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Money Kicks
haha Adnan's hilarious!
Vivek Choudhary
I'm so proud that he didn't put the title as : "I bought a new Luxury Hotel !!!"
Stanley Veus
Ugh I want ur life
Its a nice day for you because your rich
Must be nice not having to worry about any Christians, smashing planes into those buildings.
nuri yildirim
his walk of at the intro was so gay hahaha
All the videos are the same: Lana ... lambo ... mall ... lambo ... lana ... stupid shit ... lana ... lambo ... stupid shit .... fancy hotel ... lambo ...
watching this makes you feel so shit about your life
Aks Karim
I'm so proud that he doesn't say Lana new 7 star hôtel
Firas Jawandha
why you people are showing your fuckin money and bloody cars... if u have heart you have to give the little money to poor people and take there bless and see happiness on their face ......
yo mo. buy me a ticket to dubai so i can visit you and your family. i have Mo dad with me. he said he misses you.
He has money but he dont have girl how is that possible??hahah
Ritesh Yadav
I am sick of this word "guys"
Why do I feel like all of them dislike Mo secretly?😂
Сергей Бородай
this life is a dream
khan here
the guy wearing the blue shirt with black cap is more annoying than mo
Mo can you do the gold digger prank with new lambo. Thats will be cool ;)
Vegas Vlogs
What's lana spelled backwards ???
Double D
You know Mo has a vagina when he holds his nose when jumping in the water hahaha fokin pusseeh bruh
guys i will trick you and u will feel quite and confused because Read more
Facts For Life
why do his sisters own lambos and he own a mustang O_o
Chloe Juratovac
How is he so wealthy , what job does he have , I have a feeling he owns big sealing company , some one answer me .
Mohstar143 Moh
Mo the thumnail look like you are in GTA
DJimz Cosmopoint
yall jelous to him
Sami Maizi
Appartements on the Cayan building (the twisted one) cost appx. 4 000 000 AED !!!
partha bhattacharjee
the man in black tshirts ... i think he is gay, his attitude tell he is Gay
santhosh raj
can you upload a video standing in top of burj khalifa???
Shourya Khandke
Where do you stay in Dubai I want your address
Testto Octopus
I like you
Adriana Alvarez
Hello Mo, my 2 little boys and I are fans of your channel, we always see your videos together, we send you a big hug from Ecuador (the middle of the world) :)
Bakittas Sanitas
Nistha Thapa
-Like if you can do this-
Mr. Kittens
who's watching in a hotel?
Thairpat Legsak
เเม่งใส่เสื้อกล้าม กระทิงเเดง ด้วยสาสสส55555
De Rossi
where do these guys get the money from?
Thomas Hills
that's not the ocean
Thomas Hills
hey whats up guys, got a "private" view of the "ocean"
seems good
I like these kind of vlogs. Jet ski is fun
Tristan Arradaza
Leo's face tho😂
luiz henrique
a people god morny 😂 ALL my vou change check is all, have money lets'go love vídeo 😍😍
Am_ m79
Thai word on Shirt Red blue #I'm from Thailand
Varun Bhardwaj
i wnt one round of your rolls..
Nikhil Vayeda
Why you are wearing your sisters glasses
Feminine ass hips it makes me cringe
Anabia Shaikh
Adnan is hot
camila cisneros
hotel vip 7 o 5 estrellas o más hotel más vip del mundo
slash slash
Adnan is a funny guy 😜he should have hes own show 😀
Shadow patroller Aikon
Just blow out of your nose rather than hold it in water
diego verdugo
Are you sure this isn't lanas hotel too? LMAO IDIOT
Mahdi Faycel Bentahar
you fuckin rich that's why you are in a positive mode
Marco Collins
Stop saying his rich, he has money and that is it, i love his videos but he should buy himself a new car because it is very shit, he should probably buy my car the laborghini aventador, i will probably upload a video of mi lambo
USA Gamer
Or sunburn
USA Gamer
15:35 he think he is strong black man
Tyler R
It hurts to smile this entire vlog
USA Gamer
Or burnt man
USA Gamer
Or venom
Camo Swag
That person Is in a frickin porches while mo's sitting in a mustang
Bure al arab!
Destiny Kardong
people are so mean
it's so flabbergasting to see these rich places! my god!
Asif Iqbal
He owns a Range Rover, mustang, Lamborghini huracan and Porsche SUV
Mo, why dont you have any female friends????strange
David Shekelstein
no alcohol... fukken pussies...
Rory C
Came here after Logan Paul's new vid
Bruh the thumbnail is copywrited
Ali Shahnawaz
These Muslims not having alcohol except some sweet drink.
Ali Shahnawaz
This Muslim guy looks like bhuvneshwar Kumar
sachin shelke
Soooooo boaring guy Keep it up
Jiffri Mohasin
I came to know about this guy by my friend... He doesn't own more than one car in his life time. He always takes a car for rent. In dubai anyone can take which ever car they like for rent. He pays those rent by youtube videos u dumb fools.. He is faking all these
Bilal Khan
How are you
Dhruv Hedamba
Woooooo mov love this......🤤🤤🤤
Shirantha Dias
You are the best
Ali Ahmed
Saria Orual
maisam barati
hi mo I want the give away
A Slice Of Gaming
I stopped watching this when I remember seeing a man with his stray 🐕 on the the street the other day
Tafsir Mohammed Neloy
Hi bro I am your biggest fan
honney ivey
ambar pawar
Immortal Ramble
Your the best
Javura Abdul Khader
Shahvaiz and haniya Vlogs
Adnan is very funny
Hi sir your whts up no plz.
Lego Bash
What's up i love you Muhamed
am i the only guy that thinks that mo is still a virgin ;/ ??
@movlogs my aunt used to work there
Prem Kumar
I like u boss
Mala Nallode
Very nice video . Adnan,s really hilarious bring him often in your video.
Souper Soup
I'm going there as a present for getting into good school
shae winiasz
me and my wife watch every ep shout out bunny and olive in a vlog all the way from Canada that would be huge !
abdulrhman amiri
like mo 👍👍👍
ฟ้าใส ใจกระจก
Wait I can see กระทิงแดง Red bull! 😂
Alex Sta. Maria
syed Talha hussaini
Hi freinds plxxxzzzzz sub
Star mini
mujhy b I pad De dain plz
Surprised the restaraunt doesn't have a dress code..also they didn't have expensive ingredients in their dishes like caviar, truffle and gold leaf/powder
Rajesh R
thanks man i ain't ever going to be there but your vid made it look like i was there WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME AND A DAY
emmanuel sosa
Ur So Annoying And Why u Bragging About Being in Dubai ?