The Killers - Get trashed

Another Good song =D GO KILLERS!

The song sounds sloppy on purpose. Its supposed to be how a person is feeling after they wake up painfully hung over after a drunken night of relationship problems. Its brilliant
Emilis Lupeikis
I read some people are saying this is terrible song. Well, maybe because the recording is kind of lo-fi. But I've never thought it was anywhere near bad song, I think this is one of top 10 emotional songs by The Killers. It has a bit of epic Everything Will Be Alright vibe( which is probably my favourite song by The Killers ). Great ballad, don't put it down just because of low recording quality. 
You either get it or you don't. Life expectations and perception.
Chëster Mölestêr
Andrea Dayanie
Good thing not included in the Hot Fuss I LOVE MY KILLERS but not liked it one bit
Well, to be honest, it gives me a head ache xD
Catherine Olmos
So much pain in his voice...
Draziel Gyffes
Im pretty sure the person behind this song is Brandon. He's a very sentimental guy as I am xD.
dany godoy enciso
First time I heard this: Holy shit this is horrible Second time: Mmm maybe its ok Third time: I'm loving it :D
Loveable Bryan
One my of favorites
Harom Farkas
i don't know what you're all talking about. i loved this. but opinions, opinions...
At night, Blast this song in your room, open the windows and throw yourself on the bed. Blink to the beat made by the intro and stare at the ceiling!! I am sure you will appreciate this song so much more! lol
Krullige Monst
We have to agree, this is by far their worst song.
Tamta Gvelesiani
I have listened that song first time a few minutes ago and turn it on once again... they were young :))) Love them <3 <3
How do I download this?? I have a mac and every copy I try to get is for a pc or I have to download a program to play it ie imesh... :(
Michael A
Listen to the vocal delivery and the melody. It's disgusting, abrasive, and repulsive. However, I still think it's good in a sense, because I assume that particular brand of crappiness was an effect they tried to create to represent in the feel of the song the feel of the persona.
How is it purposely bad? I don't even think it's bad at all. I like it. It was early in their career so they weren't as experienced.
Michael A
Yeah, but the crapness is definitely on purpose. No one makes a song this bad without trying. I sort of respect it, and enjoy it because it's amusingly bad, but I certainly don't like it the way I normally like music.
It's on the second disc of Hot Fuss Limited Edition Boxset
You should listen to Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf and Midnight Show. It's a trilogy of songs.
Leandro V
This single song is worth listening 1000 more times than the whole Battle Born.
Now I know what had happened before he decide to take Jenny for a walk on the promenade.
Similar in execution to reel big fish's drunk again. Playing the song as it would have been sang.
This song IS good...
You're just making up your own theories...
Now i love it god
"Your confusion's got me so confused!" Lol that's so.....confusing! XD
The first time at the start it hurts your ears but at the second time you play it it is totally awesome and maybe its not my favorite song but its actually pretty good
"What happens in Vegas, stays in my stereo."
lmao, I love how they won't even acknowledge this song anymore. Bad example for the kiddos.
Breno Pinto
love this song *-*
Daniel Boni
The Killers have NO BAD SONGS!! What's this "Get trashed"? Sounds good! I'll bet it'll be....................... FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
Desmond Turner
Huh this is funny it looks like they where trying something new like they did in the album day and age
it would be really easy to filter out that reversed snare (that's what it sounds like) and replace it with something else melodic or percussive yourself.
Marvin the Martian
they should go back and change some things, and then i think the song could actually be pretty awesome =) although i kinda dislike it as it is ><
By far my favorite killers song. Because of being Mr. Brightside too much I suppose.
pretty terrible.
me and my ex used to drink to this sad right lol
jesus christ people get a clue. the scratchy background and down voice set the mood for the song. its all symbolism. like in the song a crippling blow, when he screams "a crippling blow!!" there is a sort of electronic breakdown noise shortly after, it symbolises the feelings of the person in the song. this ones scratchy probably because of the thoughts running through his head. it kinda sounds similar to having a headache. hes got nowhere to turn but the bottle.
Slick Studios
@ThgDarkchild i feel like that too lol
Robert Barrie
I love The Killers, but this really isn't a good song. It has the makings of one, but that dreadful backing sound needs getting rid of.
I like this song. -Brooke
really love this song, and it says you can download it from itunes but i cant seem to find it anywhere, can anyone help please ?
Hurry Ticonderoga
thanks for this song! i love the killers, I do not speak English very well, but thanks xD gracias!!! bueno si hablo ingles pero me falta aprender! xD
Myles Frampton
2:30 i like this guitar solo ,one of the best
Julia Perez
this reminds me of an old green day song. cant place which one though.
very angsty - but his vocals are awful here ... no control and, at places, forced!
Oh dear. This gives me headache. You can't be the best all the time, right?
lmfao, i forgot all about this song. god, makes me laugh so much.
If this song had a better music it would be awesome!!
Matthew Compton
why wont they?
Doctor Doom
This is a masterpiece what r u talking about the Killers are awesome!!!
i loveeeee this songggg<33
Little Heebum
love it :DD everything will be alright...if i get trashed tonight... ^.^
Matthew Oswald
when I say I agree, I mean with katastrophic and sarahxsaturday.
Matthew Oswald
I agree completely.
umm,the sand paper isnt making the song good.
If this song had a better music it would be wonderful!!
Curtis Roach
why is everybody complaining about the quality of the song and how dirty it sounds. That's kind of the point isn't it? The song is called get trashed for goodness song. I love how raw it sounds and think it is a great song
Kyle Lahr
that's kinda the point of the song luvena07 lol
Michelle Furey
would someone be able to send this to me? PLEEEEEEEEEASE? :)
that sound of 'trashbags rubbing together' or whatver the heck it is, sounds very distracting fromt he beauty of the song. haha
Sebastiano Ronzulli
It's a fake!!!
Luvena Petty
i love the killers but they sound trashed doing this tune...
does anyone have this song??
hand job
well..he said he has his second baby coming on its im guessing everythings finee..?
hand job
he hasnt had his wedding ring on these past few weeks on national tv
hand job
the lyrics are great but i think he was 'getting trashed' before recording this...very strong words thoughh..and i wonder who brooke is..?
First thoughts were what the hell is that grating sound,and why wont it go away. Then the lyrics and singing really struck a chord with me.I am now officially hooked. itunes purchase here I come.
hand job
what are the settings to the guitar solo? like delay, reverb, destortion, etc..because its the same sound as the solo in Everything Will Be Alright off Hot Fuss. thanks peoplee(:
the lyrics buddy...the lyrics
Joe Medforth
Definitely. But I think it's good. They all provide a little taste of what the Killers might bring us in the future. I'd love to see a smaller, intimate album from the boys next, perhaps with re-recordings of songs like this, Replaceable, Desperate and Where Is She? and whatever new stuff they can come up with.
Cathal White
Thank God Brandon's singing has improved a bit from there...I dont like it tbh
Crunch Buttsteak
how can you say this song is aweful... i just heard it tonight and im hooked on it
Jazmine Celis
i love the guitar
I've realize that the "B" sides and the unreleased songs are very different from the concep of the albums. Like sawdust, many of those song wouldn't realy fit in any of the other records, and I like that. The hard part is kepping track of all of those, jojojojojojo
so true. but its a catch 22 you lose or you lose - reinvent your sound and you have changed too much, stay with the same sound and your a 1 trick pony. im glad that hot fuss sams town and day and age are so different lol
lacey angulo
either way im excited bcuz i LOOOVE THEM!! and i am seeing them in 3 days!!! woo this is the wooooooooorld tht we live in!!!!!!
lacey angulo
any idea of when this may be coming out? .......
get TRASHED.. maybe they know this song is absolutely trash.. I hope they think so
lacey angulo
do u know where said people have heard of this? bcuz tht would be soooo dope! dey is da coolest band inda uni!
Edward Wilkinson
wait r u serious? all covers that sucks well they did good with romeo and juliet
lacey angulo
wait what! their next album is gun be coversss!!!????? que wait ! why wasnt i told of this!?
Sean Lamb
its too bad their next album is gonna be covers =[
OMG, he sounds like he is... geez, brandon. some on hey?
does anyone have this mp3? (a)
hand job
im gullible haha :p
Naomi Elliott
Where can you buy this, since it's not on iTunes?
I know! Juts like Hot Fuss, every song on Sawdust has been my favorite for who knows how many times now!
Alyssa Goodwin
hahahahahaha this is funny and cute =)
Yes, yes YES! I was just saying that the other day! Sawdust blew my mind!!!
fuck! they rocks! the killers are very fuckin cool
Man, why isn't this on iTunes? What's wrong with them?
Alyssa Goodwin
I totally agree =) But he's still great.
la f
omfg, "get trashed" i love the frat boy lingo LOL
I think the sound kinda fits, if you think about the lyrics...someone who's drunk and kinda pissed, you know? Meh, I'm probably one who likes this sing, judging by the comments. ;p
With some polishing could be a good song. Lyrics are good, its just too shoegazey.
Ben Cadge
i agree my freind, evry killers song has grown on me the killers r masters x
you aint true killers fans then!..listen..then listen'll grow on me KILLERS ROCK