McDonalds Jail Behind the Scenes with Kids Water Fight! Playing Paw Patrol and Eating McDonald Food

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McDonalds jail behind the scenes, with Alex and Ava showing their jailbird skills. The kids in jail, have a water fight. Baby Adam and Dad drink a protein shake, and Ava plays with her Paw Patrol action figures! ❤ About Us ❤ Sandaroo is a family channel with more toy reviews, compilations, vlogs and more fun from DisneyCarToys. Come join our family of 5 with Sandra, Mike, Alex, Ava and Adam on our family adventure. ❤ Video Endcard Links ❤ Sick at Disneyland! I'm gonna Barf if I Ride Guardians of The Galaxy Again /> Best Learning Colors Video For Kids Claw Machine Counting & Educational Color Balls Video /> NIGHT SWIM WITH KIDS & Kids Mailing Toys to Grandma /> ❤ Our other channels ❤ /> />

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