Mike Tyson - Brutal Knockouts by the Legend

Thank you for watching! Put your like and write your comments, if you liked this video! Instagram: ► /> Mike Tyson reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion and holds the record as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at 20 years, four months and 22 days old.Tyson won his first 19 professional fights by knockout, 12 of them in the first round. He won the WBC title in 1986 after stopping Trevor Berbick in two rounds, and added the WBA and IBF titles after defeating James Smith and Tony Tucker in 1987. This made Tyson the first heavyweight boxer to simultaneously hold the WBA, WBC and IBF titles, and the only heavyweight to successively unify them... #MikeTyson #Knockouts #Legend

Jeremiah Bucher
Tyson forced his opponents to fight his way. You couldn't stand back and poke. You couldn't tire him out. Your only chance was to take him out before he took you out. His upper cut skills were truly legendary. He was a true legend.
Bird Man
This video would be 45 mins long if he didn’t go to prison.
Dave moskot
Tyson possessed the most vicious uppercut known to man in the ‘90s. You can actually smell the fear of his opponents. You would have to be a damn fool to get in the ring with this absolute beast of a MOFO!
Everybody has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.
Nice an 11 min video with 5 ads
Tyson: I broke my back! Post Fight Interviewer: What do you mean you broke your back? Tyson: My back is broken! Post fight interveiwer: What was it? A vertabrae? What portion? Tyson: Spinal!
Impax Films
Looking at the opponents’ faces at center ring, pre-fight, none of them want to be there. Can’t blame them. Mike was a beast.
it’s a little scary how fast and brutal this man can swing
Aniket Mandal
Imagine if u faced 20 years old mike
Edward Gaines
Some of these are just sad to watch. 8:58 Though that White dude in the green trunks at least put up a good fight.
Twerk 4k
Almost exited cause the punch sound effect on the first hit, so lame lol. Good thing it stopped after
I’m convinced Tyson is play on new game plus because he was a heavyweight with a lightweight’s speed
Jose Robledo
I don't care what anybody says. Mike Tyson was exciting to watch even if the fights lasted a few seconds 😂
saiba men
He is the only younger heavy weight champ boxing In 20 years old
tom d great
Fergusson delivered a dozen of punches, Tyson fires back only one punch and there goes fergusson knock down haha... 12 is to 1 ratio..so strong,so accurate
Carl Williams
I remember watching young Mike Tyson coming up the ranks with my dad back in the 1980s. My dad's favorite all-time was Roberto Duran. But he thought Mike Tyson was the best heavy weight he'd ever seen. I sure wish he could have lived to see Vasiyl Lomachencko. Maybe he would have changed his mind about Duran!!
petar petar
..great champion, one off the best, fighter like George Foreman and Joe Frazier
Demi Ardsh
Tyson was really furious I can't imagine wat his opponents were up to especially with his heavy en target uppercut
09:53 There was this one time-at band camp 🥴
Picka Name
Man Tyson strikes with his entire body and you can see the pure shock hit his opponents when they realize what’s about to happen
Richard Painter
The late Burt sugar said Mike was the best ever to enter the ring I agree
That body hook and then uppercut with the right is public enemy number one🥊🤛🏾💪🏾
Daniel Long went back to the realm of dreams... quick
Maurice Wilson
Mike Tyson one my best fighters not up for debate 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Муратбек Байкубенов
Л Е Г Е Н Д А!!!!!
Extravagant Baboon
I'm that English comment you guys are looking for
Tyson was a step above the pro level. Even the best didnt stand a chance.
reindeer games
If Tyson would of stayed with cus d'amato God knows how much more greater his career would of been
What a force of nature, also great infight skills...
Donny Long got toasted and Roasted! Wow. Like getting hit with a sledgehammer!
Blue Sky
Legend and inspiration iron mike
Carlos lima
Eu curtia depois que vi maguila daquele jeitotou fora prefiro outra arte marcial onde podemos ser forte e viver
Donnie Long as in Donnie didn't last Long.
"This will be a win to let everybody know Donnie Long is back..." (seconds later) TWO...THREE...FOUR! 😅😅😅
I think the only person that could beat Mike Tyson in his Prime is Little Mac from Punch out :^)
Lemeki Delainukunawa
"The bicycle had a flat tyre"......hahaha....what kind of commentating was that....hahahaha
Jeffrey Wallis
tyson is a legend, I remember watching a lot of these fights live in the 80s and 90s. Tyson made pay per view worth paying for
Bail Bondsman
Donnie Long meant to say “This will definitely show that Donnie long is ON his back"
Jeez young Mike was so good at what he did. That right he hits Holmes with... POW (it sounds like someone drops a sack of potatoes into the ring from the rafters of the arena). He used the tendency of the big guys to lean in and hang on each other against them. A lot of times it looks like the guy is moving his head down into Tyson's fist. And, the way Tyson was able to use his back in those hooks and uppercuts is just brutal. Also his bobbing and weaving dodges. Ultimately, It took an excellent jab and untiring footwork and endurance to handle him. Also, it took Tyson losing his focus. When he was focused in his prime he could not lose. I guess that's why everybody longs for the fight of the ages: prime Tyson v prime Ali. It would be an epic duel for sure!
chris ontheway
Prime tyson. Can kill joshua,wilder,etc
Vanessa Casey
I think the fight against Trevor Berbick was also one of his most brutal
I like how Mike walks away so calmly after every knockout, even trying to help them up.
John Siviter
The only modern day boxer worthy to have have a chance with Clay in his prime.
savas ADSRwave
ThisGuy was not boxing,but shooting ThundetStrikes in da face with tips* RESPECT MIKE....just Respect n hat off
M4rk Kr0nst31n3r
Iron mike was the best 👍👍👍
Eduardo Guerrero
By far my favorite fighter of all time my boy TYSON🤘🥊
Eric Burton
Phenomenal, once in a lifetime
And then Buster Douglas ended the mystique
Mikey Hoffman
You couldnt pay me enough to take a swing from mike tyson 💀😂😂😂 im allllll good on that coma sleep
Shamdy Crook
The McNeeley fight looked a “tinge” fixed. “Nevada rules in effect ...” yea, like “take a knee in the 1st or we’ll break em! Capish?”
Eliézer Gino
É muito insano, o cara só derrubava gigantes!
Жасулан Шайкенов
Речи нет когда-то Майк непросто делал всех на ринге а Уделывал!
Here is another English comment
Insanely fast and explosive he was......big respect !
Holyfield were just as good.
Sean Paille
What a beautiful person lost to the greedy turd don king. Mike deserved better than that. Poor guy has always been taken advantage of.
bonavena indrasakti
Mike “IRON” Tyson..!!!✊✊✊
Devon Whitworth
They all looked scared before the fight 😂🤣😂😂
CaRzMa - كرزماآ
Mohamad Ali its power then mike tyson or malik tyson
Hamzy Vlogs
All dislikes are his opponents
Chucky Moon
Donnie long back alright 🤣🤣🤣 back down again
Uzo Design
I personally think Tyson would've beat Ali. Ali relies on the slow wearing his opponents down. Tyson came at your full force right away to get the job done and to go home.
Robert Gregg
No matter how you fell about Mike Tyson he was one of the best ever. PERIOD! His down fall qas when Don King took his management over and he destroyed Tyson for his own gain. King was the biggest crook in boxing.
Phillip Davies
"I definitely would favour Ratliff".......yeah, right.
Iron mike the LEGEND 🥊🥊
leeroy Jenkins
Back when boxing was awesome!
jay mahony
What's crazy is seeing Tyson hold back after he knows he dazed an opponent, he could have literally murdered these guys.
Darth Vader
Железный Майк
Miss Vela
Legendary 💗
Estian Van Huyssteen
Reggie Gross: throws over 6 punches Mike Tyson:Throws one wins by knockout 😂
Fan Made Videos
McNeely looks like Mel Gibson on a defective Hulk serum. He almost had the full potency but it wasn't enough! LOL
I like to image getting punched by Tyson to be comparable to taking a direct hit from a pneumatic piston with a 500lb. chunk of concrete on the end at 2000psi.
The white boxer is the only one who wasn't scared of him and attacked his asa
I love Iron Mike but I once heard him say that he punched his opponent 'In his equilibrium'....
Mike Tyson was a pitbull without a leash....everybody knows if you see a vicious pitbull without it's owner? 👀 You better run🏃
Malgorzata Krasowska
Bellissimo sport Ed io che cammino con una bomboletta di gas al pepe nero
antik kunst-atelier-berlin
Best Boxer ever Mike Tyson 👌
larry aniel
steal a spacesuit theyre leaving the planet
Nv Johansson
They missed the KO from The Hangover, best right cross ever.
David Thomas
Knock that stuff off, Nevada play book....
Steven Yourke
Mikes lighting fast attack reminds me of Jack Dempsey. 1-2-3 bam!
тайсон звезда своего поколения. Без их света не зажглось бы новых звезд
13room tau
俺にとって、最強のボクサーはタイソンだ! かっこいいビデオ感謝です!
Luke S Vuniivi
Still my no. 1 hero in the field of boxing
Mike Tyler
Women weaken legs. Mike Tyson's downfall after Cuss
Dario Fortunato
This man was an absolute monster! The best!
oh if only mike fought L Lewis in his prime
Robert Miller
Mike had some ripn hooks. Reminds me of Rashad switching the lights off on Chuck.
Chris Pohl
what would have been Tyson vs Klitschko @ his best?
Holger Seifert
Für mich der beste aller Zeiten
Bruno Rocha
A verdadeira lenda do boxe Oss
Dary Kinnaman
After every Tyson fight they had to check Tyson's gloves for horseshoes. Haahaa
Amjad Khan
Undead Priest
Just imagine if Tyson really honed is boxing skill to match is punching power
Lazy Dogg
What If Manny Paquiao And Mike Tyson Fight?
Tufan Jalal
My favorite boxer the legend Mr Tyson
Paul G
Nothing used to piss me off more than when I would pay 50 dollars for pay per view and Tyson would end the fight 43 seconds in the first round. I LOVE MIKE TYSON. He is one of my favorite human beings.
Jack Stalk
Iron mike, can’t be from this planet, the best ever!
Nick Ohara
I could do with a couple off those brutal punches as this toothache is agony