Rihanna - Take A Bow

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Journie Davis
Kat Kuntly
*Me screaming this song at 9 years old like I've been cheated and used*
Who's still gonna be listening in 2019? I know I am!!❤️
kellyann noble
When all the girls wanted to cut their hair like Rihanna’s😭😛😍
roast kid
*How on earth did 2010 golden music vibes like these, Turn into songs today where U just scream GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG for fcking 3 minutes?*
Geyson Bahonni
Latasha Caldwell
Who’s watching this in 2018🤔???
A cup of tae with some suga and a kookie
my boyfriend cheated on me and I sang this to him and he was the judge he did not know that I knew he cheated on me and I brought my new boyfriend on stage and kissed him, in the end, he should have seen his face when I won the show
David Knippenberg
October 2018!
ava richardson
Listening to break up songs for no reason
FaZe Swan
Kiki Rombley
1st of N😄vember 2😎18 anyone else 🤔
DEREW Williams
"And the award for the best lie goes to you, for making me believe that you could be faithful me..." Sounds about right.
Jacob Laryea
Kylee-Anne Kihe
😭my boyfriend broke up with me, I should sing this to him if he ask me out again
David DiMuzio
Rihanna at her hottest. Loved the early years!
gilvanya Sousa
Alguém do Brasil em 2018
Top Hit
who is watching 2018?
AllThingsWith Debbie
who knows the whole lyrics to this song !!? I do lol
Dale Baker
Totally brillant and amazing. I hate it, when people say there's no good music today! This is class.
Chloe xoxo
October 2018?
Putri Wahyuni
nostalgic. especially the haircut
still 2018 ?!! this song is still amazing ! i covered it, hope u enjoy it :)
Michael De Los Santos
Really love how opposite the songs Unfaithful and Take A Bow. So Nostalgic ❤
Justin Terrell
When people come back to look at these videos it just shows how we all miss this kind of good music. When music was real & had a meaning to it.
Leozinho Fenty De Souza
Rihanna Te Amooo Música 2018???
Ashley Shaunlynn
November 2018 😍👀
Genesis Bello
October 2018 ❤️
Camren Nichole
Tsundzu Adelaide
Who's gonna be here in 2018
kiki badgal
2018 October?
patrick ngataierua
This song was the bomb well this era was should of just kept that eras music !!
สุภิญญา กัลยาณคุณากร
เธอสวยมากๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ จากนายชนะ ณ ปลัด
Sammy Macumber
Wow what successful song
Repeka Isara
Anyone else singing their heart out acting like someone played you 😂😂
Izabella Ursuliak
Hate liars in relationships the most. I mean she wrote this about one but she wrote Stay about Chris because he was damaged and witnessed abuse as a kid. I know it's strange but I have the same point of view as hers. Take A Bow is a really wise song
Jarvase O'Brian dundy
*This was every female anthem when it first came out* lol
Njato Njiva
still loving this <3
The Leslie Tripathy Legacy
oct 2018
Nachyra S.
Edit: I wonder when Rihanna was dating the guy that broke her heart, did she really burn't his clothes.
rubie hazel Gripon
I still love this even its november 2018!
So good!!2018??❤❤
Juston Millet
2018 ya
Jose Alves
Te amo melissa minha mel😭🙏💔☘️ porque vc se foi meu tô muito mal sem você só queria que vc voltasse pra mim meu coração tá doendo muito tá partido 😭💔 tá doendo muito aqui no peito volta pra mim pra eu para de sofrer vc era mais que uma cachorrinha era uma filha pra mim😭😭😭💔🙏 Pessoal quem aí entende a dor de perder um animal tão querido como se fosse filho dagente☘️😭😭💔💔🙏🐶🐩
Spirits Jamaa
Kenny Sheehan
Straight @ Chris (check please) you gotta watch Kenny Sheehan YouTube KFC it's 🔥
Prince Art
Shawn Matthew
WHO IS HERE AT 400mills!!!!🙌💁‍♀️😍
Nhaidel Queen
November 2018❤️
velisha frazier _
I miss these type of songs from her
benjamin tran
I miss old Rihanna
Jash Nelly
2009 omg really
kiki amelia
I love the old Rihanna, she look so fresh
Annife Brown
I love this song so much I would watch this even in 2030
Doom Bringer
2018 *AnYoNe*
gatcha videos
November 2018
baring nkan robert
Riri is just a 👑👑👑
Tatiane Silva
the best singer of today!!!!
joenique charles
October 14 2018????????
*2018 =]*
bara sarr
i was a little boy the first time i heard her voice .she is my only reason to learn english and now i speak english and i can understand what she sings
Carolayne Barbosa
2018? Aqui é navy na veia porra!!!
Maurizio Delfino - Uff. SV
Quanti ricordi.....
Kalanineiko Knight
2017? Anybody?
stephany tete
Caleb Jordan
This sounds very similar to Beyonce's Irreplaceable
Laila Nabuya
Don't tell me you're sorry, 'cause your not. 🎶
Kelvin Nyambego
I listen to this song and remember my first girlfriend, platonic relationship and good memories,..., i miss the days 2007
Kazz & Keiwop Boom
the fact that guy looks like chris brown.
Kiri Kiri
This literal acting... cute. And so corny lol.
สุภิญญา กัลยาณคุณากร
สุดยอดมากๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ จากนายชนะ ณ ปลัด
João vítor Desenhos Legais
Rihanna teve muitos rits nossa eu fico impressionado
Ani Yan
Armenia here🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲😍 2018? November 12?
Lawrence Kithinji
Back when music was sweet and realistic.
Lissa Jones
Canal Priscilla Oliveira Oficial
Rihanna diva sempre
Nondumiso Mthembu
She meant business..
John Vincent Almarez
2018 PHILIPPINES🇵🇭😍😍😍😍
killtheclown d
Who else has the green line at the right side of the screen
Grazielle Caldeira
Gosto gosto de mais
Black demon
Natalia Gillings
listening to this after a breakup < not recommend lol sat crying now
smiles all around
Take a shot every time she points at the camera 🍺
Love you Rih 🥰
Arman rezaie
Better than Black space
Just something I remember 0:02 Start
ditrinà xxx
2018 november!!!
Candypie 2010
The fact she driving mad slow lol snd his face when she leaves 😂 priceless
Astro Maddox
50k sad Guys
Jeninha Gordinha
amo essa musica❤❤
Cristiane Marques
Novembro 2018?
Paul Lockley
Love ya ri ri always babe love a rude boy bedock x x x x x 😇😇
Rocco Lleras
Who noticed that there is a slim green line on the right side of the screen of the video
10,000 Subscribers without videos challenge
Ella Beyb
November 2018 😍
Joshua Evans
Kyle Busch lol
Naimo badraan
November 2018 ...... ❤️
Anyssa Reyes
I'm glad I grew up with this kind of music
Rooh Soares
kuba murten
Nov 6 anyone???