Robin of Sherwood

Robin of Sherwood music video. I only used the first two seasons. Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten Music: Enya & Clannad - The Gael

why use music from tlotm when Clannad gave us a perfectly good soundtrack?
Of *course* you only used the first 2 seasons...there only *were* 2 seasons! 🤣 Granted, there was *supposed* to be a season 3, wherein Robin wins back Marion (i.e. persuading her to leave the Abby and rejoin him in the forest), but it was never made, because of the rising costs of the show, despite its popularity. Sounds a lot like the original "Battlestar Galactica" and a bunch of *other* shows that ended *way* too soon. Oh well... the best we can do for closure *here* is watch the film "Robin and Marian". 😉
Enar Markvart
Danny Connors
lovely it brings me back to when robin of Sherwood began back in the 80s especially strangeland and now is here brilliant
Tomasz Skupniewicz
a perfect match: the last of the woods:)
Mieszko Rutkowski
This is not 'Robin Hood's' music, it's from 'The Last of the Mohicans'. But both theese films are amazing.
beautiful music and beautiful vid, thanks very much :) RoS is an amazing show :D
Helen Trope
@newsatone Jason Connery took over from this one (Michael Praed)
Was it this Robin or the blonde one who took over from this one thst was Sean Connerys son?
Sapphire .Seahorse
I <3 this show forever..Always reminds me of my happy childhood and it's still the best Robin show and always will be..:)
" I will foind you,stay aloive,just stay aloive..",um, That music so fits,thanks for the juxtoposition,next time I walk my dog near Sherwood Forest(or disapointingly small bit of woodland as locals know it) I'll be keeping my eyes out for Huron in the trees as well as Normans or Templers:)
@aimlessjoe YES, there is NO doubt about it!!!
This Robin is the best of the best.
Alisha Nalan
Nothing`s forgotten, nothing`s ever forgotten!!!
yo vi esta serie o que tiempos aquellos como se llama el actor que hace el papel de roobin
@T0mat0S0up I agree. One could claim it was self indulgent. Film makers now still admire those techniques but don't use it. It's time consuming, costly, and some would say detracts from the story/action. I don't agree though. It was the subtle attention to detail, backlighting, low panning shots & use of filters that made it compelling. HTV were told to go away and demonstrate what they could do. They sure did it and today many of them are BIG in the industry.
@CitizenAngel I don't think this can be said of the Praed episodes, but the Connery ones I completely agree! They were struggling against an extra long shoot, a new star, different writers and trying to impress the yank backers. The later led them to make some very silly claims that backfired, and produce less fluid, fantasy-based stories that didn't make sense. It became almost style over substance at times, JC couldn't carry the show so everyone else was required to.
Gaia Seraphina
Wonderful series! I loved Michael as Robin and Judi as Marian! ^^
Jo Burton
This series was made before the Film "The Last of the Mohicans" and the maker of the video has chosen to use "The Gael" by Dougie Maclean as background music. Most suitably.
The Artful Dodger
thought this was from "last of the mohicans"
so gskowal this version of robin hood was filmed in the 80's and the last mohican was filmed WHEN excactley!!! oh AND JUST TO CLARIFY it was also in cliff hanger.
something about 80s filming technology makes this even more haunting when looking back.
Robin of Sherwood kultowy fim i fenomenalna muzyka ..
LadyJay Gaming
it not a movie it tv program that went on for 4 years
I watched this movie in 80s in USSR so far i think its the best Robin Hood movie - very long but realy interesting with a sad ending.
call me crazy, but isn't this the music from braveheart?
same for me lol
klaudia klee
Przeciez to jest glowny temat z filmu;OSTATNI MOHIKANIN;z reszta moj ulubiony.
Karen Osment
What a terrific piece of music - atmospheric, and some equally terrific clips. Although, it was a tragedy to see Michael Praed leave the show, his last episode as Robin of Loxley was just excellent; compelling viewing; loved everything about his character - he was, and in my opinion, still is the only Robin Hood for me.
Absolute classic, more sweet memories.
Thank you! It's a pleasure to watch; you've included almost all my favourite scenes, and paced them pretty well too. Plus, great, dramatic ending!
It's from the soundtrack from the last of the Mohicans.
Can you tell me what album you found this track on?
i love you.Ive been searching for this song a long long time.thank you.