IT'S HENSHIN TIME! The History of Super Sentai & Power Rangers - Part 3: The Marvel Connection

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In this third part of our retrospective/documentary series we explain the collaboration between Toei and Marvel and how it effected the Super Sentai Series, We also cover Japanese Spider-Man, Battle Fever J, Denshi Sentai Denziman(or Denjiman), and Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! />

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You'd think with the popularity of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe they would allow the Spider-Man Tokusatsu, Battle Fever J, Denziman, and Sun Vulcan to be released to DVD/Blu-Ray here in the States
Question: In Gokaiger, Gokeired's name is Captain Marvelous. Was that an intentional nod to Marvel, or just a freaky coincidence? I tried looking it up but found nothing.
joshua frazier
Actually Supaidaman had a pretty badass origin story.  I hear that they are actually including him in the Spider-Verse crossover with every other Spider-Man. 
Quisim Bryant
The Emissary of HELL, Spider-Man!!
You got something wrong about Battle Fever J The first team to have an active member die was go ranger when they replace Kiranger
After hearing that Stan Lee tried to adapt Super Sentai, Marvel should have bought Power Rangers.
I'm pretty sure that Goranger was the first sentai to both replace and kill a Ranger. Kiranger left to become the new commander and a new Kiranger was brought on board, but he was killed 13 episodes later and the original had to rejoin. And please tell me your not skipping Goggle V for Dynaman. Stll really enjoyed it.
Caleb Willis
Part 3 was awesome!!! I'm actually glad it came out now, since I'm taking a grad school course on Graphic novels and comic books currently. I knew that the Marvel partnership went through Denziman, but had no idea that it influenced Sun Vulcan as well, nor did I know that Stan Lee wanted to bring Sentai to America and use American actors. Interesting fact! It was also nice seeing that short Stan Lee interview clip regarding his relationship with Toei. You guys do such amazing work with this series, and it shows the amount of care and time you take into each episode. I look forward to the next entry and hear more about the Dynaman parody that made it to America
Keith Knox
I really wish that there was more influence on the American side. Japan took concepts from America and made them their own but did America manage to make anything new that became a big hit during that collaboration period?
I had no idea that from a certain angle, Stan Lee is the reason we have Megazord battles. His legacy is far bigger then I realized.
Intro is still way too long, but this was a good episode orherwise
+Toy Bounty Hunters +toybounty is there a part 4?
God...That Dynaman parody is what I wouldv'e expected to see on youtube about 5 years ago.
Great video. I posted it over to Henshin Justice Unlimited. Side note, I'm on a PC and heard the Dynaman part just fine.
Chanler Bordeaux
Best part ever!
YES! Hope everyone likes it, it was truly a labor of love. 
Nice, but you see Toei went to Marvel about producing a Tokusatsu based on a Marvel hero, as American comic books were also popular at the time. Sad that there is NO mention of the Shogun Warriors Marvel comic (which I'm sure was part of the deal) nor was any mention of Marvel Productions' later usage of Toei Animation. You didn't have to go into detail, just briefly mentioning them would be enough.
The "messenger from hell" thing can also be a language difference. There are some things that there aren't words for in other languages. The word that they used "hell" in place of could be something else. It could also be like saying "your worst nightmare" or "the one who will damn you to hell."
Jonathan Adams
Hopefully the wait for part 4 isn't as long as it was for part 3
Really looking forward to the next one :O
Thanks for uploading Part 3. I can't wait for part 4.
Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana
raise your hand if you wanna see these marvel sentai appear in marvel games, like Ultimate Alliance or Marvel Heroes
Jonathan and Matthew's FunTime
you forgot to say Denjiman is the first sentai to use a returning actor which was Battle Kenya which plays DenjiBlue
Dark Advent
OMG!!!! I didn't knew that they were planning a Crossover between Denziman and Sun Vulcan. It should have been AWESOME. I just wish that I could go back in time to help Marvel to got a TV Channel to Feature Super Sentai SINCE Battle Fever J with a sticky name like Power Rangers: Battle Fever (Im not trying to be Original) and to make all the future sentai with the same stories, AS MINIMUM DUBBED. And, before Gokaiger, They could do an "American Effects and Cast" movie with GoRanger and JAKQ setting them as Movies (Maybe Series) as a PROLOGUE to explain why their Gokaiger Version can CHANGE TO THEM explaining them as FORERUNNERS. Well, thats only my opinion.
Usually this stuff is boring to watch. But when it is about something you like it's not boring!
Malyssa Trouble
Holy shit I love Dynaman so much. My biological father recorded a ton of Night Flight, and I wore out the tapes watching Dynaman over and over again. Apparently they used a Dynaman key in Super Megaforce, but they didn't morph into them, which is hella lame, considering how important that show is to the history of power rangers. Also, since watching this episode, I now know four things about Spiderman: 1.) He drives a giant robot 2.) he's a six foot tall spider 3.) he's Italian and 4.) he's the messenger from hell. Sounds like a cool guy, all things considered.
Leandro Kuraoka
I did not know about sun vulcan bê a sequel.... Great program, and will be great if you talk a little about all japanese sentai series
Dan Truong
how many parts is this whole documentary gonna be?
Part 4 Any time soon guys?
So Marvel whas the leader for Santai interesting
Tommy Brennan
I'm happy that everyone enjoys watching these as much as we love making them! Thank you all for the continued support!
Really great episode! Do any of you have speculations on what could have happened if Marvel got what they were looking for? Would the Power rangers formula have been as well received without the nineties pop culture boom as we know it?
Nadeem Hosein
Very well executed!
Very informative so.far guys
Neat looking forward to the next one
I would really like for the Japanese version of Spiderman to at least have it's own issues of comics in Marvel, yes I know he was in a Marvel comic but can he at least have own series of comic books!? It looks like a really concept for a comic book series.
Gary Chan
thank you for the part 3 ^-^
Leopardon is the powerful giant robot of them all. Even stronger than Guren Lagann, Turn A, and Demonbane. No joke.
Jason T Scott-West
When will part IV be coming out?
Justin Sigler
Luv it, when is the next 1
There were anime series that were forerunners of the Sentai rangers series, too. Two of the big ones were Cyborg 009 from the 1960s and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman from the early 1970s. Gatchaman is more obvious because of the traditional superhero team outfits with helmets and winged capes... It also has a 5-member team with an obvious central field leader, a mentor/Professor X character behind the scenes (Dr. Nabu), and a female team member (Jun, G-3). Their powers are largely redundant although their vehicles have individual specialties (fighter jet, race car, ATV, motorcycle, mother ship). Heck, the vehicles even come together and plug into each other to form a complete mecha! (The God Phoenix). It's not quite like Voltron in the 1980s (which is more like the Power Rangers/Sentai Rangers Zords) but it's a similar concept. Cyborg 009 is different... The characters clearly have different abilities, much less overlap there but still wear a team suit design (colors changing among the different C-009 series). In some ways, C-009 is actually quite a bit like the relaunched mid-1970s X-Men title with the international team of mutants. C-009 also has its international, racially diverse cast of cyborg characters which is very different for a Japanese anime/manga series...
Primus Productions
No mention of Tatsunoko's Science Ninja Team Gatchaman?
Enrique Del Risco
Fun fact: Machiko Soga also voiced Great Britain/Cyborg 007 in the 1960s anime adaptations of Cyborg 009 (007 was depicted as a 7-year-old boy, whereas in the manga and more recent adaptations, he's middle-aged man).
Ariel Wollinger
Awesome. Except for the religious mumbo jumbo at the credits.
Wait yellow goranger was replaced and the replacement died
Kono Dio Da!!
Spoiler alert the orange guy died in battle fever J
Awesomely awesome.
Thomas Liu
We need more ring morphers in Super Sentai.
Solly sussman
We need a modern day update of the toku Spider-Man. Kinds like how they brought back the Space Sheriffs and Kikaider.
Marty Carman
How does spiderman have a megazord
The Man From Krypton
Imagine if the Avengers were sentai-fied, would they all be armored up like Iron Man, or carry weapons - like someone wielding the hammer of Thor, the Shield of Cap, the bow from Hawkeye, Black Widow's stingers and Falcon's wings...
Gatta Harmon
The Kicker Pro
Very Pro!!!
Ah, the parody dub of Dynaman. Can't wait to learn more about it, assuming you can get the next part out before Linkara finishes his next few History of Power Rangers series installments, that is.
Battle Cossack is a Communist. LOL
What's the song starting at 0.30?
Christopher Allen
I was excited to see this!
I thought it was Denjiman instead of Denziman. Which one is it? :/
firedrake burst
The team members of Battler Fever should of been from the country that each ranger is based on.
Please please please look in to the camera. This is basic stuff.
kind giving it a new twist on Spiderman, next they should do something with DC Comics!
Anthony Dark
So good, really enjoy this series! Hurry up with the next one! :p
michael anthony hilario
I can't wait for part 4. Oh do not think of Dyanaman will appear on super megaforce. Gees Luckily Saban plans for their 90's ideal for the power rangers
Keegan Douglass
steven hibbert
peofessor monster not very subtle is it
wheres part 4!!! loving these so far. +ToyBountyHunters 
so technically spiderman had the first megazord
Landin Stewart
that was really great i love watching this very well put documentary i hope the next part comes out quick as possible
Kristie Kat
Very sad truth: Sun Vulcan wouldn't fly well today, especially since the lack of female rangers would make the SJWs scream, especially the feminazis.
Minh Hoang Pham
where did you get the dairanger bgm? i've searched for them so long espacially the one at 12:08 and didnt get any clue for them :(
Can't wait for the next one.
Kent Brown
SPOILLER Anyone wonder if the Denziman know that Hedrian been defeated and what you think they were doing while Sun Vulcan where fighting her I now its just a show but I still find it hilarious that the Denziman were pretty much like Hedrian gone she not dead she just vanished so were gonna stop being the Denziman
ProtoZero 2000
wow gingaman ost
Elver Galinda
What is the song you used for the intro?
Also Battle Fever has their own Marvel Universe. Earth-79203
Very well made video, I never knew that Queen Hedoron was inspired by a Marvel character. Informative and cool, can't wait for part 4.
D. R. Yeisley's Creations
hmmm I wonder what Stan Lee's Power Rangers would've been like....
Logan Moore
Does an Orange Ranger appear later on?
more more more please do more!!!! im loving this
Ryan Kadlec
in 1978, Toei and Marvel agreed to have Spider-Man to japan. Toei's Spider-Man was first aired a year after the short-lived Spider-Man TV Series first aired on CBS. they're no Spider-Man movies until 2002 with Sam Rami's Spider-Man and its two sequels until Marc Webb's short-lived Amazing Spider-Man film series came in from 2012 to 2014. a solo Spider-Man movie will be made and released in July 2017, a year after his MCU debut in Captain America: Civil War.
Dominick Krikke
haha marvel is the heart of every superhero IP in exsistance nowadays.
Logan Moore
Where's the next part?
Cmdr.Gamera 40
Yikes! Krybots! At least I think they're krybots?
Raul Cardenas
so is there an ETA for part 4?
The miracle
What was up with that handshake ? That's not how you do that
Part IV please
This series of videos is so good :D
Youtu ber
Actually, Machiko Soga had played a minor villain in Battle Fever J.
Román Sansores García
I think you should talk about the super sentai in other parts of the world, even if is just for a moment. Like flashman and liveman and changeman in LatinAmerica and Spain please :')
Crazed Player
what were the songs used in making this video. please these songs are really good to my ears, reminds me of the 90s and 80s super sentai
Lou Guevara
thanks guys really love these!
Those "looking off camera" segments are so funny xD
that where you are wrong the first one to replace and died  was from the first sentai goranger character name daigoro kumano appear in episode 55 and last appear in episode 67  
Carlo Ignacio
Ugrhh.... To be continue again in six months. Cmon toy bounty hunter you're the only channel here in youtube that made this stuff. Make it faster lol
Eccentric Cookie
what is the intro theme called
Victor Colon
I didn't understand something logical like a Sun Vulcan/Denjiman team-up did not happen. Hedrian was the link. For that matter, I didn't like the fact that none of the 80s Sentai teams had teamed-up. Marvel worked with Toei. Marvel made a Power Rangers comic. Disney bought Power Rangers. Later, Saban Brands re-buy PR. Then, Disney buys Marvel. Marvel had its share of big robots: Shogun Warriors, Red Ronin (designed to fight Godzilla) and Hasbro's The Transformers (who Spider-Man met in 1984). Marvel also had a Godzilla comic. Toku was good here.
Great video. Looking forward to part 4.
Rob Montgomery
really sun vulcan and denziman did have movie together bu it was only released at the time.
So are you guys going to skip the majority of the Soda era and just straight into Zyuranger?