Robin of Sherwood The Two Robins

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My first video on robin of Sherwood. It is a video about Robin of Sherwood from series 1 and 2 and Robert of Huntington (Robin of Sherwood ) from series 3. I made this as a surprise for a friend. The track used is Caislean Oir from series 3 of Robin of Sherwood.

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Claire O'Brien
Robin of Sherwood was quite simply way ahead of its time, so atmospheric , better than any Robin Hood movie ever made!
Addicted To Trance
Only Michael Praed...
bonjaro look
Our chilehood made so beautiful this all. Robin hood u ill die with me because still feeling awesome....
N Petkar
Clannad such an amazing haunting score for this superb celtic irish band
Kathy Busick
At the end of season 3 time of the wolf they showed a scene where a guy is in bed damaged is that supposed to be Michael praed anybody know?
Christian Gehrke
They should have Made a Reunion Movie, where The 2 Robins fight side by side
Artamus Sumatra
ROS will always be the definitive version of the Legend. I really like both Robins. It was a brilliant idea not to just recast the same exact character with a completely different Actor. As for individual episodes, I do tend to prefer watching season 3 tad bit more. For me, the camaraderie between Huntingdon, and the merries was perfect. Gulnar was a fantastic recurring Villain, and the chemistry between the Sherif, and Guy got even better. King John was superb too, and I wish there had been a season 4, so we could have seen more of the delightfully crazy Queen Isabella. Loxley was great too, but he could be a little too hard headed, and stern at times. However, I definitely also enjoy seasons 1, and 2, and I think the 2 parters "Robin hood and the Sorcerer" , and "The Swords of Wayland" should have been released theatrically, they are imho the best Robin hood movies ever made.
I can cry now...
'Caislean Oir' eh? Good to use a Clannad album track that wasn't on Legend.
Big fan of Michael, not so fussed on Jason.  Good vid though comparing the two in the role of Hearns Son.  I've always thought on the song used as being Roberts/Jasons theme.
Simon wadsley
having the 2 robins and having the hooded man as mantle rather than just one man added an extra layer to it both great robins
Robert McElwaine
Michael Praed was great and really made you believe in the character and brought conviction and personality while Jason Connery was dull as dishwater. He just had no charisma what so ever, and to think that Paul McGann who is a much better actor was passed over after auditioning for the part. The producers really screwed the pooch with their choice.
Iridia Furnival
Is Maith Liom Clannad