Mic Righteous | "Find Me" [Music Video] (STEFFI Soundtrack): SBTV

Be first to watch EPISODE 1 of STEFFI here: ( - starring JAMAL EDWARDS in his first big acting role - with a sick soundtrack featuring MIC RIGHTEOUS, WILEY, SKEPTA, CEEZLIN. #STEFFIDRAMA - our NEW URBAN MUSIC drama series is the one you've all been waiting for - See it. Hear it. Live it! SBTV exclusive - here's the official video for Mic Righteous new track "FIND ME" [STEFFI SOUNDTRACK] with clips from STEFFI. Check out the making of the video HERE: [ The track's all about finding yourself - just like the characters in STEFFI -- so don't miss EPISODE ONE: MY FIRST AUDITION here: /> And just for you - a first ever sneak preview of STEFFI - EPISODE TWO [TAKING IT BACK] here: Keep the dream alive!   Directed by: Carol Ann & Aileen Docherty DOP: Ian Phillips-McLaren & Andrew Muir Subscribe to ThisIsDrama for exclusive first look at STEFFI episodes: />Background, character information and more: />Like STEFFI on Facebook: />Follow STEFFI on Twitter: /> Don't forget to Like/Share/Subscribe! Subscribe to SB.TV on YouTube to stay updated on our new releases: />Videos, daily editorial and more: />Like SB.TV on Facebook: />Follow SB.TV on Twitter:

James Carter
"and i'd rather be jumped by 18 man to be some poor mums babys dad and that right there is my worst nightmare"
liam steer
There bare negative comments on this song, which is a shame because this song is really good
Lucas Entertainment
Man I wish this was on Spotify
Matt Marion
You save lives Mic
Peace B
mic righteous always keeps it real and makes bangers! Keep doin your thing g you ain't snaking the scene you're making it bigger! 
Ashmanasa White
She lives in bournemouth name emily
neil williams
love this like this
Kyran- Palmz
Such a banger this tune 🔥🔥
Abi Harris
One of my fav songs (y)
Dmob Sc
[[Trusst Me Ill Be Comin Back, Im Truuuu too where i Came From]]
kiran shah
reality sick guy man rate him 
liam steer
This should be released as a single or something
steven cooper
big up to pete williams he knows that i deal.
banksy binks
lol I fucked the blonde girl is this vid ahah
matthew sowerby
has to be one of the best gimers around!
Success Onyourway
This ain't no competition between USA and UK, I just got to know Mic talent today and I see his vision, it's all about love, we got hate surrounding the world, but we also have people with the same purpose as MIC in the USA see ace hood for example he may talk bout cash and shit, that's the environment he is in but won't ever forget where he came from.. we reals know, plus I'm not American I'm african/Portuguese and living in the UK.. Much love for all of you and BIG UP to MIC for keeping it R.
Joff Willis
izit? thank you :)
Brandon Wilson
no i havent i will check it out
Jetts Adventures
No. Where here for Mic not Reagan fuck off
mohammadrahim yousofzai
Watch»»» Regan sbtv warm up session
urban angels-TV
Aka is on channel 385
Joff Willis
Lol i bet they changed channel AKA to planet pop cause they know Mic, Akala, Lowkey etc wont get played. Planet pop. Fuck that shit hahahahaha :') with them battyhole tunes! Big up all the real artists!
bilal Moosa
USA lets see u top this... UK!! were holding the best artists... with lyrics and flow that will knock u out... anyways USA... keep hypin ur kanye west and lil wayne... PHAHA
bilal Moosa
come on USA... top this... were holding the best artists... with lyrics and flow that will knock u out
Where's the views at !
Mic is a lyrical mad man. Sick bars!!!!!
if it was id be the first to support, plus im addicted to HQ music
Cant support if its not on itunes mate
charleighh alford
love him!
what a beat what a tune
Greg Harris
yeah go on jd sports website
Runin Barz
Do like his music, fan of his flow and lyrical ability. Not feeling this tune though.
Josh Bradley
I am pretty sure it's a duffer jacket just search it online
Sian Laing
anyone notice jamal smoking a fat dooby lol
ABANDONED ACCOUNT. CLICK on my new channel link
0:10 Eric Thomas speech.
Bradley Dunn
Since when can you photoshop a video?
Huzeyfa Patel
0:39 anyone know where to get the jacket he is wearing or what it is called plz reply
never fail to impress
Asim Zaidi
lol watch this from a looking down view, so on top of your computer and just see how bad this photoshop is haha!
RT, you cant just listen to 1 of his songs, have to listen to loads, his fire in the booth is the best though
haider bhuttor
uk x fallz... go on youtube and check it...big up righteous.. acomplish shit before talking shit..
Mr Russ85
amazing tune!
SMilezMusic UK
Love this track!!!
Joe Nodda
Oh wow, been listening and discovering all this amazing rap coming out of the UK. Stumbled on Lowkey, then onto Akala, now Mic Righteous. Love it all, amazing stuff!!! Gotta love the emotion in Mic's voice, so powerful !
kris gill
Too sick mic keep doing your thing!! An happy birthday bruda nuff love
Chris Mee
So talented its ridicolous!
mic rightous has blown certified
how many videos you pasted that on ?
Anita Zambia
William Smith
except from georgia lol
Tommy Ludford
SO MUCH LOVE FOR MIC !..He's So Sick !
Alex Metcalfe
dun'no mic this is sick
dean leech
the more i listen to this sont there more i like it cant stop clicking reply
this is sick bro
Kirsty Lewin
Not necessarily from a more commercial side - relations - the tracks beautiful and sick - end of.
Ryan Edwards
Its still sick, He coming from a more commercial side, These bars been cut 2 def, But he gotta pay the BILLS :D He still Reallllllllllll !
actually not sure about this one, bit too polished his rawness doesn't stand out as much
your right! this song is the best! Also! peeps use this to get the mp3 of this music: bit.ly/15d2vEy?=lzksv
love this! keep doing it real mic ya doin the uk proud
jack freemantle
this is mic righteous
Laura King
you are sick in i can fill you man
Craig Wright
I fucking love this. I fucking love Mic Righteous.
Harry Gosling
your clearly a drip
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We love the track too that's why we've featured it in the STEFFI soundtrack. Check Jamal Edwards in his first major acting role here with music from Wiley, Mic Righteous, Skepta - #STEFFIDRAMA ~HAVEYOUSEENIT?
callum junker
such a good song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is ridiculous. Such a sick MC
MIC RIGHTEOUS spits that FIRE from IRAN reppin KENT. Long Live Palestine and Iran. Support and buy his album fam. 1
Nick Lockwood
tooo sickk
Kira Aljanabi
he has a lot of ink what do they all say!
mmmmmm very difficult to form an opinion on this one
Brendon hall
"Only best song" surely you mean "only good song" which would still be absolutely bollocks.
How can somebody have an 'only best track'?...plus it's mic righteous so it's all banging
We love Mic and we are honoured to have him on the #STEFFIDRAMA soundtrack along with Wiley, JME, MSD, Ceezlin and Becky Hill Check out Jamal Edward's acting debut here. SUBSCRIBE/SHARE and LIKE - we'd love your feedback.
Shabbaa Dabadinglongo
You defo have to rate Jamal for keeping him on our screens (y)
you obviously haven't heard the ones with cher and lunar c
Ryan O'Donnell
I think the first 289 seconds are the best
nev kaplan
first 30 seconds is the best and inspiring
Lyrical .ragz
Go mic you tell em!!!
damn mic looks tired. he's worked hard to get he has got. deserved it and keep going on!
mic's fuckin killinnnnnn 2013 !!
jordan coutts
Del Boy
1 of the biggest tunes i ever heard in my life
Ryan Walsh
Mic's gonna blow up big time soon he has too! It's kills me to see him not getting millions of views he deserves it:)
Klepto Albania
Staxx On Staxx
where can i buy this?
i can't stop replaying this <3
fukin sick<3
Kenan Salkic
This makes much more sense after watching STEFFI
Chris Francis
Please check out the New video "Round in Circles" on my page Thankyou it really means alot
Del Boy
no all his music is sick.
UK x Fallz
this is the only best song from mic righteous
thought you was being racist, my bad lool
Brandon Smith
if you get that mill invest b4 putting it on people.