Kylie Jenner Planning To Get TRASHED On Her Birthday!

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Lily Hopson
I’m honestly not surprised that’s what people do when they turn 21
Gia Lovee
I think it is kinda expected.
Katie mcstarkie 👌🏻
I really actually couldn’t care less, everyone will grow up. Lmao how is this news.
Heyace Family!!
#4 omg I can't believe I heard this news
Louis' chicken w homemade mash
doesnt everyone plan to get 'trashed' on their 21st birthday??
Iconic Me
Doesn't everyone on there 21st birthday
Danielle C
So what if she wants to get trashed?! I don’t even remember my 21st! Lol
karen mondor
and why shouldnt she get blasted on her birhtday, just cause shes a mother, o please, you go girl!!!!!!! party hard!!!!
mama Ojoye
Nelito Vaz
Brent Davis
Kylie 21 shots for me
Sophie Claire
Do they really need to report on the kardashians/Jenner everyday ? *gasp* Kylie’s gonna party on her 21st bday ?!??!??!!? Wow !! That’s never happened in the history of life
*It's almost august 10*
love heart
30 coment
Brent Davis
New makeup by Kylie
Chingkam Buchem
Plastic 🙄
Tiffany Huang
Hope she doesn’t get hospitalized like Demi Lovato
Adi Palmer
34th comment
im iust here for the comments
I mean if your turning 21 of course your gonna go get trashed what you expect that she gonna drink some tea and watch a movie
Kylie Roth
She’ll be 21. Are we surprised? “Awe but she’s a new mom!” LOTS of parents will still party. Doesn’t make them bad parents. She’s a grown ass adult. It’s not like she’s an alcoholic. It’s one night.
manuel heredia
Lol funny and everyone thinks she such a good mom a mom like that would have dinner then take a trip with her nd the baby nd her man y not do that lol nope she wants to be extra lol