20 Childhood Toys That Are Now Worth A Fortune

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If you grew up in 1980’s or 1990’s you would have experienced playing with toys much different than what’s sold today although some of those old toys are now worth a fortune. From the original Gameboy from 1989 to star wars toys and G.I Joe figurines worth tens of thousands of dollars, we take a look at 20 Childhood toys that are now worth a fortune. Click Here To Subscribe! /> ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----- All prices are based on what the market has payed in the last 20 years. Most of which were original boxed and or mint condition. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----- Legal stuff Background music copyright Jason Shaw (audionautix.com) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. /> ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----- If you enjoyed watching subscribe for a new video every 2 days. Subscribe HERE: /> Thanks for watching! Wacky Wednesday

Who else thinks Furbys are a little creepy?
Anyone remember the Light Bright?
Who buys toys 20 years ago and keeps them sealed though?
When I was little I pissed in the super soaker 50... got the neighborhood bully.
My mom somehow kept an original gameboy and it's now mine >:3
Eddie 'JaggSauce' Gluskin
"give your cousins your old toys" she said... "you don't even use them anymore" she said... "they're just standing there, occupying space and collecting dust" she said.... i'm gonna kill my mother guys, brb.
Should be "20 Childhood Toys That Are Now Worth Some Money" Seriously. None of this is 'A Fortune'.
adam adam
gameboy was the best hand held game system ever made
Joseph OBrien
Why is everyone turning British?
Gabriel Alvarez
I have a Game Boy and I'm 13!
8-Bit Eric
this video is totally misinformation.
Vanessa Riley
Let's say the greatest treasures in the world is our parents got all of those toys for us to enjoy first. They are memories of our original fun. Which is priceless.
My Cool Nostalgia
I just realized I was a millionaire when I was a kid since I had most of these back then! I still have some of this stuff!
Natalie Mariah
The Princess Diana beanie baby is worth somewhere around $18,000 on eBay. Found one at a thrift shop for $0.50 & gave to my mom to sell cuz I wasn't sure how to like sell it, I was like 9 years old. To this day I haven't gotten a penny from it 😂
Ed Findlay
OMG $6000 for that dumb Darth Vader?! I melted mine with a lighter as a kid lol
Trying to sell most of this toys at Pawn Star be like:"The Highest price we can give you is a $100"
Paul Legge
I thought I was badass with my super soaker 50...then kids started showing up to water gun fights with guns double and triple that size!
Shattered Lens
furby was sued by the creators of gremlins
Andy Pierce
I really dislike the way this guy speaks
I have the gameboy. And furbys are just...creepy.
i shouldve kept my original Furby instead of skinning it and making its skin  into pants for my doll. Sigh. 700 Dollar Pants..
M Staton
We werent thinking about how much our toys were gonna be worth back in the day. We tore and broke all our toys up.
Lorcan Wooster
According to the Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection book, that missile-firing Kenner Boba Fett figure was never released and it only exists in prototype form. all Kenner-released Boba Fett figures had no missile-firing feature. Get the research right!
Jason Vectrex
I like how they used a game boy which is basically still worthless today as the thumbnail for the video.
Hector Gomez
do u think my Nintendo 64 will be worth something in like 15 years
Yoni Tan
Who pays $200,000 for a cheap toy soldier? It looks really old and cheap and why couldn't somebody design one themselves if the wanted to? Come on, $200,000? Imagine all the stuff you can do with that. I'm sure you can pay somebody about $100 and have them design a toy soldier that looks far better. But hey, to each their own.
I still have the Tetris for the gameboy
You sound terrible. Find something else to do that doesn't involve speaking. Okay, I'm done now.
Ben Red
3:16 casset dick lol 😂😂😂😂
They sold something like 20mil original Game Boys, they are not worth anywhere near $80, I'd say $20 tops.
Game OnTrump
I have one of those Furbys!!
Raven Fae Bowie
I think I have some of those toys floating around somewhere..... time to cash in!!
I had all of the Ghostbusters figures and vehicles, the He-Man and cat, the Gameboy and *loads* of Star Wars stuff (including two AT-AT Walkers and a Millennium Falcon). They all went in the bin when I moved house in 2001.
James Honeycutt
Someimtes I wonder if I should go out and buy a toy that comes out today and hold onto it for 30 years. I think an unopened Hatchimal might be worth money in 30 years.
My mom got rid of our Gameboy because we spent our lives away on it...kinda wish she hadn't now
James Bond
I wonder how much of these people in the comments are lying. :/
m8 the great
At the very end the gi joes eyes turned yellow 😱😱😱#spoopy
Ruth Sheller
Things are only worth what someone will pay...gotta find a buyer!
Channi Richardi
Sold my sons 1994 Nintendo to a Japanese collector in Japan for $4600 on eBay. We found it in an old box in our attic while we were moving. I put it on eBay just for fun and had no idea I would actually get that kind of money for it. Also Sold an 8 track tape player from the early 70s that I found in my grandmothers closet after she passed and sold it on EBay for 2 grand!
Eric Pabon
i remember filling up the super soaker outside at the side of my house they have a spigget in CHICAGO. good times back in 1993
Lawen Sardar
Where can I sell my Gameboy?
I'm Tyrone
I just traded that same Gameboy with box for 27 dollars at GameStop
I HAVE THAT DARTH VADOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's crazy I had the gi joe tank and the he-man and battlecat pack... wish I still I had it
I have a white and black spoted old fashioned furby....
Jessica D
i had a furby as a child #mychildhood
Dook LaRue
Lmao all of these stupid people who own Gameboys thinking they can sell them for that much money. The video is talking about factory sealed unopened Gameboys.
GAMER nerd!
You should have made "Small Soldiers battle changing Kip Killigan" number 10 because that's worth 500 dollars
Amelia Czajka
currently going to my grandpa's house to steal that he man pack I always see.
YaYa Linae
Omg I Still Have My Cabbage Patch Doll I LOOVED HER When I Was Little I Remember The Day I Got Her On Christmas And Everything 😭❤ Finna Go Get $1000 For Her Now 😭
Fundipz 5000
well I have a friend that had w furby that is about to magically disappear
How 2 Draw
I can go to GameStop and buy a Gameboy for $80
Rebel Jeep
It all depends on the buyers, they will ultimately determine it's value not the seller. I still had my original Gameboy from the 90s up until a few years ago, with games and original packaging and it still worked. Sold it at a auction for $375 with the games. It just happened to be the right day. A little while later somebody else sold one at that auction with more games, they got $30 for it. So it depends on the buyer. Your best bet is to take your product to a auction and the right auction. Those Beanie Babies though wow, those things get insane at auctions. Seeing what some of them go for makes me wish I kept mine when I was a kid. Brings a tear to my eye as well, I mean because I realise the money I'm missing out on.
Kathya Miranda
My brother owns 2 game boys a Gameboy color and a Gameboy,p.s he bought them at a thrift store for $113
Snow Frostflame
quick go back in time and buy everything he just mentioned!
absolute bullshit about the Ghostbusters fright features being worth that much. I had multiple mint on card Ghostbusters, including fright features and Haunted Humans. I recently sold all of mine on eBay and got a 10th of the price mentioned in this video. don't believe me? look on eBay now, there are multiple ones mint on blister packs for next to nothing
Varun sawant
How much would the original 1985 donkey Kong Nintendo sell for I have one
into a cassette whaaa?
Sir Liam Bernard
Jo Noel
Is anyone else really annoyed by the way be says figure?
real talk
new should of kept my game boy
Toby The Giraffe
IM RICH!!!!!!!
Noah Glover
Bianca Buitrago-Poulin
I have a original Nintendo like this one
I had most of this lol
shreyash parajuli
Humm old games are very interesting
James Marcino
Christ.....ive had about 6 or 7 of those toys. issue, they're all gone now through moves. And of course, they were out of their original package.
Zach Mcewen
Man i wish I was born in the 1980s to enjoy the 1990s.
Aisha Love
Things like this always make me sad because I have been forced to move/thrown out so many times I have nothing left of my childhood at all.
billy barkly
In the 1970s I bought many sports cards at 10 cents a pack or 1 cent per card. In the 1990s certain rookie and star cards were worth 100s of dollars from the 1970s cards. My friends mothers often threw the cards out at the end of each season not realizing in later years some of the cards would be worth so much.
CryptoPumpingConservative Jason
This only made me mad.
Daily Kaylee Stokes
I have 17 of the original furbys! They are all factory sealed and the package in perfect condition! I had no idea they were worth alot of money! One furby is alot but 17! I am rich! Better get to selling. I know someone that collects furbys. I could sell them to her. Yay. I will be SOOOOOOO RICH!!!!
nice i have a like brand new original gameboy , i used to play it when i was like 6 , its still like when i opened it
R. Mathis
*Well if y'all have a collection of figet spinners, save those mfs, cause they will be worth money.*
Caleb Carter
I have 6 still in the box cars from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Plus a game boy original ; used and a game boy advanced sp ; used.
ace1971 james
not always but sometimes english accents just piss me off.
nathan h
WOW i had number 18 (a furby) when i was a little kid... but i made the mistake of opening it :P and i played the crap out of that thing
Random Memes
this is in 2016 I have the g.i. Joe figure that is worth 200,000 dollars in my basement good thing I didn't sell it
carrie Francis
I owned almost all of these. 😔
The g I Joe vortex manamals were a common set of toys only one of the four was not truly produced only two were made one was opened and the unopened one was sold on eBay for 23k a few years back! Good stuff love the memories keep it up
I had a GameBoy color and there I have played the most difficult game that I was never able to beat. It was a Donkey Kong game and it was so damn difficult. But, I loved it so much lol
aurora johnston
Baby Blue Eyes Eyes wide open
#19 I still have it. I don't think it works though. #18 still got some from the U.S I have Gizmo. I think he just still works. Still have the packaging #17 my Aunty has a couple of these # 13 my brother has the original ATAT, Scoutwalker and Millennium Falcon # 10 my brother has the original figures not sure if he has Darth Vader # 9 my brother had action men and the tank, we used to ride down the local foot bridge on it. 😂😂
Little Liam's Playtime
heman and battlecat.. wohhh so many memories
Lela Johnson
Only 2 elastic batmans were ever known to exist but I guess I'm #3!!!! I should probably go look for that now haha!
Crazy Genius
i used to have that ghost buster fright figure... and i don't know where it is... =(
Dude they still sell the original furbys
Josh Thao
What about DDS Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Andrew Baha
Wow... imagine thief stealing that... would be worth a fortune now ehh??😂😂😂 some people.. they are the reflection of their father of fornicating nature with other women cheating on their own spouse and children. Imagine that of good natured people helping their troubled households. FACTS. That "FORTUNED WORTH GAMEBOY" MIGHT HELP THE NEEDY...😁😁😁✌ fools don't know how to distinguish facts and fictions.😊😊😊👍👍👍
Brandon Hendrickson
Dam man who else got a tedy ruxberry with one arm and no tapes for christmas... there goes the not opening it...dam
Blood Fanger
I have a gameboy!!!
Katie Wilson
I remember when I used to play ty beanie babies the online game and Webkinz and club penguin. You had to buy the stuffed animals to actually get to the game or to get special rewards. I know it's not like a Gameboy but those games were my childhood... It is sad how they die so fast... I'm 18 now and I still wonder why kids don't talk about webkinz or those other games... I used to own like 10 cabbage patch kids, and I used to have to beg my mom to buy memberships for me on the online websites or to get a new stuffed animal.. IDK, maybe I'm just crazy but those games were so much fun growing up.. I used to wake up at 6 am then go downstairs and play those games for hours!! Lol I had no friends.. but I hope that I'm not alone on this..
Panda flufity
I got original Color Gameboy from 93
Hulk Smash
I had the Boba Fett action figure they were talking about that shot the projectile the only way to get it back then was to send in five proofs of purchase from the other action figures and $2.99 and they sent it to you in the mail I was the first one to get it and then they discontinued it and would send something else but I remember having one wish I would have kept it I also had the Darth Vader with the telescoping sword wish I would have kept that to
adrian richards
I still have the first pond puppy
Peter Parker
just a heads up the Cabbage Patch dolls are selling for crap anymore. I have a really oddball one still in the plastic from the early original toy line and can't get anything for it on eBay. The one I have was part of a production line sold through a store here in Canada called consumers most of their products were done through the mail and what you got was a generic cardboard box with the toy inside instead of the fancy normal commercialized packaging. I have one of their Cabbage Patch dolls where it's still inside The packing where it came in one of those crappy brown boxes and it's got the loan going on the plastic stating that it's a new product they did a whole bunch of toys like that which Wurm aliens from consumers back in the 1980s
Lee OfBacup
Only a few years ago the original GameBoy could be picked up really cheap on eBay... Then some idiots on YT started saying how rare and expensive they were and pushed the price up. Pretty soon other old consoles followed suit... Luckily I'm not stupid and could see this coming a long while ago when I stocked up on old consoles, mainly as a back up to my own originals, but knowing that within a few years the price would increase by almost 700%...