Rihanna - Take A Bow

Get Rihanna’s eighth studio album ANTI now: Download on TIDAL: />Stream on TIDAL: />Download on iTunes: />Download on Google Play: />Download on Amazon: Music video by Rihanna performing Take A Bow. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 66,288,884. (C) 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group.

Rihanna Def Jam Pop

Journie Davis
Henda Hepo
September 2018?????????????????
David DiMuzio
Rhianna at her hottest. Loved the early years!
Aisha Nasara
September 2018, who else?
Ghost Shots
I can’t get enough of her voice 🎶 she’s the best singer ever in my option. 💕
FaZe Swan
Teresa Rodriguez Ramos
August 2018 anyone leave a like for 2018
"Dont tell me your sorry cause your not, i know your only sorry cause you got caught"🙏😧👌👌
I miss my childhood 😔
still 2018 ?!! this song is still amazing ! i covered it, hope u enjoy it :)
Geyson Bahonni
Mohamad Haziq Khairul Anuar
2 0 1 8 ?
Bryan Marshall
This is the real rihanna....
Nicole *
R&B Music isn’t the same no more 🤧
ron campbell
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Repeka Isara
Anyone else singing their heart out acting like someone played you 😂😂
August 2018??
WWE editz/ Maya
2018? Rihianna makes the best music
xolani gumbi
14 August 2018 … and it is still my fav song by Rihanna!
ron campbell
attention everybody dont miss the queen of rocksoul FANTASIA LIVE upcoming shows starting on Sept 28 in Tuscaloosa Alabama at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater and on Nov 3 in St. Petersburg Florida at the Vinoy Park than on Nov 9 in Louisville Kentucky at the KFC Yum Center for tickets and more dates visit fantasiaofficial com or ticketmaster
Tsundzu Adelaide
Who's gonna be here in 2018
geo trindade
Amo de mais essa música
nasrudin sasori
Miss you Rihanna... Miss your music too...
Melissa Smith
2009 was a long time ago
Quawna Hogan
How about a round of applause... 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Deboraepedro Vieiradasilva
2009 eu já sabia tudoooo graças a deu eu te amo minha rainha 😍😍👸
Melanie Sayles
August 2018?
Red Zie
The feeling in this song, the music, it's really nostalgic💕
Mi Rae
2018 anyone ? 👌💕
Justin Terrell
When people come back to look at these videos it just shows how we all miss this kind of good music. When music was real & had a meaning to it.
Hay babys
Como uma musica tem o poder de me transportar para o passado
tressy blirando
Brandyn Lovett
I miss 2000's music. They need to have a music revolution.
Joseph-Élie Dubé
2008 2011 2018 😊😍😍😍
Kalanineiko Knight
2017? Anybody?
kiki amelia
I love the old Rihanna, she look so fresh
ron campbell
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Tamari Wright Morgan
August 2018
Mike Tyson21
Rihanna is STILL GREAT in the year of 2018. Anybody agree?
Anyssa Reyes
I'm glad I grew up with this kind of music
Lana Patricia
Jessica McKinney
Who listening to in 2018 and 2019 i know i am
gilvanya Sousa
Alguém do Brasil em 2018
McKayla Danielle
September 2 2018
Boomy Boom
the fact that guy looks like chris brown.
Anusha Anusha
September 2018? 😍
E Dub
love sarcastic Rihanna, @ 1:41
Jasmine Wicevic
This song experience is about overcoming pain a broken trust and the feeling of being tried by a joker.
Ra Nisa
Lee daehwi bring me here. Its so beautifull song 😍😍
João Guerreiro
i miss these kind of songs from Rihanna
Flamengo Flamengo
🇧🇷 2019 2030 pra Vida toda?
Kim Ngọc Hoàng
brianna mae philippe bre bre
He could've jump in the passenger seat at the speed she was going 💀
Rachel Jackson
July 2018?😂
Baby Black
I late 9 years for this amazing song
simply prettyyy
Who listen 2018
Deboraepedro Vieiradasilva
Eu amo essa música em me leva longe kkk vdd quem gosta gurti ama curte aí comentam 😍😍 obrigado
Lawrence Kithinji
Back when music was sweet and realistic.
Jenell Bryan
July 2018 this song is still good
Laya Renee
I love this Rihanna and the current Rihanna. She's amazing no matter what type of music she makes
Ruth williams
some songs make so much sense when you actually in the situation am singing to it while touching me
Isaiah Tukuvaka
Beyonce got baby Isaiah tukuvaka boss bond FBI soldiers not happy loves too visits pipi rihanna loves kiss OK..sex too..rihanna shows loves kiss..bed...kolo..citys see..oceans citys
Thanks for keeping everyone from going back to their ex’s!
Isaiah Tukuvaka
Loves knew rihanna mamas olds on minds Isaiah tukuvaka years signs if I Isaiah tukuvaka boss bond FBI soldiers at when do mission fats pipi sex rihanna plays for videos got OK..loves kiss OK..Isaiah loves sex lots OK..bros OK..kiss sweetest ..
A Duczxxx
September 19 2018 ?????? yow
Suryati Agustina
Who... with me in 2017 and still listening this song
kenia lucia de carvalho carvalho
I love rihanna
Danielle Herfst
Tadiesha Powell
Summer 2018
Regiane Margarida
Hit em 2018 kkkkk
Zuzanna Pluta
miss old Rihanna
MarcTheEvoker 53
2018? Anybody?
Memeh Favor
i love you rihanna
Ellie Hoaes
2018..her eyes
Killa Crip Ray
Rihanna went from "you look so dumb right now" to "work work work work" who's the one looking dumb now
Melanie Denise
You look so dumb rn,trying to apologize..very entertaining
After taking a bow , take a whoe !!! and from her take a blow !!!
Charlene Johnson
2018 still listening in my feeling
laini bounou
laisse les gens parler et puis choisi drak c un gentil garçon et oubli chris fait ta vie et lui la siene tu lapartion pas
Arla caldwell
that phone 😂😂 goalss
MiAngel Lee Edwards
2018 anyone ???
Zom Uwakweh
August 2018
Grace Sangtam
september 2018❤
Jenn E
She's the Queen. Not Beyuckce.
Muna A.
2017 gang where ya'll at???
Jesus Antonio Jimenez
dificita of USA media industry is 40 billion us dollor dificita of japnese stasion is 7 million yen on average dificita of local stasion is about 3 〜4 million japnese yen dificita of ANIME conics and their song market is 4.5 billion yen babies❤️
Quenn MM
Girl tell him! Why are you god damn pretty, god took his time with you ❤️🔥
Lisa Rose
some times people put this song on when their bf cheating on them🤔🤔
Trey Jones
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kingJJ Nelson gang
She no how to hit the notes
Mercy love
Miss old Rihanna please come back
Olivia machell Romine
Omg i love this song ❤
Jean yoojin
몇년이 지나도 띵곡😌👌
Pabitra Tamang
Really good song / Rihanna also looks beautiful
jamelia Narine
2018 alone maybe 2019 aswell lol
Summer Love
Anyone in 2018