Varicocele Repair

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This 3D medical animation shows the anatomy of the male reproductive system with a focus on the testicles and spermatic cord. The formation of swollen veins in the scrotum, called a varicocele, is explained, as well the most common surgical treatment for this condition.

Acyuta Ganakin
Very good presentation, so easy to comprehend. Thx
Sujit Mhetri
Nice presentesion
n sreerajan
I want treatment how can I get phone number please
what happens to the varicoce veins after they are cut?
Umakant Shinde
supper sir😍😍😍
Rajiv Kumar
A.J. Johal
Do most surgeons use metal clips like in this video?
Its Me
But it ll effect
Raja Baral
Plz help me.mera ek side me pain hota hai koi wajan othanese iska ilaj Kaha Karen.
I got kicked in the growing 10 years ago and now sometimes after ejaculation I bleed it started out light now its a heavy stream of blood my doctors says I don't have prostate cancer but I need to know if there is anything I can do about the bleeding
Brosama Bin Swagn
I’m 16 years old and I discovered that I have a Varicocele. I’m so worried about my future, especially about my fertility. My question is, will a Varicocele always affect fertility? Because, I don’t have any problems with testosterone production. I have a strong sex drive and I don’t show any symptoms of low T. Does this guarantee the fact that my Varicocele won’t affect my fertility?