Ali Milner performs "Black Velvet" with Alannah Myles on Cover Me Canada

Ali Milner performs "Black Velvet" with Alannah Myles on episode seven of Cover Me Canada.

Ruben Vera
Speechless.... never knew she was like this... Bless her!
Apparently due to overdoing (500) chiropractic sessions in just 3 yrs she has suffered spinal damage and is unable to move her neck or head, is what I've just read..... ummmm wtf?.... Anyway, I hope she is doing ok and enjoying life! Loved her music and play her album often, Take care Alannah and thankyou for the music!
I really hope her health condition is much better today ... she's a incredible singer. No ones can sing this song as Myles ...
Sangeeta Dass
Which year was this? Feels so bad to see her like this.. :( :( Really hope she's doing better now. She is a true rockstar!
jehovahuponyou - you need your ears examined....
Contra Bullshit
Terrible cover of a great song.
Contra Bullshit
A great song but this is a oriole
She still gives me a goose bumps with that smokin' voice
This is news to me , im Linda THANKS for your post , im so sad about this news Alannah is so great . I hope things turn around for this magical lady and life gives her a chance to be all she can be.
Love this - Great talent .. girl - keep it up!
I agree, I've written an article on Alannah on HubPages dot Com under my profile: StvRich or do a search for the words "Alannah Myles Comparisons" that's the article about her and a couple other artists.
bringme theaxe
I used to love this song until I heard it about a few thousand times. Listening to this makes me realize why I fell in love with it in the first place. This is beautiful. My heart goes out to Alannah since the "doctor" messed her up. What a beautiful soul to be taken advantage of. Karma's a bitch I hear.
yeah,she got damaged for life from a stupid doctor (don't ever believe all doctors know what they're doing). Anyway,she's a legend,so she'll always be good in my book. Peace!
Everyone Who Loves this performance, should Go To See Alannah on Her Own You Tube channel, it's called 85BPM ... and Send Her some Love
OMG Poor Alannah. A stinkin' chiropracter did that to her body. Messed her up completely.
Sarah Tuttle
like like like like like like like love like like like ;)
Luciano Pato The Pirous
wonder girl
Ryan Haxton
Jenelle Pritchard
Ali is amazing! So great! these two sang like birds! Beauty!
Bri Hodge
@EZGROOVEGIRL This is a wonderful and accurate review. The magic of the two was so apparent; just adding to the performance. Did you see the signed autograph Alannah gave Ali telling her she had already won!
Amazing performance...Loved it !!
Bri Hodge
Great cover, sweet beat !
I love the juxtaposition of these two. ALANNAH comes in WAY COOL, delivers her mega hit simply raw & revved up & then chills back & on the alto line to support her STUNNING protégée who just NAILS IT. SO CLASSY ON SO MANY LEVELS.
Ali Willa Milner
Thanks everybody!!! Alannah is an incredible, incomparable woman. I'm so lucky that I got to perform with her <3
Ciarán Strange
Gorgeous. Dammit, girl, your voice is so incredible.
Super fantastic. They only bad part was when it ended.
Alanah was smart and supported Ali. I loved it.
I'm going to listen to this over and over and over and over. Stuck in my head before you even finished the first line.
Best performance of the night!
Christine McAvoy
so great Ali...killin' it every week! <3
Killed it!! Love ya :)
ellen kelly
loved it!
Ali you took your perform to a whole new level of high. I am a FAN
tight tight tight tight tight tight tight tight tight tight tight tight tight tight tight tight
always keepin it real classy and cool! i loveee this
Jojo Saylor
Not enough of Blues or Girt
Alfa Mail
Who's the lounge lizard on the piano? I''m sure some people like this, crappy phoney vibrato. Enjoy.
E rick
WTF is that drum
God alannah kicked the shit out of that girl with that beautiful voice
Anthony Stone
Ok...that ruled.
chiropractics are quacks...