Inside HARRODS at Christmas | VLOGMAS DAY 2

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Welcome back to Vlogmas! Today we are exploring Harrods to show you around what they have to offer at Christmas time. For anyone who isn't familiar, Harrods is a luxury department store located on Brompton Road. Fun fact: Harrods was originally opened as an East End grocery by Charles Henry Harrod in 1834, before relocating to Knightsbridge in 1849. Harrods is most famous for it's food hall and Christmas shop at this time of year. Harrods Christmas Shop is officially open so if you can get yourself down there then the opening hours are 10am till 9pm everyday except Sunday which is 11:30am until 6pm. Subscribe: />Watch Next, OUR MOST POPULAR VIDEOS: /> What We're Wearing: Lia Barbour Jacket: />Joel Yellow Top: />Joel Columbia Jacket ASOS: /> Follow our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Lia's Social Media: Twitter: Instagram: Joel's Social Media: Twitter: Instagram: Watch More Of Our Videos: All of Our Videos: />Questions Brits Have For...: />American vs British: />British Culture: /> BUY US A COFFEE: *FILMING EQUIPMENT: FREE J&L WELCOME PACK: SUPPORT US ON PATREON: GET £25 AIRBNB CREDIT: *OUR AMAZON SHOP: _ Hello! We are Joel & Lia. We post videos every week, all about British culture, British accents and the English language! We live in London and love sharing our top travel tips in the UK and abroad. As well as being best friends we share a passion for language, different accents and all things British. With past and future trips to the USA, lots of our content is American vs British. Don't forget to subscribe to see our videos in your subscription box every week and click the notification bell if you want special alerts send straight to your phone! _ Links marked with a '*' are affiliate links, which means we receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through these links. This doesn't affect you at all or increase the price of the products!

This vlog is awesome and you guys are amazing! I loved the shopping tour of Harrod's. You cracked me up when you started greeting customers. That doorman was incredible! Hilarious! Keep these vlogs coming! Thanks! L&C 👍🎄😘🎅🇬🇧
Clarence Calkins
Trumps signature looks like the printout from a lie detector. Imagine that!!!
Jennifer Anderson
I love the doorman. He is hilarious 😆’Love Life’ ❤️ Wonderful attitude!
Rebecca Marcus
Yes I did get the chocolate coins in my Christmas stocking. And I'm from the US.
Sharon Smith
The chocolate coins are also a Hanukah tradition. Hanukah gelt. not sure I spelled that correctly.
Caitlin Gonzalez
What is Christmas pudding, and what are mince pies? I've always wanted to know lol. And yes, Americans have the chocolate coins too!
Was honestly waiting for the notification. Half way through the video and you both don't disappoint! Love you both so much xoxoxoxo💗💗💗
MOTH mythos
Joel looks like a cartoon Disney prince charming
Katie Hahn
The amount of will power y’all have is highly Impressive!! There is no way I’d get out of there without at least three pieces of that cake and a ball full of those truffles in tow. 😂
Ashley Tafoya
You all would die if you went to Bronners in Frankenmuth, MI
Gold coins or gilda is very popular as a gift during Hanukkah and is often used to place bets when playing dreidel. [Note to parents:  Don't put gold coins in stockings hung by the chimney with care if the fire is ablaze; you'll have a mess in the morning.]
I've been in London for 4 months, and everytime I put my phone camera on, people will stare at me like "don't record me!", so yeah it's nice to see you guys having fun and comfortable going around while recording :)
B.K. Mcl
This video brought back so many good memories of when I was in London. Loved Harrod's Food Court. I almost bought a table cloth for $600.00 U.S., but remembered my dear friends who I nicknamed 'The Winestains'. Yes we have gold coins and Christmas poppers, and thank goodness NO Christmas pudding. Also love F&M afternoon tea with shortbread & icing. Great video guys and looking forward to tomorrow.
Lisa B
Harrods is lovely. Thank you for taking us on a tour!
American here. We do chocolate coins and many people do an orange or other sweet citrus in the stocking.
Hi. I’m Ken!
This gives me life!! I love London, and I’ve spent way too much money in Harrod’s!
cool music
Yea, we have money coin candy in the us, also candy that looks like a lump of coal if you've been naughty. 😄
Karen Hartley
Loved this so much! I want a London trip during Christmas! Btw I have integrated the Christmas crackers and paper crowns into my family for years and we all love it and it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without them! I got candy money when I was little too. You guys are really putting me into the Christmas spirit! ❤️ ❤️
T. Girl
Joel, I also love wrapping paper! I enjoy picking out a couple of different papers that compliment one other. I wrap my family's gifts in one style paper & my husband's family's gifts in another. This makes it much simpler when we grab one family's gifts, when taking them to our family Christmas get-togethers.
James Brown
Yes! Always had "coins" in my stocking. However, they obviously were never as artfully packaged as the Harrod's little bags. My memory is that my coins were supposed to be "pirate loot." Also, have always had a tiger on the Christmas Tree. This has been by way of being a fan of LSU--Louisiana State University. Geaux Tigers!!!
Toni Ferrazza
LOVE Harrods. AND the both of you. Happy Christmas.
I also had the chocolate coins in my stocking when I was little. I live in America.
Mass Lass
You guys have go do like a whole series at Harrods! I could watch you walk thru and comment on things in there all day!$$££
Clarence Calkins
When speaking about trying deserts Joel just looks guilty! Holiday legends!
Raymond F
Loved this video and so cool seeing in one of London coolish stor .... keep up the great work guys
This Christmas is gonna be filled with prosecco I just know it
Cathe Tenorio
Yes we have the coins we give in stockings at Christmas.
Katie Pitkin
Now I got YouTube's notification
Sarah Daggett
I got chocolate coins every year on St. Nicholas day.
Michael Mullard
American reacting to Food Court at Harrod’s: Wow! Stunning. But the prices?? Wow! Stunnning! 80 pounds for a cake and 49 pounds for a pie. That’s unreal!
Your living the life
Christine Y
See that is what I would love to do in London. I mean besides all the touristy sites. I love all the over the top Christmasy decorations and stuff. I love to watch you two shop! Oh, and I think the golden coins are a Jewish thing. It's called gelt or gilt, and you get them at Hanukkah. But it could just be a European thing, who knows.
Jo Brinn
I'm in the U.S. and My kids get gold coins in their stocking every year. We also have Christmas Crackers for sale in certain places. I got my last ones at Target.
Clipstone Films
£6.50 a slice of Pumpkin Pie! I'll pass, thanks.
Nancy E Heath
Wonderful! Half of my family that's Jewish uses the coins during Hanukkah
Day Dreamn
Fun video! American here who gets those coins in stocking, even still last year as an adult😊 Loved the doorman too! Good Christmas vibes to all🎄💗
Janine Perkins
This is going to be fun, seeing you everyday this month instead of "Thrice Weekly". You started off with a bang guys!! I've only driven by Harrah's on vacation. YOU got me in the door! Their cakes look amazing. Yes please! ◇♡◇
Tim M
I love Christmas, and I've always wanted to visit Harrod's, thanks for sharing! :)
Miranda Gartner
I love that you call ornaments, "baubles". I like that word. 😍
How do you guys always look so radiant? Both you guys have great skin.
Katie Pitkin
Why do they sell US Presidential stuff at Harrod's? Do they have other countries head's of state?
Mistie Medendorp
Loving the Vlogmas so far! Loved seeing Harrods. I didn't get to go when I visited London in 2006. 😢
JT Carron
If this YouTube deal doesn't work, Lia can be a Doorwoman at Harrod's.
Brandon McClellan
Wow everything at that store just screams fancy! That doorman seemed so happy to talk with you guys! Loved it!
Anna Espinosa
Hi Joel and Lia oh my God that candy looks so delicious, yes by the way I did get money coins they were chocolate they tasted nasty .Oh Joel and Lia you should dress like elf's for your vlogmas and walk around to see what people will think of you both lol Santa's little helpers.
What fun! I haven't been to Harrods for years, and never at Christmas. Thanks! When I was a child, we used to get gold foil-covered coins in our stockings here in the US. Joel, I used to get excited about wrapping paper, too. I got a kick out of Lia channeling her inner doorman.
Stephanie Osadchuk
Fun video! The doorman at Harrod’s was lovely. We do have both the chocolate coins and Christmas crackers on this side of the pond (in Canada). I dislike both Christmas pudding/fruitcake and mince/mincemeat pie. (I have trust issues with raisins.) Do your crackers come with the silly little tissue paper crowns, jokes, and tiny toys?
Karl Morton IV
Mustafa needs to become a recurring character. 😁 FYI There was a musical made for American TV in the mid-60s called “Evening Primrose” about people who secretly live in a department store. They hide during the day and come out to do their thing at night among the fabulous displays. Stephen Sondheim wrote the music, starring Anthony Perkins and Charmian Carr. 🥰 The songs have been recorded many times and I think a DVD of the show can be had from some dark corner of the internet.
LaLa Lee
As an original skinny legend myself, y'all know I love, love, love y'all🇺🇸❤️🇬🇧; however, the fact that y'all have not done a *Prosecco Gummy Video*, is kinda disappointing. And: it's 'PRO'secco ... not 'PER'secco, (just as an aside🇺🇸❤️🇬🇧) ~ "NOT" me being mean, btw! AND, (generally), I have found that Americans have absolutely NO idea/concept of *British Christmas Crackers - nor your Tissue Paper Hats*, that y'all wear ... so, (maybe) a very discriptive "Traditionally British Christmas Day" ... would make a lovely video. Love, 🇺🇸❤️🇬🇧
Lalo 42
I have worked at night in Harrods at night on the Furniture floor changing displays, bringing items up from the basement, it’s huge labyrinth of tunnels, wandering through the store at night was very strange, especially with most of the lighting off, emergency lighting only and the only sound was the buzz of the cctv cameras whirling as they turned to follow you! Very Night at the Museum!
Cole Goos
Oh my gosh I got to go to Harrods when I was out in England! I reconise everything haha great video idea!
You both look beautiful🤗 can you explain what Christmas pudding is? It looked heavy! I'm only familiar with JELLO Pudding type or bread pudding. And yes, had the coins. I see you shop like me, look at everything, touch everything, flit from here then go there then back again. Lol. I get severe sensory overload so I rarely shop, especially at Christmas. Plus I'm allergic to glitter so it's like a virtual health hazard out there all season long. Lol. That snow was so cool! Do people often go to a department store with their luggage? Is it like, I've just landed in London, cabbie take me straight to Harrods? This was a fun video. And yes, please do a video of sleeping there overnight. That would be a dream for me. No people to worry about, no god awful perfumes on every woman, and I could test out pillows and mattresses the right way! I adore you guys.💕
Just Me
My mom always put chocolate coins in our stockings here in the states.
KatyaMelek Luba
I love chocolate coins!! We would get stockings full of them. My sisters and I would use them to place bets on who was going to start the family feud for the rest of the year. Lol my mom had tiger on her tree one year. Each year she does a theme in each room. The main living area was like family, dining room was red and gold and the fancy living room was circus themed. Oh and the bathroom was sea/ coastal theme.she got so mad at me because I went out and bought a pickle ornament and hid it on the fancy circus tree between the tiger and elephant ornaments
Sunsetter MsX
Yay! I’ve always wanted to go to Harrods at Christmas! This is awesome.
Jenny Knopps
Would you ever consider doing a reaction video of Christmas songs that are popular one side of the pond, but tend to fall under the radar on the other side? Popular Christmas songs here in the US are: Grandma got run over by a reindeer-? The Christmas Shoes-New Song Angels among us-Alabama Feliz Navidad-? Holly Jolly Christmas-Earl Ives I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus-The Jackson Five Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer-Earl Ives? You guys get free range when it comes to Christmas songs popular in the UK.
Kat Eyed Gurl
Lia, love your makeup today especially lip color although you always look great. Love the enthusiasm you both share. Gives me a smile to watch your vids, thank you.
Raymond Barry
I absolutely loved shopping at Harrods when I visited London. We had high tea, bought lots of gifts to bring back and visited the Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed memorial in the Egyptian escalator. Christmas at Harrods must be amazing.
Sharon Shade
OMG, Harrod’s looks amazing.
Jennifer Anderson
Harrods is so beautiful! I love truffles 😋 In America, we have foil covered chocolate that looks like coins. The chocolate is not that good, but as a child, chocolate is chocolate. We get picky as adults. I wish we had Christmas crackers. Oooooh, that elephant has a very long.........trunk 😘
Colt Gustafson
funny you talk about christmas pudding. I this morning decided i wanted to see what an english christmas pudding was like so i had ordered one. Being imported from Marks and Spencers. their 12 month aged one
Sheena Armstrong
In America everybody knows about the chocolate coins but it's considered a Jewish thing. I think it's part of their celebrations but I don't remember specifically what it is that they do with the chocolate coins.
Peggy Corbett
Thank you for a wonderful view of Christmas at Harrods.
10:27 Christopher jumping up and down....Best moment !
During Hanukkah, kids get chocolate coin gelt, but that is bridging over to Christmas, at least in our family.
ann jones
Merry Christmas to you both From Christine and family 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🇬🇧
bahahaha you have a carrots shirt. When I think of carrots I think of Anne of Green Gables.
Kevin Myers
That doorman was basically an older male version of Lia! 😂
andrew smyth
yes we have chocolate coins here too, only ours comes in a plastic net bag.
Nunya Business
The chocolate coin thing is huge here in America as well. They were in my stocking every year as a kid.
Maureen Boyle
Fantastic vlog. Loved the doorman hilarious. Can't wait for tomorrow's vlog. I think in the US only large cities still decorate store with Windows. We got coins in our stockings and oranges
Penni McCormick
We have chocolate coins at Christmas. It is apparently all over Europe. It’s a Saint Nicolas tradition. We also got an orange, apple and nuts in our stocking which is also a Saint Nicolas tradition.
Stephina Pascho
It’s a very Jewish thing to get chocolate coins at Chanukah
Gabrielle Vasseur
We do have chocolate coins and Christmas crackers ❤️❤️❤️ so much fun!,
PrettyInPink Crafts
I love that doorman.... He is so adorable!
Emily Batemon
I recently found your videos while preparing for a trip to London and now I'm obsessed! I'll be in London in April if y'all would like to meet some tourists from Alabama, or as Joel says, "Alabauma"!
stephanie parido
We wish you a Merry Vlogmas!!!! 🎵🎶🎼
Loved this vlog. I love seeing London at Christmas. So many truly wonderful things to see.
Shirley McClure Huckleberry
Love the doorman!! Adorable!! 💜💜
Melody m
Love this so much!! Love Mr. Mustafa!! Another place to add to the London bucket list! We have the gold chocolate coins here both for Christmas and gelt for Hannukah! Do you all call all Christmas tree decorations baubles, or just the round ones? In the US we tend to call all of them ornaments. PS I would definitely have a tiger on my tree:)
Yes, I expect you to read all of it.
My family has always done the chocolate money in our stocking, we are American.
Adrian Haries
I had chocolate coins and I'm from America
Daisy D
I always had chocolate coins :)
Vicky Burdick
We in the US do still have chocolate coins as a fun holiday candy treat to give to children. Your Harrods seems like the US' Macy's or something where they have some high end things, have holiday window displays, etc. I know it snows there but it's winter already....why is it raining there? In the US it snows October thru March. Sometimes a bit earlier but I saw it was only raining there?
Kelly Morgan
This is excellent! In answer to your question, it is possible to find Christmas Crackers in the US at specialty stores like Cost Plus World Market and Pier One, but harder to find elsewhere. WalMart and Target MIGHT have them in small quantities, but that’s only recently.
Travis Jones
We got chocalate coins in our stockings when we were kids too
Kim Richard Robinson
Loved the Harrods vlog guys!! The doorman was amazing and funny. I could wander around there all day. Thanks for showing us since we can't make it to London this Christmas LOL!!😍😉😁 Love from beautiful New Mexico, Kim
Joseph The Dreamer
This is like my worst nightmare - so thanks I’d rather you went for me 😂
Sophia Cherniy
It's so funny to see you claiming everything is 'sooo British', hhaha. I think chocolate coins are everyone's thing tbh, they are everywhere. You have them in post-soviet countries, in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany... I bet, they are pretty much everywhere—at least in Europe!
Susan Rice
We always got chocolate coins in our stockings and mince pie for dinner. No Christmas crackers until we started having Christmas dinner with our Scottish friends in the last few years. It is a fun tradition. Really fun video!
Majestik AF
I love that you zoomed in on Obama. Tysm and I love you. And Christmas at Harrods omgosh my dream to goto England. I’d never leave
Jenea Clay
Harrod's is lovely. 200 thousand pounds for our American presidents' signatures...hilarious 😂
Kate Griffin
Loved that video thank you!! It’s been years since I’ve been to Harrods it looks lovely and those cakes- how could you resist? Skinny legends!!
Cheapskate Legends ;-)
jacqueline landa
You guys like preseco like I like cheeseburgers. I would go crazy in a burger kingdom store. I'd be there everyday for lunch trying every different kind.
Lady Skye
We're planning on making our own Christmas Crackers this year. The kids are so excited.
T Gilbert
Hilarious doorman! He totally made your vlog even better! He had the funniest laugh!!!
Sarah Daggett
I’ve always wanted to go to Harrods! Thanks for the look around!
Leslie Harris
That was great! I’ll take the salted milk chocolate! And the puh-KAWN pie 😄