5/19/17 - Todd Vs. Brad: Elves vs U/R Delver [Legacy]

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Mike Brakebill
Modern sure has gotten some nice upgrades since I stopped playing.
Ryan Coulson
wow, I'm surprised force of will isn't played more in modern
Yeah you could've killed him G3, you had to Zenith for Heritage and Zenith for Quirion, now you would tap Heritage Quirion and Visionary float 3, play wirewood float 2, untap any elf returning a land, untap another elf returning quirion with wirewood, replay quirion floating 1, tap the other 2 elves + quirion float 4, you can now NO and use quirion again for a second attacker because you returned him to your hand. That is why I love the logic behind elves :D
Elves!!! <3 I play elves. It can be complicated, and there are always a lot of moments for me when I ask myself: "Should I take a chance on combo-ing right now, or wait?" I almost always choose the wrong thing. XD
Philip Young
did Brad puke on his hoodie?
thanks you :) need more legacy videos like this! seems like a new format without top
Molten Lava
we just not gonna talk about them saying "yeah i had a blast" in perfect synchronicity at the beginning
Bhargav Sunkara
the title says modern
Zach Farrell
This is legacy not modern. Can you guys fix that?