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Split - Rejoice!: Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy) comes face to face with The Beast (James McAvoy). BUY THE MOVIE: /> Watch the best Split scenes & clips: /> FILM DESCRIPTION: Though Kevin (James McAvoy) has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all of the others. Compelled to abduct three teenage girls led by the willful, observant Casey, Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of those contained within him -- as well as everyone around him -- as the walls between his compartments shatter. CREDITS: TM & © Universal (2016) Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, James McAvoy Director: M. Night Shyamalan Producer: Jason Blum WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: />ComingSoon: />Indie & Film Festivals: />Hero Central: />Extras: />Classic Trailers: />Pop-Up Trailers: />Movie News: />Movie Games: />Fandango: />Fandango FrontRunners: /> HIT US UP: Facebook: />Twitter: />Pinterest: />Tumblr:

The way his voice goes from triumphant to cracked halfway through "the broken are the more evolved" gets me. It is as if he's remembering his own brokenness even as he rejoices in the strength it has given him. Little details like that really make this scene poignant and drive deep into something many people can relate to in the real world.
Mari S
Mohd Nazri
Love the subtle look on the girl's face when the beast told her the broken are the more evolved..for a moment they connected and understood each other's abusive trauma
Schnake Eyes
He was literally saying, its ok to hurt... you're not alone, and completely respected her in an instant.
Liam The lion
“The broken are the more evolved. Rejoice” .....holy shit that’s deep
I love how they dilated his pupils just like a predator
anony mouse
When I saw this scene in the cinema I cried a little when he said "the broken are more evolved". I know that it is just a movie but it is a line that in a way gave me hope and made me feel better about myself.
Dude 1
Rejoice!!! The Broken are the more evolved. Love that line
Rachael Marie
this scene in the cinema made me burst into tears.
Noel Luna
I mean he has a point about the broken being evolved. I think it brings up the subject where people see those who've endured trauma and pity them or look at them as weak. While those enduring fight a fight unlike anything they could imagine.
Harry Callahan
Can't wait for the epic fight off between this lunatic and Bruce Willis in the 3rd one.
aeon lincoln
2:05 When you finally meet the right girl!
Ben Alfred
when i saw her scars, i broke down, i have two adopted daughters and they both bare theses marks, they are the strongest women i know. and they both admit that they are broken, but neither of them admit that they are defeated.
Trần Côn Đặng
James Mcavoy nails both Xavier and Legion , holy shit !!
Evan Monroe
As the movie slowly progressed, I clenched my seat tighter. By this scene my teeth were chattering. This movie is tense!
iaan hdz
Come on people, McAvoy was awesome but its not his best movie, just watch Filth, that movie is awesome and the acting of McAvoy in it is incredible.
Devyn Corvington
I went back and watched Unbreakable and noticed something very interesting about what Elijah's (Mr. Glass) mother said to David Dunn during a conversation they were having while they were looking at one of Elijah's' paintings at one of his comic art shows. Here's what she says to David: "That's what I said to my son. He said, there's always two kinds. The soldier villain (The Horde) who fights the hero (David Dunn) with his hands, and then there's the real threat. The brilliant and evil arch enemy who fights the hero with his mind (Mr. Glass)." Crazy how much M. Night Shyamalan set these two movies up with such subtle hints.
Andre Frazier
I havent seen this film yet but.... there is something about him seeing her scars and saying that line: "Rejoice.. The broken are more evolved"... such a saddening thing.... but so beautiful and true
Angie B
I like how there were hints of it being underneath a zoo I never caught on til the end. There's the animal stuffies in Hedwigs room and animal drawings and she's in a cage I just never caught on
The Horde : "The broken ones are the more evolved." David Dunn : "Let's find out."
Why are we forgetting two shotgun blasts to the chest..
merciful karma
this is the most beautiful and underrated scene in movie history. don’t try and change my mind.
JC Ramirez
Anyone here after watching glass? :(
Spiri Donas
Professor X trying to be Wolverine.
Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Embrace your struggles.
Alex ¿
Fun fact: we can actually see Kevin as a child with her mother in unbreakable. When David Dun touch a random woman (Kevin's mother) he sense that she beat her son and then the camera focus on the kid.
Adam Mitchell
2:17 ... when you know about the twist, this phrase just sends chills down your spine.
Welcome to the Metaverse
Holy cow.... Jame McAvoy better get an Oscar for this.
Lasha Shvangiradze
My favourite actor of all time just give Oscar to him!
Livvy O.
if he doesn’t get an Oscar.....
1:50 when you finally find your soulmate.
“Never fall for the knight in shining armour. His metal has never been tested.” I think Casey and Kevin are kindred spirits, but in a more twisted way. Their horrific upbringings changed their personalities and they each dealt with it in their own sad ways. He developed alter egos. She cut herself. In a sense, they understand one another. That’s how Casey was able to survive.
Aly Maghawry
people whom disliked this clip,just aren't broken yet,
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
*You should've aimed for the head*
Jacey King
This is a villain I can get behind by. Too many happy-go-lucky snowflakes who had it all in the world, grew up in happy families, never had a demon to carry and then have the balls to tell you how to live your life.
Iuri Montenegro
This scene will become a classic
oswald the lucky rabbit
Beast's last quote before vanishing:"You are different from the rest,you're heart is pure,rejoice... the broken arr the more evolved..rejoice"
L Anna Petersen
I love this scene so much, it touched me on a level...
Kelvin McGrogan
The broken are the more evolved... how right he is...
Marcus Arceneaux
God, man. His "rejoice" at 2:27 had such a perfect pitch. Like a mother rubbing the head of a child who saw a monster in her room. "It's okay." The reassurance. The comforting tone. So.... Damn.... Good...
Jack Smith
She sure is purdy
I had the unfortune to sit in the theater with a group of teenagers laughing during the scenes leading up to this one. So I did not get the chance to truly appreciate this scene in all its glory. I honestly hate teenagers who come to a thriller movie and laugh at all the scenes that are supposed to be scary. Totally kills the vibe.
alex landa
She is so gorgeous!
The music in this scene makes me so emotional
I love how when he realizes she's broken like him his face goes from savage and bloodthirsty to compassionate and understanding.
Those can't be his real teeth
aj7777 een
this scene touched me on a whole another level not everyone can truly understand the depth of it "the unbroken"
Stendec Nevele
The more I watch this, the more mesmerizing he becomes.
Jukey Vlogs
People who had suffer from any type of childhood trauma are different (sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse). They are gifted. We see and understand things a normal person wouldn't. And the funny thing is we can connect with others that have been a victim.... If you experienced depersonalize/derealization , then you have some sort of sense of a intellectual gift . It's deeper than you think..
Flyn Flynn
Anyone think this is m Nights Shyamalans best movie?
Volvo doto
When pulling apart two metal bars is more captivating and intense than most action scenes youve seen in any superhero movie. M.Night definitly had a lot of help from others in this movie but im glad he manged to make a movie again that left me in awe. Its really been a while.
Sister Mortis
what an amazing scene from an amazing film
Eber Balderas
Who else is waiting for the fight between David Dunn and The Horde in 2019? :D
Rangers First
"The broken are the more evolved"... no truer words have ever spoken
Sighing Profusely
He doesn't realize that people can be broken on the inside and not out to.
As someone suffering with depression, this scene was so damn emotional for me. That phrase..
The broken are the more evolved. I never thought that I'd listen to a sentence that I'd never forget .. from a horror movie.
Daniel Bautista
David Dunn is Superman Glass is Lex Luthor The Beast is Doomsday
James Mcavoy deserves an Oscar for this movie 💯
Ben Huether
Most psychotic performance EVER!!!
The Beast
I'll be so sad if they kill him in Glass
Martin Quin
People who don't get this movie should watch Unbreakable. These two movies are comic book type stories about Heroes and Villains with special powers.
Neil Tomlinson
James McAvoywas Snubbed for an Oscar! The man didn't even get nominated for this terrifying and incredible performance he gave us! One of the best performances I have ever witnessed!!!
Harold Kumar
One thing that would be pretty interesting would be that if kevin exerts himself too much, his muscles might tear causing his body to bruise. That would turn him into a more sinister and frightening looking villain. He would look like he just jump right out of a comic book and look realistic all the same. Google torn muscle if you want to see what I'm talking about.
Emi Grant
It's a shame he has a hard chance of getting an Oscar nod, he totally deserves it
Johnny Campanella
I love this message though. The broken are the more evolved as this horrid world we live in isn’t meant to be lived in period. I’m one of the broken, where I see the evil in the everyday world. People who feel sad, depressed, mad, angry, anxiety ridden and even those who hurt themselves and have suicidal thoughts; we literally see and feel more than they “non evolved” people. The way our minds work are different and it doesn’t make us inhuman, it just means we’ve been through some things that will forever hurt us but we have to fight and keep it moving. It’s a really hard thing to explain. By saying the broken are pure of heart means to me that we haven’t fallen into the evils of this world yet or we never will and it’s basically impossible to cope with, bringing on all the sadness, fear, pain, etc. The beast is just a heightened example of anger towards the world and people who are not making it easier for us all to live and strive on this planet together. Meaning all races, all animals and all living things on earth. This is just my opinion and it may seem crazy to some because this is a horror type movie, but there is always an underlining meaning behind things, such as Split. Of course it has to do with split personality disorder, but covers a broad spectrum of mental traumas and issues people deal with everyday.
Such a shame that the only reason the Beast lets Casey live is because she went through her own suffering like he did, but the other two girls he kidnapped had to die because they hadn't been hurt like Kevin and Casey had.
hailey gizell
what a powerful scene!
Rudy Juarez
He makes the Joker of all styles and actors look like the Tellytubies.
Ruby Studio
The broken of this world, have learned to overcome. If you're going to try and hurt someone. You better make sure they never come back. Because if they do, you are so screwed.
FTG's Videos
I think this is one of the greatest scenes in the movie, the score, the beast realising that Casey is one of the broken, the dialogue that he says and then the ending where the beast just walks away. That is brilliant, the writing of this scene and the acting by McAvoy knocked it out of the park
Omega Plebbern
Can't wait for glass
I literally had a dream last night that I met her in this position, I saw her scars then I pulled up my sleeves to reveal my self harm marks, we both hugged and cried while understanding that the broken are the more evolved. It was beautiful.
Bryan Mojica
dude took some mr hyde preworkout and tweaked out
Most powerful scene in the film and arguably one of the most powerful scenes in any recent film
Velocity HDMI
The beast: You should've gone for the head
bob sanders
she is too hot....
That image of him, with blood in his mouth saying "Rejoice", has gotten stuck in my head... Awesome film.
Jennifer L.
The moment Professor Xavier becomes scarier than wolverine
Reminds me of Rutger Hauer's scene at the end of Bladerunner. And that's saying a lot.
This movie was amazing
Idid Love
When his pupils are dilated, that's just how my brother's eyes get when he's in an episode. He's schizophrenic, and when his eyes blacken, he doesn't remember anything. And he gets ridiculously strong! And it's like nothing hurts him, and he's doing crazy stuff!
B r i n g M e T h e Y e e m ø T r a s h
This scene made me cry so much! I cried my eyes out in front of everyone in the theater, "Rejoice! The broken are the more evolved. " ;-;
"The broken are the more evolved" That belief keeps echoing in my head.
the Führer
the acting in this scene was simply amazing
maya bee
The way he quietly says rejoice at the end always makes me want to cry
Forceal Break
Her: Come over Me: I cant im in prison Her: I'm home alone Me: 1:10
Kristopher Creecy
I haven't seen this movie. But hearing him say, "The broken are the more evolved" makes me feel... Regretful
Good old uncle Sideous
The Beast while clearly extremely durable still bled. After a train crash that killed all but David Dunn, he had not a single scratch on him. I would say that David Dunn possibly, not definitely, MAY have superior durability than the Beast. As far as strength goes, id say its pretty even. David Dunn ripped a car door off and potentially could have bench pressed even more weight had he not known about it.
Zack Stark {Broadway Titan}
He Better get an Oscar Nominee for this Role
Internet Dinosaur
God, I love the extreme close up shots.
Agustin Camejo
James deserves an Oscar for this.
So deep. Dennis said he wouldn’t force her to remove another shirt if she had the Horde would’ve seen she was ‘evolved’ a lot sooner
Ece Ulaş
You are different from the rest. Your heart is pure. Rejoice! The broken are the more evolved. Rejoice!
No One
This shit makes me cry, and not many things do.
Gino Baban
Anyone know the background instrumental
Charlie's War
This to me is a powerful scene ...and the acting by the girl ...she should have been nominated...
Itxcexce Cexce
This part kinda freaked me out a lil