Master Suite: inside London's most expensive hotel suite

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What does £24,000 a night get you, and is it worth it? In the first of a new series on the word's most luxurious hotel suites, the FT's travel editor Tom Robbins visits the Langham Hotel's Sterling Suite in London. He uncovers a world of grand pianos, marble bathrooms and bespoke minibars. ► Subscribe to FT Life on YouTube: /> ► Subscribe to here: /> For more video content from the Financial Times, visit /> Twitter: />Facebook:

Malcolm Rick
That is wow, the art cabinets and details on every piece of furniture is just astounding!! That designer gets huge praise as well as the hotel for maintaining that picture
Mratto Själ
24000 a night? Nah! I would live in a cheaper hotel and send the rest to charity rather than waste money like that!
as the french like to say: "garbage"
sean meredith
i was at the langham in march with my cousin for one night . Beautiful Hotel . Will go back again. i just love it there staff are very welcoming and will do anything you will require . fantastic service the food was WOW. £24000 is nothing i will stay there for six six months next time .
Jack Rich
what a fancy in london.. stunning
If you can afford to pay it without sacrificing anything , are willing to pay that amount of money for it, happen to be in London, need a hotel, and like the decoration... of course it is worth it!
Steve ldnuk
It really is one of the nicest suites I have seen - I really do feel London has some of the most if not THE most offerings of high quality suites on the world. Sure in the middle east they have eye catching showy and to my eye overley done spaces but London has real class in its offerings.
Peaceful Wife
For my taste, it's a tad pretentious.
Chris Churchill
The people who stayed there for 3 months paid £2,250,000, that is $2,960,934. That will literally be like pocket change for these people...
OfficialMichellemarie 26
Its gorgeous
JikKoh RoBoCoP
An IlU-Yahweh
is not that luxurious tf??
LiudMila Volovskaia
Открытое пространство - изюминка the suite and отличный дизайн. Very nice.
Daniel Ligayi
24000 can change my life literally
Well it is very well done compared to a lot of other high end hotel rooms I've seen, in features.
Armando Ortiz
Why does my YouTube keep freezing?is it just me like it freezes time to time
Oghenekome ABUGO
Expensive but nice
Nah I would not stay in that cheaper suite i will stay in more than 50k suite
kayla francis
Arrelius Pleasant III