, hope you're having a great year n_n
Artful Zen
Moar videos yay! \o/
Hey Budgie, do you think you could do a tutorial on how you shade in paint tool sai? That would be awesome if you can
martos miller
wow good job [how to art
meenie vent
wow... dat moment when you see someone using MS Paint and a mouse drew better than you using a tablet and a proper program (SAI) p.s. i only recently bought a graphics tablet and decided to start drawing a week ago,  so maybe that's why..
Valeria Villasmil
Finally you're back I've been waiting for a new vid for so long! Great vid by the way
jade zyvonoski
You are basically the reason I can do art.
Maximium Mess
I was the first to dislike the video xD
Pastel - FlowerDreams
Thank you for making this video, at first i was never able to draw anime or as good as this, well now i can :D
Wow mouse in ms paint what a god
glad your back.
Khemma Ananda
wow it's amazing! i can't even imagining to draw using a paint.
Kawaii Ivy
you should do tutorials with mspaint!
What you also do instead of just using a white line to thin the lines you can use a rubber.
I'm amazed. Not only by your advanced Microsoft Paint skills, but also by the lack of Microsoft HATE this is getting. Probably because people are too awestruck to say anything rude.
Laura Draws
And thennnnn you realize you only own a laptop and you don't own a mouse... And you basically can still draw it just takes more dexterity And thennnnnn you realize that you're sharing your entire life story on the Internet and no one cares...
Thai budgie, love your videos. Quick question. How good were you at drawing when you first started out? I need a bit of a confidence booster. I'm a newb and my Drawing s look borderline terrible
Amethyst Sama
This was helpful as fuck. there is so much more to Ms paint than I thought.
Is Microsoft paint and windows paint the same thing,or are they similar? I have a windows computer with this app. I'm confused q.q
A mouse, and MS Paint??! I'd die, man. That sounds horrible. **Suddenly realises that I used to do that all the time until a few moths ago**
poleng 12
OMG ITS AWESOME !!! I hope i could do that!!! I gonna try ;D
Does anyone have the name to the music I really wanna find it!!
Denis Andreychuk
Can u draw something for me? I'll pay for it.
Kait Kat12
thank you! this video was really helpful!
Christopher Hart & Stan Lee - They`re awesome. They are excellent teachers. I started drawing on their books =). thank for te video.
Is dat a logitech mouse?
JT The Red Wolf
you sound like you have my entire personality.. we should make an army... you can be the general mwahaha!
that's how I learned to do it :D
nice character I really love how you designed it
Yamatoman 64
What music did you use from 3:48 to 4:00?
What music was playing during the sped up moments?
Ayush Khugshal
.the tutorial is awsome bruh... now i realized that i can make awsome sketches too... nd taking about video.. it was just awsome... and that 'okiie dokiie ' word too i wish we can become good frnds.. and i actually wanna talk to yo..
Teyo die Teekuh
I think you should use MS just if you wanna make PixelArts :D
Night Blizzard
I have a special program that costs 30 dollars... but when I zoom in it bothers me that it's ever so slightly blurry.. I have a drawing tablet.... but I lost the pen :T I have a small problem
You make me laugh.
Саша Станковић
I dont have excuse anymore..
your mouse is similar to mine.. mine is - Warrior Fury
Ruth Hana Manurung
Wow glad to find this video! the fact that not only me in this world that love ms. paint is amazinggggg... keep up the good work! i would like to share some of my work too somedayyy (not a full-time youtuber)
Sounds Like WubWoofWolf
AmandaLynn Farrey
Did you make that music yourself? I love it. Plus you're awesome at drawing, even in paint! I could never do paint lol.
i know this is old,but what is the song in 8:30?
I know i'm basically 2 years late,but what is the song at 8:32?
The Gaming Wolf
Omg I have the same mouse :O
Siddhi Varadkar
Super cool 😍
nicely done video! I use MS A LOT, and even I learned some things! though, I have to ask, what music did you use? and what video editor are you using???
Ye Boi
I can’t make actual artswith about I can only make squiggly lines
When I do control V it pastes the white background as well...I didnt do anything wrong...HELP!
I use the squiggle line to make shapes. still looks terrible
Golden lotus
Personally I hate ms paint but it's all I have right now. Thanks! This tutorial really helps! Keep up the good work :)
Darksunshine 1231
at 8:29 whats that song?
very helpful, thanks a ton. btw budgies are cool.
Radar Man
What? How? Why? Are you a god? Just wow man, wow.
sean j canelo vs ggg
Very nice
i know i'm 2 years late,but PLEASE,someone tell me the song at 3:51
British Tiger
Really? Your computer can barely even run MS Paint?
Kawaii Ivy
also it would be better if you cast the shadow opposite of the direction of the eye shine. :D
Y u reading dis??
Okay, you probably won't see this comment, but I do have a drawing tablet (Huion drawing tablet) and I do have paint tool Sai... but I'm just curious. How do you change the stabilizer on ms paint? (If there IS a way too...)
Khanh Kha Minh
what's that soft song playing in the background towards the end (around 19.44)? By the way, I'm trying to learn paint and this is super helpful. I never knew paint could produce work with such a fine finish. I'm still using paint like my 10-year-old self hahaha. Thank you very much.
Onee- Chan
1:sleep 2:woke up 1:00PM 3:got to MS paint 4: create the cutest loli 5:made it perfect 6:i cried it was actually 1,3,4,5,2,6
Dubstep the dog
That sound tho 26:10
abi gail
what is the ctrl a, e, b, v, +, - are for?
That Controller
thanks for the advise
Cesar Barata
This video was really helpful!
IceyDaDutchAngelDragon Draws
Umm I saw your names BudgiesRcool.. are u referring to Budgie Birds?
Cesar Barata
the fill option wont work for me...
Cuteteam567 AJ
How do you trace a irl paper picture in ms paint?
Red The Fearless
I'm 11 And i Can't Even Draw a Sketch xddddddddddddddddddddd