Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy - Launch Trailer

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I don't think some of you understand this is a classic point and click adventure style game, it's not an "Action" game or fps. Also regarding "Van Helsing" umm, this is the FIFTH game in the dracula series of games from Microids and they started in 1999, WELL before the crappy "Van Helsing" movie in 2004, so no they didn't "keep the face" from the movie.
The Maestro
No thanks, I'll get my share of the Prince of Darkness when Castlevania LOS 2 comes out.
Somebody remind me it's 2013 RIght ? Only thing I like is that the kept the face of Dracula from Van Helsing Movie...
Justin Hiryu
There is a better Dracula game coming out. Its called Lords of Shadow 2. Lol
It honestly doesn't look that much fun. Maybe it's because I play Dark Souls all the time and don't give other games any chance, but still looks boring.
Fausto Araujo
Well, for a point and click for a franchise with so many sequels... i'd expect better graphics.
Adam The Babo
i actually cant wait for this used to play dracula games when i was little they never disappoint
Stellar lupus
I need a good Werewolf Game!!!
Andrew Jackson
I wanna see vampire DLC in Assassins Creed
seems horrifying :P
for some reason that vampire reminds me of Raziel
This game looks like garbage in my opinion lol just saying
Lol ever since i played Castlevania Lords Of Shadow and seen Lords Of Shadow 2 i cant see any other Dracula in gaming top Gabriel. Having that said this game looks like a The House/The House 2 type of game with some nice money behind it, so might interest some. If Bill Compton is im this game do we expect Sookie to make an appearence btw?
Hayako chan
Despite the opinion of the majority, I liked it. I like such games.
The Brilliant And Amazing Gamer
eh, i've seen better. I like how it seems to trail the suspenseful mystery of bram stoker's dracula, which was a very, very good story though, but i honestly wouldn't buy it. not my cup of mountain dew I suppose.
DiRe DoGe
I never played the Dracula series and I thought it would be third person before watching this video -_-..........kind of disappointing.....good graphics though,considering the fact that its a point and click game.
The Graphics style still reminds me of its PS1 originals and even been a new generation I'll still give it merit with its dream like atmosphere. Some of those puzzles seemed impossible back in the day so I do hope it keeps it up. :-)
Johnny Cove
i am VAMPIRE Sookie 
Aaron Starr
Well its for cell phones.. I don't expect mind blowing graphics
whats with all the negativity? i think it looks good
Are these dracula games any good?
How did this reach five instalments?
Vicky Wiley
When will this be available for MacBook?  Thought I downloaded for my MacBook, but it wouldn't do it all the way. 
Dudu Rodrigues
Garbage game...
Note that this, like so many other bad games is European, who are still miles behind the British, Americans and even the Japanese (who hate upgrading their games and just want the same games out with a different Roman numeral at the end)
I am a bit intrested in trying out one or two of these first person dracula adventures games. Can somebody tell me wich part of the 5 games they like the most. I would be grateful
vampires are gay
jayanth rao
PC peasants don't deserve anything better.
Gavin McCree
wow garbage