How to Make a Fishing Sand Spike/Rod Holder for $5!!!

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All the parts for this sand spike / rod holder were bought from home depot for less than $5 total. Totally worth it for the functionality and durability! I've been using my spike for over a year fishing from the surf every week and it continues to hold up strong. You can also modify it with extra parts like screw on hooks to hold bait bags etc. The parts list is: -3 or 4 ft U Post 1 M6 1.0x30mm Machine Screw 1 M6 1.0 mm Wing Nut 2 M6 1.0 mm Lock Nuts 1 M6 1.0x75mm Metric Cap Screw -1.5 inch (or 2 inch) x 2 Ft of PCV pipe (This is long enough to make at least 4 sand spikes) When you use the spike, make sure to stick it into the sand at an angle. DO NOT stick it straight down and try to push it to an angle or the spike will bend. Also make sure to push the spike deep enough into the sand so that the brace is completely covered.

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Tyler Chedister
anybody else hear him say pcv pipe instead of PVC?
You are using ABS(acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) in the construction here, vs PVC(polyvinyl choride). Either is a good choice for this application. Main difference is ABS is stronger where PVC is more flexible. Also PVC is more resistant to prolonged sun exposure. ABS is cheaper. Also if you wanted to avoid the pole snagging the top nut. You can replace it with a pan headed machine screw, or even a small carriage bolt.
Kevin Lloyd
Why so many Critics? We all knew what he meant by "PCV", and maybe he doesn't have a drill. Who cares, the design is awesome and gives me a great starting point to make mine. Thanks Dude. I appreciate you taking the time to  post this Vid. Tight Lines and Sunny Sky's!
Why don't you use the drill?
Yao Saeteurn
pressed like because of the song
William Shakzpeare
nothing about this video was done correctly. you're a safety hazard. use schedule 40 pvc pipe 4' - 5' in length, 45° cut on one end, insert into sand, start fishing... smh
Craig Marston
Great could also try to maybe zip tie the plastic pipe on to the stake. For all you trolls out there commenting on the plastic pipe. It's ABS not PVC, but that does not matter, both will work, now go out just build it.
Thanks for the awesome video. The surf pole holders are expensive and this build will save money for sure. I will give this build a try this weekend.
i appreciate the video man! i am a native san franciscan but now live in south city. Hope to see you out there fishing
David Ortiz
Perfect timing getting ready for ocean beach
Andrew Lines
Wow Certainly is one consideration Perhaps a bit heavy ?
Brett Jensen
I just us pvc pipe with one side cut at an angle and a bolt going through it so you can stop it into the ground.
GREAT video man thanks! but, it came to $10 total :p
Nude Jawn
PCV fumes are fine to inhale; PVC on the other hand is dangerous.
world b free
Very helpful bro, good job!
michael Reis
Dude love your videos but you didn't need to melt a frickin hole; AAAHHHH DRILLL A F^^CKIN HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg lol hilarious buddy and through the pcv pipe too hahahaha.
Yee BayArea
Great Video! Ive been trying to find cost effective ways to make these. Definitely going to try these out. Thanks
John Purser
Thank you. Interesting design that made me rethink my approach. I do think you'll find that you don't "need" that long cross bolt on the bottom. The reel seat will stop the rod from falling all the way through.
nice I just made one today instead of melting nail to make holes I just drilled it in works great both ways. ima be selling some :-)
Andrew Lines
You not a plumber hey ?
:42 pcv pipe!...lmfao!
liked for the jam in the car!
Michael Zuniga
Every time he says the P word have a shot of alcohol
alvarado jose
can you make a video on how to fix a fishing rod ring.
joe viveros
Thanks Matts going to make a few for my brother and i..
JaySouth 501
Matts, you be jamming lol, damn the fish just play music
ANGELA Woodley
Hows it going dude,was wounding what beach that was at the end of this video?thanks for the videos love them all
use a drill to make the holes
Dope video
Ivan Honeyman Harmon Stovall
thank you bud
Scuba Mike
Good video, but there is nothing holding your pole in the spike? This could also be called a fishing pole launcher. A big fish hits and all your gear is gone.
You said pcv pipe the whole video lol
David Larkey
why not use a drill to make the hole,s?.YOU are a danger to your-self.
PCV is Positive Crankcase Ventilation. It was discontinued in the late 60’s. PVC is Poly Vinyl Chloride which is the pipe material.
Bay Area Angler 510
more work then my idea of sawing off a 4ft chunk of PVC pipe at an angle to poke into the ground... but much nicer quality too. How long do the u-posts last in the saltwater?
Armando Martinez
At 1:10 you said pcv lol😂
Why not just use a drill bit? Instead of heating a nail
The Last Anchovy
Your videos are dope!! u keep it 100% Real!!!
stefan slowskei
Great design. To make it a little easier just use pvc couplings and drill the holes instead of the hot nail
Adventures with Frodo
PVC. and Drill and you had a gas stove as I heard the pixel lighter.
Patrick O'Reilly
Found a good project for this weekend!! Thanks
Antonino Arrigo
Use a drill bro much safer
Christian De La Rosa
Its PVC pipe!!!! Lmao
awesome tutorial. I will definitely make these for my kids and myself.
JACK Kincaid
you are using ABS pipe and those fumes contain Arsenic. Do NOT breath them!
Kenny Dase
Why didn't you use a drill to make your holes?
PVC pipe
Davis Guerra
boa ideia obrigado por compartilhar
i made one like that before
Instructions not clear, Stove caught fire, Fire fighter hitting on my wife. blister on my fingers.
Randall hall
summer time in L.B.C 👌
Spastic Koala
Just say PVC and not PCV
Thanks for this cool video...Damn Man! I wish I would have seen this earlier I could have saved me some money and made my own nice sand spikes Aggggghhhh!!! Oh well now I have me a nice project to do for the spring LOL
Nate D
I use those spikes to hold up trees straight. The coating peels and the steel rusts over time. Recommend buying aluminum 4’ L-bars and cut in half. Made four spikes at the same cost. Two holes to hold the PVC pipes to the stake. One bolt to hold the pole from slipping.
You should use carriage bolts next time. Once you have melted your first hole place the carriage bolt inside while its still hot, then attach it to your U-post and fasten with the wing nut. You wont have to cut the pipe again and you wont have a nut sticking up in the middle, and its one le$$ part you have to buy :) Great videos by the way!
Reesyfishin On YouTube
It's not pvc it's polyurethane plastic
Chris R
Much safer to drill holes than melt.Should have used pan head screws and bolted through the other way so you won’t have the obstruction of the nut. Just my two cents.
What model Toyota is that? looks new but has the old park brake the Toyota trucks used to have
Gone Fishin
Pak De
for the top piece you could use a special bolt... I think it's called a flange bolt, which is used to mount plumbing fixtures. probably have to look in the plumbing section... it has a very low profile head that would not interfere with the rod. or you could just use a regular round head bolt, which is fairly smooth.
Dee From Brooklyn
nice. all typy need is a strap to carry i it over your shoulder. . think I'll make a few
Fishon Norcal
Nice video. Have you considered white schedule 40 PVC or are you going for strength with the Grey schedule 80? Thanks.
So much easier to just use 1 1/2" or 2" pvc pipe cut to 36 inch lengths. Once you get to the beach, stick the sharpened end (cut to a 45 degree angle) into the wet sand about 2 inches...then suck on the end of the pvc. This suction will cause the pvc pipe to magically go down into the sand as far as you need it to go. So very easy and nothing else to buy but one piece of pvc pipe.
Susan Tomi
Nick Malcolm
that's alot of effort with the heating a nail and melting. Dont you own a drill?
Michael Hackworth
You were using ABS stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. PVC is extremely toxic when burnt it releases chlorine gas maybe making to many of these sand spikes burnt to many brain cells
Brian Clark
This dude said PCV pipe so many times I had to shut it off....
Scottie Gilman
That's not PVC pipe PVC pipe is white and next time learn the correct way to drill a hole and the correct term for ur nuts and instead of two pieces of pipe use 1 piece and cut a notch in the pipe u won't have to deal with ur pole falling out
Chris W
This is ghetto as shit. You ever hear of a power drill?