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Money Kicks
haha Adnan's hilarious!
Stanley Veus
Ugh I want ur life
yo mo. buy me a ticket to dubai so i can visit you and your family. i have Mo dad with me. he said he misses you.
1:54 insane
Vivek Choudhary
I'm so proud that he didn't put the title as : "I bought a new Luxury Hotel !!!"
Ritesh Yadav
I am sick of this word "guys"
Сергей Бородай
this life is a dream
khan here
the guy wearing the blue shirt with black cap is more annoying than mo
Mo can you do the gold digger prank with new lambo. Thats will be cool ;)
Aks Karim
I'm so proud that he doesn't say Lana new 7 star hôtel
Vegas Vlogs
What's lana spelled backwards ???
Must be nice not having to worry about any Christians, smashing planes into those buildings.
guys i will trick you and u will feel quite and confused because Read more
Chloe Juratovac
How is he so wealthy , what job does he have , I have a feeling he owns big sealing company , some one answer me .
Why do I feel like all of them dislike Mo secretly?😂
Mohstar143 Moh
Mo the thumnail look like you are in GTA
Facts For Life
why do his sisters own lambos and he own a mustang O_o
DJimz Cosmopoint
yall jelous to him
partha bhattacharjee
the man in black tshirts ... i think he is gay, his attitude tell he is Gay
reinaldo garcia
what does this man do? I always see him on my YouTube feed flexing hard with expensive cars and other stuff
seems good
I like these kind of vlogs. Jet ski is fun
santhosh raj
can you upload a video standing in top of burj khalifa???
Guava Juice
Where do you stay in Dubai I want your address
Doni Amer
So you and your friend robbed that billionaire, okay i get it now!
Testto Octopus
I like you
Adriana Alvarez
Hello Mo, my 2 little boys and I are fans of your channel, we always see your videos together, we send you a big hug from Ecuador (the middle of the world) :)
Bakittas Sanitas
Its a nice day for you because your rich
Nistha Thapa
-Like if you can do this-
Mr. Kittens
who's watching in a hotel?
He has money but he dont have girl how is that possible??hahah
Thairpat Legsak
เเม่งใส่เสื้อกล้าม กระทิงเเดง ด้วยสาสสส55555
diego verdugo
Are you sure this isn't lanas hotel too? LMAO IDIOT
De Rossi
where do these guys get the money from?
Thomas Hills
that's not the ocean
Thomas Hills
hey whats up guys, got a "private" view of the "ocean"
luiz henrique
a people god morny 😂 ALL my vou change check is all, have money lets'go love vídeo 😍😍
Tyler R
It hurts to smile this entire vlog
Am_ m79
Thai word on Shirt Red blue #I'm from Thailand
Varun Bhardwaj
i wnt one round of your rolls..
Tristan Arradaza
Leo's face tho😂
Nikhil Vayeda
Why you are wearing your sisters glasses
Mo, why dont you have any female friends????strange
Anabia Shaikh
Adnan is hot
woai ni
Your friends look like baboons!!!!
camila cisneros
hotel vip 7 o 5 estrellas o más hotel más vip del mundo
slash slash
Adnan is a funny guy 😜he should have hes own show 😀
Random name
Just blow out of your nose rather than hold it in water
Marco Collins
Stop saying his rich, he has money and that is it, i love his videos but he should buy himself a new car because it is very shit, he should probably buy my car the laborghini aventador, i will probably upload a video of mi lambo
USA Gamer
Or sunburn
USA Gamer
15:35 he think he is strong black man
USA Gamer
Or burnt man
USA Gamer
Or venom
Camo Swag
That person Is in a frickin porches while mo's sitting in a mustang
Destiny Kardong
people are so mean
mohd farzan
Anyone here in 2018 ?
danks brother
it's so flabbergasting to see these rich places! my god!
Asif Iqbal
He owns a Range Rover, mustang, Lamborghini huracan and Porsche SUV
am i the only guy that thinks that mo is still a virgin ;/ ??
Carnifex A-A
intro song?
Haha I was there too yesterday
Doviltas Jončas
James Ware
What’s the name of that hotel?? Nice!!!!
Hassan Yusuf
Who els3 was cringed out by that guy in the navy top and string shorts
sa paradise
I need to move there😭
Light Salt
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Ney Rana
Your Glasses are way too up !!! ✔️
Neeraj kukreti
Yo yo He IS scAreD Of SpEedY BoAtS I Hope mamma Mo Get you Rid Of iT...😂😂😂😂
Daki Chirag
I never see Al urab burj of reality so thanks
Daki Chirag
Thanks bro
Daki Chirag
Thanks bri
Vi wek
Super cool
Killer Ice7
Pls change your intro from yo-yo yo to something cooler
Topu Baksh
Dubai is awsm
Stefano Presutti
Hi Mo nice Place see you soon
Ali Karabulut
dubai could be better when the ocean is crystal clear but the water is green
Thanh Thuy Tran
that porche is color was cyan
kantri fellows
dont u know how to ride a bike?
Hardik Parekh
$$$$ in Dubai
Mary Cris Padabac
Marouan Mabrouk
Mo is wearing clothes luxurious also luxury cars hahaha
Hindarto Gunawan
When i was watching this a selebrity went to this hotel at the sam time
i get kinda pissed off stumbling on videos about oilcountries richnesses. that is very shameful how these oilcountries have neglected those fifteen percent of population who live in total poverty. be normal and help them out too. jeesh. sell one of your overexpensive cars and give to children starving in your country man!
LaDerrick Harmon
Hey if yall ever need another buff black guy I'm available for sale! Lol But seriously, I'm for sale lol
AlexGamingDogAJR 777
You body background looks fake
mohammad abdullah
You should buy purple Lamborghini
emmanuel sosa
Ur So Annoying And Why u Bragging About Being in Dubai ?
Safa Khan
l been there
ayoutuber 1234
you sound like vikkstar123
B Rabbit B_Rabbit
please I want a iphone x
Amaan kingdom
you please your haircut
Juhi Upreti
mo youre awesome
LouBan TV
Abonnes please 😍😍✋
Michel Tali Vlogs
Who is watching the vid. On 2017
Triton Gamer
Mo may teri gand main danda doo nga
Midhun Gundlapalli
Hii bro I am one of your one of your fan my wish is to take selfi with you . I know u r busy may don't have time to read my comment also if possible I'm wishing u to take selfi... .it's a request bro
Rory C
Came here after Logan Paul's new vid
Bruh the thumbnail is copywrited
Ali Shahnawaz
These Muslims not having alcohol except some sweet drink.