Iguazu Falls, Brazil & Argentina

In this Episode, we continue our adventure in Brazil by visiting one of Brazil's top attractions - the Iguazu Falls. We start our visit by checking out the falls from the Brazilian side and later cross the border into Argentina for a different perspective on Iguazu Falls. Check out this week's video for lots of great waterfalls footage, a soaking wet boat ride, and some adorable animals we came across in the Iguazu National Park. If you like this video, please SUBSCRIBE to our channel and find us elsewhere on the web! Website: Facebook: Instagram: />Pinterest: /> Music:

Juliet St. John
Great video ! I enjoyed the experience and your video brought back all the memories !
Reyna Chicas
Great shots of the waterfalls!!
Hey guys! So excited to go back to Iguassu for the second time after 17 years! The falls were at its height in water volume it seems. WOW when did you guys go? I saw ur video on Salvador and Fernando de Noronha. Just wish you'd show more of Salvador! Awesome stuff. Did you guys come to São Paulo too?