AC/DC - Back In Black (from Plug Me In)

Music video by AC/DC performing Back In Black. (C) 2007 Leidseplein Presse B.V. #ACDC #BackInBlack #vevo #rockandroll #vevoofficial #live

Dustin Whitlatch
brian sounds so fuuuucking good here. killr performance
Holy shit that guitar tone could cut through metal
FlyEaglesFly EaglesNation
just watched this after eating my wife's ass, fantastic.
1:21 Brian almost falls hahah :3
Caleb Bliss
Funny how Ac/DC is more metal than all of the '80s hair metal bands.
Diandra Lazor
AHH I live for Angus's second guitar solo in this song.
Fernando Daniel Armeno
This is ACDC...proud of this line up...hope Brian returns...and Phil...God bless ACDC, there´s not gonna be another band like them, that sound is just unique...
umang punk
His vocals is really good here.
0:20 Wow, didnt knew there were hot babes in the 80's
2:40 That's Rock N' Roll!
Damn Brian killed it
what ever drugs angus young was on... i want some!!
Varian Wrynn
Brian > Bon
Hey, kids. What you are watching is rock n roll. I don't know what you call that crap you listen to these days.
Great Vocals here, AssHole Rose does not hold a candle to Brian Johnson, seriously WTF was Angus thinking...
Oh Angus Young, You are forever young.
JkT 147258
The best moment : 2:40
Cheetah Coats
Phil is really going for it here, throwing in some actual proper drum fills. What a champ. I always thought it was shit he didn’t get a songwriting credit. Listen how integral his particular style is to the feel & swing of all those great songs he plays on.
Bombenhagel 666
I wanna learn how to use my legs like angus
Jose Badell
best drum sound out of all the live vids for this song  4 me
Daniel Hauer
Lyrics mistake at 1:11
Gerber Bernstein
Finally  a live mix where you can hear Mal.
The studio version is a bit longer but I've always loved this one better because of how Brian's voice sounds .
When I listen to Brian sing this it hurts my voice.
Maximo Pasheco
1:10 :v se ekivoko :v
Hats off to Brian he literally screamed his balls off for this band.& is still in his prime here. But unfortunately after Flick of the Switch he was never the same, he really lost that raw power
Simon Coles
AC/DC were blessed with two of the greatest frontmen in rock history. I think they should retire now though, they're ruining their legacy with Axl.
And in this video, Malcolm Young demonstrates the exceptional quality of cocaine available in the 80's. Pretty sure this performance wouldn't have happened without it.
Anthony Fazio
Personally I think Brian is one of the best singers in rock ever. I'd put him on the Mount Rushmore of singers right next to Freddie Mercury.
I love how "real deal" ACDC allways were. I mean, Angus guitar tone is only a clean amplifier that is cranked to the max and plays flaming hot rock and roll! It doesen't get more badass!
Enrique Martinez
The greatest voice in rock history Mr. Brian Johnson!!! Amazing!! with THE greatest rock band ever !!!!
Sebastián Narváez
Maybe the best live version of this fucking song
Daniel Guerrero
Damn in color! I’ve been seeing it the whole time in black and white \m/
Miguel Castrejon
Back in black baby
Charles Unterberg
This one was originally shown in black on MTV back in the 80s. They must have found a better version and digitally remastered this live video one... In the one that was black film you don’t see the crowd just the band... This one is much louder and you get the whole feel and power of AC/DC. A crown jewel!!!!
Keith DeNinno
Was there.... !
Great live performance. Brian almost eats shit at 1:22, lol. His voice sounds great here. Still very strong and not blown out. And no other drummer can touch Phil Rudd when it comes to playing AC/DC's music.
Yara Crystal
Amo esta cancion!!
Maybe I don't know enough of AC/DC but I think he is better then Bon Scott?
Gore M
This is utterly flawless. Breath taking.
an7ony RULES
The Bryan's voice is not gone, that's good!!
angus goes to hogwarts??
John M
always have been my favorite band, always will be
angus was on some serious drugs back then lol
Peyton B
Great performance, it's candy to the ears, that sg of angus's is just so ugly to me, I've always hated sg's from the early 80's, I just hate where the control switch is.
EcDrake47 C
The Best Rock Band in there prime...nothing today touches this type of performance. .Meaning it's just the band doing what they do best...There's no fireworks..shit blowin up everywhere. fog machines..ect..all they have and need is lites in the backround...this what a show should present for a ticket..if I wanna see fireworks on the fourth of July. .not at a rock show
Brian said "Cause I'm looking at the track" instead of "Cause I'm back on the track" 1:10
Steve Gongos
Not to state the obvious, but B. Johnson isn't even in the same universe as B. Scott, whose voice was one in a million.
Serenity Miyazaki
Angus' guitar work is legendary.
AC~DC- Still Sensational-home grown Aussie Rock, favourite song amazing:):))
Back in black I hit the sack I've been too long I'm glad to be back Yes I'm let loose From the noose That's kept me hanging about Lookin' at the sky 'Cause it's gettin' me high Forget the hearse 'cause I'll never die I got nine lives Cat's eyes Abusin' every one of them and running wild 'Cause I'm back Yes I'm back Well I'm back Yes I'm back Well I'm hey hey hey hey (Hey hey hey hey) Well I'm back in black Yes I'm back in black Back in the back Of a Cadillac Number one with a bullet I'm a power pack Yes, I'm in a band, with a gang They've got to catch me if they want me to hang Cause I'm back on the track And I'm beatin' the flack Nobody's gonna get me on another rap So look at me now I'm just makin' my play Don't try to push your luck Just get out of my way 'Cause I'm back Yes I'm back Well I'm back Yes I'm back Well I'm hey hey hey hey (Hey hey hey hey) Well I'm back in black Yes I'm back in black Well I'm back, Yes I'm back Well I'm back, Yes I'm back Well I'm hey hey hey hey (Hey hey hey hey) Well I'm back in black Yes I'm back in black Oh yeah Oh yeah Yes I am Hey yeah, yeah oh yeah Back in now Well I'm hey hey hey hey, I'm back Hey hey hey hey, (I'm back) Hey hey hey hey, (I'm back) Hey hey hey hey, (I'm back) Hey hey hey hey, (I'm back) Hey hey hey hey Back in black Yes I'm back in black Out of sight
This song never gets old. \m/
Bob Ino
Best version live !!
Dylan Reece
R.I.P Sir Malcolm.
Rodrigo Vera
Muy Bueno El Video
Damn Brian's so young here!
you can just tell everyone in the audience is just staring at angus
El Ternero Asustado
Adios Malcolm. :(
Cindy Link
I was there !
Charles Madridista
R.I.P. Malcom Young
Thomas Rozoff
This is hard rock!!
The Tatman
james withrow
Bon Scott was so much better than Brian Johnson especially live
Dracut Wilmington Roslindale
if cocaine did not exist, neither would ACDC. also Bon Scott was way better. though I do dig some Brian Johnson
Damian McDonagh
I still have this on vinyl.
James M.
The microphone stands were there, but I wonder why Malcolm and Cliff didn't sing their "I'M BACK!!" backing vocals. This is the only live version of the song that I've noticed that.
James Ragsdale
Bon Scott wrote some great lyrics for this song.
Ash vs Evil Dead sent me here
Sasha Koval
че сказать?охуительно!
Julian Simpson
I agree. This has always been my favourite version of BIB. The way Mutt mixed it is incredible. In fact I’d love it if they released the whole show to that standard, but I don’t think the tapes exist?? Still, its great to have LTBR, TNT & BIB from that show, which originally came out as Bsides on 7/12” singles for Lets Get it Up and For Those About to Rock. Aaah, happy days!
Brian Johnson the baddest man in rock n roll AC/DC ROCKS
Read today Malcolm Young has had to take a break from the band because of health reasons. I wish him and his family and band members the best. I hope in time he can rejoin the boys. One of the best guitarist ever Malcolm Young.
why isn't the crowd going absolutely insane
ACDC in their prime..
Hyped Dawg
He sounds like axl rose 😕 But Brian Johnson is cooler 😊
Ethan Bullock
I can sing just like Brian Johnson
Hampton Hangingpork
Mind-blowing,balls out performance..
Randy Robles Caballero
Marco Antonio Pérez Gonzalez
The best of the best músic
Cleverson Santos
Pra mim a melhor versao do Back in Black live é essa de 1981
Lukas Mello
Brasil Porra Ac/Dc 2018
GoldenGem Mining Girl
One of the very BEST rock songs of ALL TIME!! Bring back THIS music!! AC/DC foreverzzzzz!!!
Kevin S.
Definitely one of their best live versions of this song. Angus at his best.
Stuart Lothian
Jose Vitor
Top Brasil 🇧🇷 muito bom mesmo ACDC sonzera melhor banda de rock 😈 dos últimos tempos 🎸🎸🎸
Elver Galarga
me decepciona lo mal que cantaba brian en esa época, ni parecido al album 
I've always loved the delivery of the vocals in those verses - it's almost hip hop in its flow and rhythm. Just wonderful.
decepcionado de las mujeres
magnifico suena mejor que la version estudio
Endermoxen Ender Man
1:21 Oh raios mi sapato
francisco bolognesi
if we are going to compare the voices of bon and brian. each in his own ... the voice of bon is immortal is only stayed there forever ... the brian began to diminish its power as well spent a few months ... but left all its potential in back in black...we saluted thank at two
Hill Craginizer
JESUS i love ac dc really get u pumped angus is just crazy brian has bad ass pipes
Dr m
Brian’s voice is killer here
Gary Giampa
hi great song I love this band thank you the best
Good times...but anyway this Version is to fast for back in black....i know they did slow it Down to orginal later....Phil Rudd is the best for ac/dc anyway...
Newton Milanez
The most loved band of all times! Everybody loves AC/DC!!!
Chris J
Man was the band super tight here or what!
decepcionado de las mujeres
Wuauuu soy fanatico de queen pero este temazo de ac dc en vivo me dejo a boca abierta increible esta veraion en vivo es mejor que la de studio.una obra de arte hubiese estado en ese recital me la bailo toda para sacudir la cabeza como todo un rockero una maravilla que temazo.
Ken Segal
Another all-time favorite, from AC/DC singing about my favorite color and most of my wardrobe!....
William Ashford-Payne
Brian Johnson voice sounds awesome and what a killer performance by ACDC.