Japan : History of Japan's Ancient and Modern Empire (Full Documentary)

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Japan : History of Japan's Ancient and Modern Empire (Full Documentary) . 2013 This documentary as well as all of the rest of these documentaries shown here . İnteresting make salad video: /> />Japan History of Japan's Ancient and Modern Empire Full Documentary. Japan : History of Japan's Ancient and Modern Empire (Full Documentary) . 2013 This documentary as well as all of the rest of these documentaries shown here . The Edo period (江戸時代 Edo jidai), or Tokugawa period (徳川時代 Tokugawa jidai), is the period between 1603 and 1868 in the history of Japan, when Japanese society.

History Japan's Ancient Modern Empire

princess of spades
Tian Yang Zhang
Japan is an island of the coast of the Pacific Ocean filled with volcanoes and it's BEAUTIFUL
Jay Rilley
knock knock, it Europe. No they came here not to take over, they just want to sell some sht, like clock, gun and JESUS
rj 22
What a nice yellow time scroll bar
Jack Ripper
I'm glad Japan and U.S. are allies
Too many ads makes it unwatchable
Keirs Lee
🎼🇯🇵How about SUNRISE LAND🎼🇯🇵
I bet you made TONS of ad rev off of this. Look at all those ads!
I like how the first few comments were from users who watched Bill Wurtz's 'History of Japan'.
Jack Slash
A good documentary ruined by the obscene amount of adverts!!
I understand westerners (Christians) played a role in the history of Japan. But the whole series is conveniently centered around key events with the West. They totally skip thousands of years of history before Westerners arrive in Japan. And once Japan closes its doors to the West, they skip 200 years of history until the Americans arrive. Seriously?
Вячеслав Иванов
Документальная передача об средневковой Японии
Luke Matthews
Who would waste their time watching this
Michael Nguyen
I'm ashamed to admit I'm here because of Nioh...
Perhaps the most cultured feudal society ever to have existed.
Aotearoa Excubitores
This is one of the Best documentary about Japan's history. Ignore the bad comments makes it better
Shogun sent me here
little japan
RKRts Animations
my god man, i have NEVER seen so many ads in a youtube video
mariko miyamoto
i expect acient history of japan. japan has at least 2600 years history, this video shows only recent 300 years history
old channel
sorry, but were the emperors not at all important during this time? Because there is no mention of them whatsoever ?
P a s u t e r u
2 HOURS ill watch bill wurtz instead
Japan was barbarian image in East Asia lol Respect Perry from USA
long live the japanese emperor!!!
jadyn jones
So many ads holy shit
Perspires audibly.
Videos like these should have comments disabled.
Xai CricketEmpress
I like how this is title Japan's Ancient Empire but it starts in the Muromachi Era (1300s-1600s) and not at the very least the Asuka Era (500s-700s). I'm tired of searching for "ancient Japanese history" and only hearing about samurai and Sengoku warring states and arrival of the dutch in something that should be about the Fujiwara or the first emperor and his and later on wars where the Mongols attempt invasion but all anyone seems to care about is when the fucking westerners got there to see samurai and "it's SO different" and blah blah blah.
Not able to enjoy this piece of excellence because YouTube have riddled the whole two hours with adverts every two minutes. Thanks for ruining this for me YouTube.
Matt Trasmuskin
america may be fucked but we have a lot of freedoms. unfortunately with every we bill they pass they make loopholes where we lose certain freedoms
How bout we do anyway
Isaiah DeMoss
Im boycotting this video do to all the ads. I hope you don't get a penny you sellout.
bone mastergaming
hey guys did u notice that korean chinese and japanese culture are similar to each other !
well it was either watch this or watch a lying hack youtuber who doesnt know what grass roots means to learn about this period.
Sebastian Diaconu
man ... fuck usa right?
Mia Nakano
All ruling classes throughout history every where are fucked up. Japan is no exception. My ancestors have excellent aesthetics doe.
Ene Illaj
Do not read the comments.
Tommy Gunz
they dont want people to watch how europeons were savages to the japanese
i like showers
nothing about the boshin war... damn
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Hun Király
To force a country to open its doors in front of an other (stronger) country is called imperialism and conquest. The US called itself the land of freedom and democracy, however it behaved like a tyrant. Already in the 1850s. But the same behavior of Japan was not tolerated by the US during the 1930s and 40s, and the US called Japan an aggressor, an enemy of freedom and democracy. Really? The US wasn't an aggressor and an enemy of freedom and democracy for the same reason one hundred years earliar? And the US continues its behavior since then, and it plans to do so in the future. This endeavor of the US is officially called "Project for a new American century".
Abbe Mårtensson
Europeans shaped the world.
Knock Knock It's the United States With huge boats With guns on them Gunboats *OPEN THE COUNTRY* *STOP HAVING IT BE CLOSED*
Near the ending of this documentary, the arrogance and bullying tactics of the American Perry, makes me so deeply ashamed of my country.  But it's the past, it's already written.  Still, I wish people could comport themselves in a more civilized manner than, "I've got more guns, so give me what I want."  These precedents have set up the beginnings of the imperialistic ways in which my country behaves in the present.  Shameful.
hand gun, canon, hand grenade were all invented by the Chinese, not Europeans. japan basically copied everything from China before ww1. After ww1 japan started copied everything from the west , the name japan aka Nippon aka the Land of the Rising Sun is given and ordered by the empress of China during Tang Dynasty, because japan is located east of China, sun rise in the east before it reach China. japan is a small island country, a culture of copy cat, a culture of pirate loot and rob at the east coast of China because it lacks resources.
John Jones
This documentary is amazing! I have learnt a lot about both Japanese history and culture. Thankyou!
William Sexton
so many commercials its actually unwatchable. one ever 2-5min. that's no exaggeration.
I always wanted​ to go to japan
Drunken Hedgeie
I like the bill wurtz one better
Seeing so many comments complaining about excessive amounts of ads, while there’s not a single ad in this video as I’m watching it. Weird.
So to sum it up, the Japanese warred among each other for a long time till peace was had. They then had peace for a long time. They saw issues arising and fixed them by closing their "doors" (perfectly within their right as a sovereign nation). Peace remained. Then the USA decided to be douchbags and "force" a sovereign nation to let them in "or else". This put Japan in a situation where they either had to comply or lose their sovereign rights. So basically, had the USA respected Japan and let them continue doing their thing, Japan today would probably still be at peace yet rather primitive compared to other nations. Knowing what I know, modern life has its perks, but it's a lot more stressful. There is something special about more primitive times. This something special has been long forgotten by most. We now live in a world where the majority are slaves for the minority. The majority have no real say or power. The minority have no respect for the majority, yet the majority unknowingly give the minority its power. If you enjoy your slavery, then go back to doing what you were doing and continue living your hollow existence.
Custom and culture are primarily from China
The origin of Japanese civilization, in fact, began from the Qin Dynasty in China, the Qin Dynasty Xu Fu led a group of boys and girls came to the Japanese archipelago, multiply to today, during which a lot of Chinese culture, combined with their own national conditions, produced Japan Culture, like the Japanese culture, in order to trace the source, have to understand the Chinese culture!
i saw all this information and more in 9 minutes with a funny singing guy
Juan Carlos
Compared to Japan as an Empire, Europe is just annoying, uneducated and sort of uncivilized.
La Tui
Missionaries are the scourge of the Earth, and this documentary disappointingly focused to much on that initial influence.  So glad Japan has done well resisting them.
Dylan Frappier
What Song is at 1:20:37-1:20:54 ?
James Secor
Ieyasu was born into a small, not so important daimyo family. And, NO, the samurai did not rule by the sword with any kind of "waay." The weapon of choice for the samurai was the bow. They were masters! Only after the establishment of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the settled, government way of life did the samurai come up with a "way of the sword."
Birdy Queen
방숭이는 핵이 약이다.
할아버지가 일제시대 일본순경에 놋쇠와 쌀 소를 전쟁자금으로 내지않는다고 버티다 검으로 복부를 찔리셨다고한다...또한 마을에 어린딸이 일본순경에의해 끌려갈때 그녀의 아버지는 성노예로 끌려간다는 소문을듣고 저지하다 총에맞고 일본헌병들이 목을참수했다고 들었다
Rachel McGahey
Can someone please send me a link for a doco that actually tells you the whole history of Japan 😵😵 I can't find a good one anywhere!!
200% SMUG
When will Dan Carlin do a damn Japan episode of Hardcore History!
I'm trying to watch japanese history, and this just seems to be about white people "discovering" Japan, and what they think of it... I'm pretty sure Japan's history didn't begin when the white man found it. (yes lets have the unbathed dirty white christian men with no manners, teach a far more civilised group of people how to live) I'm trying to learn Japanese history from the beginning, before missionaries fucked it up. Why does japanese history always start with europeans, is there a documentary that pre-dates this? One about Japan's history, culture and way of life from the regular everyday people and not just what happened since white men realized they existed?
Sauve Kordia Siregar
those ads tho
Trav Mills
Too many ads!
Elliot N Donovan
Wwhy is there a commercial every 3 minutes?!
Harsh Mishra
Look at the freaking amount of ads man
Defne K
8:01 (ignore my comment)
Cosmic Gam3r
History channel needs to have a show set in Japan during the feudal era
Tommy Gunz
why so many comercials
Chris King
Should have titled this " How many commercials can one put in a doc. before people go to a different site?" bye
요맞는말 인거같은데
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Full of crap ads. I don't want to pay for downloading. Poor effort.
YouKai Kerry
what a nice time loking at crappy ads for two hours
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Why so many ads in one 2 hour and 45 minute video. Some others of this length has less then this video!!!😠😠😠😠
Maryam Rouf
Interesting documental about the rising empire of Japan, most important in the Tokugawa era. But something don't like too many advertisings running in the video every 5 minutes, losing the concentration in watching the documental.
Remember the Ainu
Geraldine Erline
Random Guy
Wait what... 360p is Maximum Video Quality and you really hit ads EVERY TWO MINUTES? :-O Dafuq is wrong with you, dude
Jose 2018!
Iron ox? Anyone?
Too many ads - thumbs down and stopped watching.
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Sorry, too many ads
the amount of adds though
"Their writing is different because they write top to bottom instead of left to right." Not because they hardly use an alphabet and have to memorize thousands of individual characters representing entire words and concepts or anything.
Anton Romalijskij
why is there soooo many ads in this!?
Jossette King
What? Couldn't squeeze a few more commercials in? I wanted to enjoy this documentary, but couldn't because of the constant interruption of commercials. After 15 minutes, I gave up.
Ariel Valencia
very nice documentary
joking with these commercials?
metheflower ofcarnage
What's with the 50 million adverts???
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The greed of Dominick Channel for including ridiculous amount of ads caused me to pause and write this comment and exit out of here!
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Isaac Walston
Is this true or Made up?
Giuseppe LoGiurato
haha! "Anjin-san!"
j-nope judges you all the way from korea
how about 🎶🇯🇵Sunrise Land🇯🇵🎶
Magnús Jónsson
Too many advertisements, unwatchable
Chris P.
1:14 Hire a samurai
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