San Holo - I Still See Your Face (Official Music Video)

Stream & Download: /> 'I Still See Your Face' by San Holo is the first single of the upcoming Gouldian Finch 02 compilation ✨ A big thank you to Billboard for premiering this one with us! Lyrics for 'I Still See Your Face' by San Holo "There’s no truth in these dreams I chase Out of sight, I still see your face Even though things fall into place Can’t deny I still see your face" follow San Holo /> /> /> /> /> follow bitbird /> /> /> /> /> /> 🕊

San Holo bitbird ISSYF electronic Gouldian Finch 02 GF2 I Still See Your Face Billboard Billboard Dance Dance pop edm

hey guys pre-order album1 below, full album out September 21st :)
Favorite song of 2017
So beautiful
Trap City
Keichiro Gaming
i thought the man in the video is pewdiepie:(
Lisie Piekł0
This is what glitter sounds like 🔮💗🔮
Ma Fo
that melody... OMG! :O
Isaac Cedeno
What a legend
Lyrics: There's no truth in this dreams I chase Out of sight I still see your face Even though things falling into place Can't deny I still see your face I still see your face (126x)
Pierre B
Well... we have to say it here don't we ? 0% offensive language 0% nudity 100% simple and beautiful
*Me Watching This Vids* My Friend : Are You Drunk ? me : No I'm Not. I'm Just Following San Holo's Dance Moves
Dipqi Ghozali
No i can't see your face.
This is how heaven sounds like ☁️😍
Liam Robertson
2:33 chillest dab ive ever seen
Brandon Boss
This song just puts me in such a trance where all my worries just vanish and everything is just beautiful. As soon as the song ends everything goes back to normal, I just wish the melody would never end. Great work!
Plot twist: San Holo is actually blind.
Floating Point Music
San Holo is and will be my one true artist! <3 Much love (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ What's you favorite track by San Holo fam? For me every track he makes has some serious emotion and true feelings. It touches me every time and I start dancing to the beat <3 I have a screenshot of all the tracks of this compilation and all the artists there are superb! Can't wait when all those tracks will be out! <3
Tribal Trap
Switch Networks
Fuckin love this song man!
Lovely 😃
Sleepy Wolf
*:O **01:01*
someone random
Wow NCS, tribal trap and trap city here... God damn San holo you killed it with this one!
Knowing that he's blind makes me feel everything about this song in my body even more than before
Dad found the home movie equipment again.
The beat drop reminds me of an ice cream truck idk why
Pablo Mendieta
That drop is softer than my pillow
Alpha Being
how can someone even dislike this song, i don't get it
C42if0rnia Grown
Great song and video. No speciall effects or weird symbolism. Just a artist performing his art
Daniel htc
Setting video 144p like old video 😁
When you are too poor for a decent music video but the music is still fire
I wanna laugh and cry at the same time while listening to this song
Sander, you've done it again. After one listen, it's amazing. After two listens, it's amazing. After five listens, it's a-ma-zing. And get this. After 10 listens in less than two hours, it's STILL AMAZING.
Yay Brown
This makes me dance weird xD
The song seems simple and possibly deliberately made to make you want to groove to it, but god damn It's too beautiful to complain!!! <3
This song litterally gives me such emotional and good feelings.
Chill Loops
I can only get this erect. #nohomo
Siem Jansen
So much respect for this artist, enjoying every single track he releases
Pablo The Zolo
This is such a good song!!! And it's kinda refreshing to hear something that's not trap/future bass for once. Everything birtbird releases is so unique and emotional and I love it so much 😭👌 Keep doing what you do San 🕊
Jonathan Freels
Oooh San pulling out a little more vocals I love the charm of the song
You never run out of ideas... keep it up :)
Thomas Do
This makes my heart smile
So beautiful..
*NEVER JUMPED OUT SO FAST OUT OF MY BED!!!!* great tune San :)
Marek Kaaij
2:33 my moves when it's payday
Raditya Rë-pOint
Vote san holo to Dj mag
Paul Giakoumelos
That video production though! :O cost must have gone through the roof
Echt Youri
So this is how heaven sounds like :o
Ben Tyson
san this is beautiful. you absolutely nailed the vibe
Miguel Andres Rodriguez
That melody got me so chill...
Hooligan 013
This song is so epic👍
Unleash Power
No matter what song, I see San Holo, I have no regrets
Brian Lourds
It's sad because you have feelings for her and whenever you don't see the person you love you still see their face when you close your eyes. This song is just sad but hopeful, thanks SanHolo <3
Like how he is trying new things!!
curry sauce
I love this song ! Also the music video is just perfect
I'm addicted to this song!
Hes dutch
He looks a little bit like PewDiePie
Tim Lee
HE'S SINGING RIGHT TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saksham J
You killed it san holo ❤️
Nate Peterson
Everything bitbird releases is absolute musical genius
Bill Vibez
This lead synth has me like 🤤
He's just a genius <3
Yash Parmar
Love the way you get into the drop❤
Azwar Anas
apik e reek apik aku seneng iki sorry gak iso boso inggris11111111111111111111111111111111111#wongjowomaklum
Indie Music
best music video ever. San Holo <3
Cynthia Martinez
Never a disappointment <3
San holo face looks like pewdiepie lol
Most haunting melody for the last few years for me :) It`s easy done, but simple a catching tune and like... `make me happy again Song` <3 :P
at first when you hear the drop you’re just like the fuck am I️ listening to but once you let it ride for more, the drop becomes one of the best things of the song. overall an amazing track
Alejandro Guevara
Come to México please!! What a song!!!!
Selim Dogan
San holo 😍😍
This is so amazing!!! I love the bitbird sound in the song :D
Blank Waves
so beatiful :')
Ningun Superar Esta Musica we love you San Holo 😢😍😍
Patrick Yang
Only ravers understand, that's the same dance I do when I'm at shows or festivals 🤣🤣🤣
Drop Nation
Just Awesome....
Best song ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maxim Tombergen
This is from another level. Best video i've seen in a while. Love u San <3
Mr. Blonde
This song should be a meme or running gag or something
simon hinojosa
Cant denied start listening to this song again.
Kartikay Awasthi
this is how you make an amazing drop without an overpowered bassline
D !
Such a clever vibey video! Sander!!!!!!! 🌀🔥🌀🔥
Nilesh akhade
l AyoHades l
Karim Bayad
i love that it's San this time
Jay Gonzalez
This melody will make your soul cry. 😭💕
i love you san holo. youre such a good man
san holo never disappoints <3
Lumya New gen
Clone of pewdiepie
Karma _192
San Holoの作る音は本当に美しい <3
Miranda Makawimbang
That's so beautifull. I love it
Yuki Tsai
This is sang by him!? OMG so cool!
Alvin Christy
The melody almost as the same as can't forget you
Dmmj045 ‘
Is this San Holo ft. God ??? (I think it is)